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OpenSQLCamp democracy

We have seen this before. Actually, we got the idea from Drupal, where talk proposals are public, and the most voted ones get in the schedule. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to see that a transparent voting system is accepted and used.

The OpenSQLCamp 2009 European edition, is under scrutiny. There are 27 session proposals, from which we will need to get 12 in the schedule.
The open voting is done via Twitter or the mailing list.
I have a good feeling about it. Since I am proposing a public …

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MySQL Campus tour at USC - Slow start, brilliant ending

The Southern California branch of the MySQL Campus Tour is almost over.
At the USC, attendance was very good, and even better was the enthusiasm and the participation we met. The meeting didn't start well. Our hotel is 11 miles away from the USC campus, and we figured out that heading to the campus 1 hour before the planned time ought to be enough. After 65 minutes, we had done exactly 7 miles, in one of the worst traffic jams that I have ever seen, but the locals tell me that it's pretty standard stuff down here. Anyway, we started 20 minutes later than expected, and we were pleasantly surprised that nobody had left, and a faithful audience had been waiting …
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Quiet excitement at UCLA

The second leg of the Southern California MySQL Campus Tour was at UCLA.
There was less attendance than Cal Poly. Only 22 brave souls who endured a lengthy session with a long tail of Q&A.
The excitement came on my way back to my hotel, 25 miles from the campus. Distances have a different meaning here. A few dozen miles is just a tiny portion of the town, and so I found myself once more driving the endless highways of Los Angeles.

When I was almost home, I saw all the cars in front of me stopping, for what I …

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Cal Poly - A success

The MySQL Campus Tour 2009 started very well at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.
Despite the warm day, which would have tempted many attendees to desert the conference and go to the nearby beaches, there was a full room, with 82 people, many of them standing.
The presentation was appreciated (and so was the pizza that Sun had delivered to the classroom). I did the main part, while Sheeri was actively contributing with witty and informational remarks.

Most notable, after the session, we continued the cultural exchange to a local restaurant that bears my name (correctly spelled!), where this heap of bread caught my eye. Thanks to …

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MySQL Campus Tour in California!

The MySQL Campus Tour has come to California.

The long trip that Dups started in March from Montreal is near the end. He is getting reinforcements. Five MySQL community enthusiasts are now about to tour the campuses in North and South California, giving free lectures on MySQL.

The full schedule is available in the MySQL Forge wiki. Participation is free, and it's an …

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MySQL Campus Tour - South California

The MySQL Campus Tour got reinforcements.
Dups is not alone anymore. He is being joined by Colin and Farhan.
Sheeri and yours truly are in Los Angeles, just about to travel to San Luis Obispo, where we will be guests of Cal Poly. The lecture is scheduled for tomorrow, April 14th, at 11am.
The address is 1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
Pizza will be provided!
Here's a reminder of the events to come.
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