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A guide to importing customer accounts into Magento

This post is likely gonna get less relevant when Magento 2 comes out, but I decided to put it out there any way. In my limited time working with Magento I’ve come across a couple scenario’s I wanted to touch on. Hope it’s helpful for anyone.

Let say a merchant wants a new Magento online store. Now, there are a couple scenario’s that are likely or less likely:

  1. The previous store was built with Magento. Customers can easily be imported using the various tools available (Magmi, import/export, dataflow, etc.)
  2. The previous store was built on a platform that stores passwords in plaintext - fortunately this is not very likely ;)
  3. The previous store was built on a different platform, using different hashing algorithms.
  4. The previous store was built on a different platform which happens to use the same hashing algorithm as Magento,
  5. A combination of #3 and #4 (yes - I’ve seen it). …
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Zyme Relies on MySQL Enterprise Edition to Deliver High Quality Global Channel Insights to Customers

Zyme, based in Redwood Shores, California, is the global leading provider of Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions to companies selling through indirect channels. For high tech and consumer electronic products alone, over $1 trillion USD worth of goods are flowing through those indirect sales channels every year. However, when companies sell products through multi-tier channel partners and retailers around the world, it has proven to be challenging in acquiring global, standardized channel inventory and sales data cost-effectively. As a result, companies lacking of such critical information often miss the opportunities to make timely and accurate business decisions either to increase revenue, reduce costs or to prevent losses.

Having a vision to solve such channel visibility problems for customers including Symantec, Logitech, Seagate and Xerox, Zyme built its channel data …

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Tracking 5.3 Billion Mutations: Using MySQL for Genomic Big Data

University of Montreal Tracks Genomic Data With Tokutek’s TokuDB.

Faster insertion rates, improved scalability and agility support lab’s fast growing research database as it grows from 100s of GBs to 1 TB and beyond.

Issue addressed: MySQL database used for genomic research must be able to quickly ingest huge amounts of incoming data – hundreds of thousands of records every day. It also must be able to retrieve data quickly in response to a diverse set of research requests.

Enabling the Hunt for New Cures for Diseases by Seamlessly Processing Billions of Mutations in Epidemiology Records

The Organization: The The Philip Awadalla Laboratory is the Medical and …

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