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Yet another Percona Live 2013 Post

It was in doubt but today it was confirmed that I'll be in Santa Clara in April for the MySQL conference hosted by Percona. This will be my 4th Percona conference and I'm delighted to be attending again. The Percona guys put on a great conference, nobody can deny them that. Although I'm not speaking at this year's conference, my esteemed colleagues will be. The recently awarded Oracle Ace for MySQL, Marco Tusa, Danil Zburivsky, Francisco …

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MySQL Connect and OurSQL Interview

In the latest episode of our "Meet The MySQL Experts" podcast, I had the pleasure of being able to interview the hosts of the OurSQL podcast, Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Gerry Narvaja of Tokutek, about the upcoming MySQL Connect Conference.  Enjoy the podcast !

MySQL Connect Blog posts:

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OurSQL Episode 50: MySQL at Facebook, Current and Future

This week we post th' audio from th' closin' keynote o' Percona Live by Harrison Fisk o' Facebook, "MySQL at Facebook, Current and Future", I'll warrant ye. There is no ear candy this week.

The MySQL Community Podcast and other MySQL Resources

Should you find yourself learning MySQL for professional gain or as a hobbyist interest there are some resources that you would be best advised engrossing yourself in to gain that extra inch. Considered a prime cut of opensource software, MySQL is very accessible and well documented. As you peel back the layers you will find a busy and extremely welcoming community ready to assist, collaborate and discuss reams of subject matter.

In terms of official resource you will find a plethora of subdomains. One of my regular stops is The custom built blog/news aggregator built by Arjen Lentz, is a rollup of articles submitted and labeled with the `mysql` keyword. Pop on over to read the latest musings from those giving their $0.02 on various topics. You will find plenty of articles on MySQL and frequently articles on forks, tools, findings and guides from some of …

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Drizzle online backup with xtrabackup

For backups, historically in the MySQL world you’ve had mysqldump (a SQL dump, means on restore you have to rebuild indexes), InnoDB Hot Backup (proprietary, but takes a copy of the InnoDB data files, so restore is much quicker), LVM snapshots (various scripts exist, does have larger IO impact, requires LVM) and more recently xtrabackup. Xtrabackup essentially does the same thing as InnoDB hot backup except that it’s free and open source software.

Many people have been using xtrabackup successfully for quite a while now.

In Drizzle7, our default storage engine is InnoDB. There have been a few changes, but it is totally InnoDB. This leaves us with the question of backup solutions. We have drizzledump (the Drizzle equivalent to MySQL dump – although with fewer gotchas), you could always use LVM snapshots and the probability of Oracle releasing InnoDB Hot Backup for Drizzle is rather minimal.

So enter xtrabackup as a …

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