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Drizzle online backup with xtrabackup

For backups, historically in the MySQL world you’ve had mysqldump (a SQL dump, means on restore you have to rebuild indexes), InnoDB Hot Backup (proprietary, but takes a copy of the InnoDB data files, so restore is much quicker), LVM snapshots (various scripts exist, does have larger IO impact, requires LVM) and more recently xtrabackup. Xtrabackup essentially does the same thing as InnoDB hot backup except that it’s free and open source software.

Many people have been using xtrabackup successfully for quite a while now.

In Drizzle7, our default storage engine is InnoDB. There have been a few changes, but it is totally InnoDB. This leaves us with the question of backup solutions. We have drizzledump (the Drizzle equivalent to MySQL dump – although with fewer gotchas), you could always use LVM snapshots and the probability of Oracle releasing InnoDB Hot Backup for Drizzle is rather minimal.

So enter xtrabackup as a …

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A Critical Warning If You Are Using InnoDB Hot Backup

If you are using InnoDB Hot Backup and a recent version of mysqld (at least 5.0.67 or higher, including 5.1.30, though it may be later versions), your backup will run fine and output OK! at the end, as it should.

Except for one thing.

The binary log file and position do not appear in their rightful place. Here’s a snippet of the output from the backup:

innobackup: MySQL binlog position: filename 'Warning', position (Code 1287):
'TYPE=storage_engine' is deprecated; use 'ENGINE=storage_engine' instead
090210 03:55:04  innobackup: innobackup completed OK!

That’s pretty misleading — looks like the backup completed OK, but it did not show us the binary log position. What about the ibbackup_binlog_info file?

[mysql@db3:~] more ibbackup_binlog_info
Warning (Code 1287): 'TYPE=storage_engine' is deprecated; use 'ENGINE=storage_engine' instead

Yikes! What happened to the …

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