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Sponsoring OpenSQLCamp

The next OpenSQLCamp will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is being organized by Eric Day, well known to the open source community for his active and productive participation to several projects (especially Drizzle and Gearman).

The event is public and free. Therefore, it needs public sponsoring. I don't know yet if I can attend, but I have already donated something to the organizers, and I am officially a sponsor. You can be one too. Simply go to the sponsors page and donate a minimum of $100 as in individual or $250 as an …

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FrOSCon/OpenSQL Camp summary

It's almost two weeks now since FrOSCon and the OpenSQL Camp subconference have taken place in Sankt Augustin, Germany — about time for a summary and update from my side!

First off, I would like to thank all of the participants and supporters, particularly my colleagues Regina Steyer and Iris Musiol for the perfect logistics and co-sponsoring as well as Uli Graef, Thorsten Frueauf, Matthias Schmidt, Alexander Rubin and Joerg Moellenkamp for manning the Sun booth and the help on site.

Another big Thank You goes out to my team mates …

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I got to meet, and share a meal with a most interesting Darren Cassar at FRoSCon/OpenSQLCamp, who’s the mastermind behind SecuRich. Some sparse notes, while we await his slides. I think there’s some great potential here, and SecuRich is exciting and should be given some more love.

Designed to work with Sybase and MySQL in mind (because he’s hacking on migrating Sybase to MySQL).

How often do we audit user privileges and access levels? How often do we forget temporary elevated privileges?

What you have in MySQL today: Authentication against ‘username’@'hostname’, and the password is hashed by PASSWORD() function. There is wide range of privileges, and the granting of privileges is controlled.

What are limitations in MySQL today: Password limits are not available (password size …

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Sharding for the masses: Introducing the SPIDER storage engine (OpenSQLCamp @ FrOSCon)

This is the Sharding for the masses: Introducing the SPIDER storage engine by Giuseppe Maxia, given at OpenSQLCamp, at FrOSCon, in August 2009. These are somewhat live notes, and the slides are available too.

Sharding for the masses View more documents from Giuseppe Maxia.

Why sharding? Scaling, of course. The MySQL way to solve this, is replication (even Yahoo! and Google use this).

When the master doesn’t have enough resources to cope with what you do (i.e. large data sets), replication chokes.

You can use proxies for sharding. There exists …

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OpenSQLCamp 2009 presentation videos are online and free!

In record time, less than a week after the conference (thanks to the free Pinnacle Video Spin and YouTube), all 11 videos that were taken at OpenSQLCamp Europe are online.

For those who missed the sessions, or just want to relive the fun!

Almost all the sessions were filmed; regrettably Darren Cassar’s Securich – MySQL user administration and security made easy! and Stephane Combaudon’s Minimizing data access with covering indexes were not.

The YouTube videos have the descriptions and resources from the official conference pages, and links to pages. If there is more information to add (for example, the slides from a talk are now online), or if …

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MySQL Sandbox and Spider at FrOSCon and OpenSQLCamp

FrOSCon and the OpenSQLCamp are about to start.
I am packing for Sankt Augustin, where I will attend the fourth edition of FrOSCon and the second OpenSQLCamp. I will have two sessions, Sharding for the masses, about the Spider storage engine and MySQL Sandbox 3, about one of my favorite tools.

The program is very rich. There will be several tracks in the main event and in the associated conferences. If …

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OpenSQL Camp 2009: Session schedule published - pre-register now!

I'm happy to announce that the schedule for OpenSQL Camp 2009 (European Edition) has been published on the FrOSCon timetable now. We have a great selection of topics and speakers, so don't miss it! OpenSQL Camp is a subconference of FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Conference, which will take place on August 22nd and 23rd in St. Augustin, Germany.

The admission fee for the entire conference (both days, incl. OpenSQL Camp) is 5 EUR, you can pre-register here until August 10th (and if you do so today, you will still get a free T-Shirt as well!). Of course, you …

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OpenSQLCamp democracy

We have seen this before. Actually, we got the idea from Drupal, where talk proposals are public, and the most voted ones get in the schedule. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to see that a transparent voting system is accepted and used.

The OpenSQLCamp 2009 European edition, is under scrutiny. There are 27 session proposals, from which we will need to get 12 in the schedule.
The open voting is done via Twitter or the mailing list.
I have a good feeling about it. Since I am proposing a public …

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OpenSQL Camp 2009: CfP has ended, vote for your favourites until July 26th!

The Call for Papers for the OpenSQL Camp 2009 (European Edition) has ended yesterday — we received 27 excellent session proposals from various Open Source Database projects. I would like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who submitted a talk! In the beginning I was a bit concerned that the conference would become too MySQL-centric, but this fortunately changed in the last few days.

Sadly we now have more than double the amount of sessions than we can actually host, which means that we will have to review and vote on the sessions to distill the final program. We've formed a small committee that will perform this task (currently consisting of …

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MariaDB / Monty Program: Volunteers needed to present at OpenSQL Camp

Open SQL Camp will be organized in St Augustin, Germany on the weekend of 22-23 August. Unfortunately, at Monty Program, it looks like we have already scheduled a company meeting at the same time and all of us will be in Spain instead. Consequently, there are now no MariaDB talks proposed for the conference, which is a shame.

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