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GUUG Frühjahrsfachgespräch 2014: CfP ends on May 31st!

The German Unix User Group (GUUG) will hold their annual conference "Frühjahrsfachgespräch" on September 23-26 this year (I know, not really "Frühjahr" anymore, but this is how it is).

The Call for Presentations is still open until May 31st. Talks can be proposed in German and English, and there are slots for longer tutorials as well.

The range of possible topics is broad, so if you think you have anything interesting to share with a very passionate and technical audience of sysadmins and developers, here are some suggestions:

  • Operating Systems/Applications: architectures, privilege concepts, new developments, administration, mobile systems
  • Relevant new OS Kernel features: new developments in Linux-, BSD- or other Spen …
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Scaling Drupal on Multiple Servers with Galera Cluster for MySQL

April 26, 2013 By Severalnines

This post shows you how to move from a single instance Drupal/MySQL to a multi-server environment. A well designed multi-server deployment not only allows Drupal to scale, but will also enhance redundancy by removing single points of failure. Components used are Apache, PHP, csync2, lsyncd, Keepalived, HAproxy, MySQL Galera Cluster and ClusterControl.

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Speaking at LinuxCon Europe 2012 in Barcelona (Nov. 5-9)

I feel like I just got back home from Oracle OpenWorld (check out my pictures) and some vacation, but I'll be on the road again next week to attend LinuxCon Europe in Barcelona. I'll be there from Monday (Nov. 5th) until Wednesday evening. Oracle is sponsoring the event and we'll have a booth at the exhibition area (booth #19), handing out free Oracle Linux and Oracle VM DVDs. I'll be at the booth every now and then and plan to give a short introduction and live demo of Ksplice rebootless updates on Monday evening (6:00pm).

Two …

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A Glance at MySQL MHA

Yoshinori Matsunobu sparked some interest recently when he posted about his MySQL MHA HA solution, and there has been some discussion of it internally at Yahoo compared with the standard we currently have.  

Full disclosure:  I haven’t read every bit of the documentation or tried it out yet, so I apologize in advance to Yoshinori if I mistakenly represent his hard work. 

I see a lot of great ideas in Yoshinori’s release, it seems to focus on two main problems:

  1. A process to monitor an active master and perform a failover when it fails
  2. The bit that finds the most “caught-up” slave and distributes …
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Speaking about MySQL High Availability at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup Group (Jan 26th)

I will be in the Bay Area at the end of this month, to attend a summit of the IOUC (International Oracle Users Group Community), to talk about MySQL and to meet with the organizers of Oracle User Groups worldwide. MySQL is a big topic for many members of their groups, I am looking forward to learn more about their activities and how we can better collaborate in the future. My recent experiences at the DOAG Conference in Nuremberg and the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham were quite positive — I was very pleased by the number of attendees at the MySQL sessions.

Since I'm so close to San Francisco, I gladly accepted the invitation to speak at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup Group on Wednesday, 26th of January. …

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More information about running MySQL on Open HA Cluster / Solaris Cluster

A while ago we published an interview with Detlef Ulherr and Thorsten Früauf about Solaris Cluster / OpenHA Cluster on the MySQL Developer Zone.

We received a number of followup questions from our readers, requesting more technical background information. For example, Mark Callaghan was wondering about the following:

  • How is failure detection done?
  • How is promotion of a slave to the master done after failure detection?
  • How are other slaves failed to the new master?

I asked Detlef to elaborate some more on the technical details of this solution. Here's his very exhaustive reply, thank you very much, Detlef!

I would also like to point out that he'll be …

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