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SF MySQL Meetup Presentation: Changes in MySQL 5.7

Last Wednesday, I spoke at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup on the topic of changes coming in MySQL 5.7 (and later).  We actually went through two different slide decks; the first on features being considered for deprecation in MySQL 5.7 (or later), and the second set providing a brief overview of the new features and benefits already introduced in MySQL 5.7 via the development milestone releases (DMRs) published to date.  A big thanks to the entire SF Meetup group, and in particular the organizers (Erin, Mike and Darren), for having me.  The event was streamed and recorded, and you can view the full presentation on YouTube.  The slide deck can be found here.

The discussion around proposed deprecation was good, and this blog serves to document my own notes about what …

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Spring Cleaning: Useless protocol commands

In an earlier post, I commented on clients and utility programs which seem to no longer be useful, and opened (or referenced existing) public bug reports to deprecate and remove, where appropriate.  That effort came actually was the product of a different initiative:  I was looking for clients which might leverage the full spectrum of MySQL protocol commands in an effort to understand whether certain protocol commands are in use.  I thought I would share my observations, in the hope that we might also get feedback from others regarding usage of these commands. And even though it’s no longer spring (I started this post in April), I finally found time to finish this post.

The first group to mention are those which are …

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Option prefixes deprecated

MySQL 5.6.13 was released earlier this week, and in that release (as well as 5.5.33) the ability to use unique option prefixes was deprecated.  This is fully removed from MySQL 5.7, and I thought it might be useful to amplify the change log notes on why this was done:

Previously, program options could be specified in full or as any unambiguous prefix. For example, the --compress option could be given to mysqldump as --compr, but not as --comp because the latter is ambiguous. Option prefixes now are deprecated. They can cause problems when new options are implemented for programs. A prefix that is …

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Spring cleaning: Useless clients and programs

Stewart Smith recently questioned the current relevance of the MERGE storage engine, and it prompted me to finish a similar recent exercise I’ve been thinking about related to MySQL clients (UPDATE: and programs).  This originally came up when I listed the contents of the MySQL bin directory:

D:\mysql-advanced-5.6.11-win32>dir bin\*.exe
Volume in drive D is Data
Volume Serial Number is 4015-B2FF

Directory of D:\mysql-advanced-5.6.11-win32\bin

04/05/2013  06:52 AM           123,392 echo.exe
04/05/2013  06:53 AM         4,696,064 innochecksum.exe
04/05/2013  06:54 AM         5,084,672 myisamchk.exe

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Deprecated in MySQL 5.6 – ignore_builtin_innodb

Back when MySQL 5.1 was first released, Oracle (which didn’t at the time own Sun or MySQL) wanted to add new InnoDB functionality faster than MySQL could effectively incorporate it into the server, and the InnoDB plugin was introduced.  It provided 5.1 users the option of deploying a more advanced version of InnoDB, or using the more conservative built-in version baked into MySQL.  By the time the plugin reached GA status, though, Oracle had announced the acquisition of Sun (and MySQL), and things started to change.  The coordination between the InnoDB development team at Oracle and the MySQL development team increased once we were all “under one roof”.  The strategic directions of InnoDB and MySQL were aligned, and the results can be seen in the tremendous work done for MySQL 5.5 and 5.6.  In fact, the InnoDB plugin was removed …

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Deprecated in MySQL 5.6 – YEAR(2)

Back in April, I issued a challenge to identify any compelling use case for the YEAR(2) data type.  Months later, I still don’t have such a use case, and the release of 5.6.6 brings deprecation of support for the YEAR(2) datatype.  Trying to create a table with a YEAR(2) column in 5.6.6 or greater will result in conversion to YEAR(4) and a warning:

| 5.6.6-m9  |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> CREATE TABLE y (y YEAR(2));
Query OK, 0 rows affected, 1 warning (0.13 sec)

*************************** 1. row ***************************
Level: Warning
Code: 1818
Message: YEAR(2) column type is deprecated. Creating YEAR(4) column instead.
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The change logs for 5.6.6 highlight this change, and reference the …

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Why your pre-4.1 client won’t like MySQL 5.6

I have to think that the “Client does not support authentication protocol” error message may be the single most common error ever encountered for MySQL. While it’s not exactly coming back in 5.6, those users who have implemented workarounds in support of older client libraries will find they need to add an additional step if they upgrade to 5.6. This is because in 5.6.5, a change was made to default the secure_auth option to ON. Here’s what the manual has to say about this:

This option causes the server to block connections by clients that attempt to use accounts that have passwords stored in the old (pre-4.1) format. Use it to prevent all use of passwords employing the old format (and hence insecure communication over the network). Before MySQL 5.6.5, this option is disabled by default. As of MySQL 5.6.5, it is enabled by …

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A Critical Warning If You Are Using InnoDB Hot Backup

If you are using InnoDB Hot Backup and a recent version of mysqld (at least 5.0.67 or higher, including 5.1.30, though it may be later versions), your backup will run fine and output OK! at the end, as it should.

Except for one thing.

The binary log file and position do not appear in their rightful place. Here’s a snippet of the output from the backup:

innobackup: MySQL binlog position: filename 'Warning', position (Code 1287):
'TYPE=storage_engine' is deprecated; use 'ENGINE=storage_engine' instead
090210 03:55:04  innobackup: innobackup completed OK!

That’s pretty misleading — looks like the backup completed OK, but it did not show us the binary log position. What about the ibbackup_binlog_info file?

[mysql@db3:~] more ibbackup_binlog_info
Warning (Code 1287): 'TYPE=storage_engine' is deprecated; use 'ENGINE=storage_engine' instead

Yikes! What happened to the …

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Recommendation to my fellow F/OSS developers

I temporarily withdraw my recommendation until the intentions of Oracle become less cloudy...

Hash: SHA1

Allow me to make a recommendation to my fellow Free Software
developers.  Oracle Corporation's recent business practices show
aggression toward the Free/Open Source Software community, and their
database couldn't be confused with Free software if one had allergies
and a blindfold on.

Therefore, I recommend to my compatriots in the F/OSS community the
deprecation of oracle as a database back end to our software.  I am not
necessarily suggesting that software currently providing compatibility
with the database remove the existing support; however, moving forward,
the effort that would otherwise be spent creating an oracle connectivity
layer might instead be spent adding support for one of the many fine
F/OSS database engines.

For more information on the process of deprecating software, see Wikipedia: …
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