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Javascript support in MySQL: the UUID example

You may have noticed that MySQL now supports creating functions (and store procedures) in Javascript using GraalVM.

This new functionality is only available in MySQL Enterprise and MySQL HeatWave.

As a developer, you can also get free access to MySQL Enterprise from Oracle Technology Network (OTN): MySQL Enterprise Download.

I also recommend you look at Øystein’s presentation during the Belgian MySQL Days: [1], [2].

Why use a JS function?

As you may know, UUIDs are increasingly popular and their usage in MySQL is limited to the UUID V1.

I already covered this in the blog post titled …

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How to use MySQL 8.2 read/write splitting with Connector/Python

As you know, one of the most eagerly waited features was released with MySQL 8.2: the transparent read/write splitting.

In this post, we’ll look at how to use it with MySQL-Connector/Python.


To play with our Python program, we will use an InnoDB Cluster.

This is an overview of the cluster in MySQL Shell:

JS > cluster.status()
    "clusterName": "fred", 
    "defaultReplicaSet": {
        "name": "default", 
        "primary": "", 
        "ssl": "REQUIRED", 
        "status": "OK", 
        "statusText": "Cluster is ONLINE and can tolerate up to ONE failure.", 
        "topology": {
            "": {
                "address": "", 
                "memberRole": "PRIMARY", …
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MySQL 8.1.0 is out ! Thank you for the contributions !!

The latest release of MySQL (July 18th, 2023) marks a new era for the most popular Open Source database, with the very first Innovation Release (8.1.0). More will follow before MySQL’s very first LTS Release sees the light of day.

This new Innovation Release already contains contributions from our great Community. MySQL 8.1.0 contains patches from Meta, Allen Long, Daniël van Eeden, Brent Gardner, Yura Sorokin (Percona) and Kento Takeuchi.

Let’s have a look at all these contributions:

MySQL Connector Python

  • #93643 – Contribution: fix recv compress bug – Allen Long
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From email to myTinyTodo

Usually, I receive a lot of emails, and sometimes I read them on my phone and then… I forgot about them.. (shame on me).

On my Linux desktop, I used to use Get Things Gnome for a long time, due to the declining appeal of the project and the end of the extension for Thunderbird, I found it less and less useful.

I was then looking for a solution to have my todolist accessible from everywhere and that I could manage it myself, not hosted somewhere.

I found a very nice, fast and practical project that was easy to deploy and was using MySQL as backend: myTinyTodo.

However, I was missing the possibility to easily create a new task from an email (and especially on my phone).

This is why I decided to write a script that would perform exactly what I was looking for and integrated …

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How to build MySQL 8.0 C API (libmysqlclient)

If you write C applications that need to connect to MySQL, you can use the MySQL C API aka libmysqlclient. The MySQL C API replaces the outdated MySQL-Connector-C.

If you want to use MySQL 8.0 as a Document Store with the X Protocol, you need then to use MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.

Some have asked how to compile only the MySQL C API.

Compiling only libmysqlclient

As the FAQ stipulates it, it’s not possible to only build the library. However, as mentioned in the documentation, it’s possible to reduce the amount of compiled products with some …

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Poorman’s MySQL monitoring/trending

I could have also called this article When Pandas meet Dolphins in MySQL Shell.

Some time ago, I wrote a post related on how to collect initial relevant data when trying to seek help for MySQL.

Since then, the MySQL Shell engineering team implemented another powerful native utility that collect all the essential information and more and store them in a single zip file.

This zip archive contains TSV and YAML files that, for example, the MySQL Support Team could use to solve your eventual issue.

For more information regarding MySQL Shell’s util.debug.collectDiagnostics(), I encourage you to check the manual.

This tool is …

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sysbench 1.1.0 rpm with SSL support

For a future article, I was again looking into the possibility of using sysbench to generate data and load on a MySQL database. However, I needed an SSL connection which only version 1.1.0 supports (see issue 308).

Alexey didn’t create a branch and/or release for the version 1.1.0. The code is the master branch.

As you know, I like to install software using the Operating System’s packaging and so I created a rpm for sysbench 1.1.0.

If you are also interested to use this version, here are the rpms for some popular OS and architecture (including Arm):


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Extending MySQL using the Component Infrastructure – part 13: FAQ

This post is the final one of a series of articles on extending MySQL with the Component Infrastructure:

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Extending MySQL using the Component Infrastructure – part 12: instrument your code

This post is the twelfth one of a series of articles on extending MySQL with the Component Infrastructure:

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Extending MySQL using the Component Infrastructure – part 11: performance_schema table

This post is the eleven one of a series of articles on extending MySQL with the Component Infrastructure, the list above will be updated as new articles are published:

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