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Use OCI GenAI, and MySQL HeatWave to interact with your WordPress content

MySQL HeatWave 9.0 was released under the banner of artificial intelligence. It includes a VECTOR datatype and can easily process and analyze vast amounts of proprietary unstructured documents in object storage, using HeatWave GenAI and Lakehouse.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also provides a wonderful GenAI Service, and in this post, we will see how to use OCI GenAI with MySQL HeatWave to build a custom RAG solution using the content of a WordPress site.

This article was written with the help of my colleague Ivan Ma

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PHP and MySQL 9

As you can read in my previous post related to MySQL 9 and authentication, the old mysql_native_password plugin has been removed.

In that post, I showed an example using PHP 7.2, the default version in OL8.

If you are using PHP and you want to use MySQL 9, you must be using a more recent version that fully supports the default authentication plugin caching_cha2_password.

Here is a summary table illustrating which PHP versions are compatible with MySQL 9:

This is the test using OL8 and PHP from the official repository and from Remi’s repo:

[root@mysql1 ~]# php test.php 
PHP version: 7.2.24
PHP Warning:  mysqli::__construct(): The server requested authentication method
 unknown to the client …
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MySQL 9.0 – it’s time to abandon the weak authentication method

With the latest MySQL Innovation Release, we decided that it was time to remove the remaining weak authentication plugin: mysql_native_password.

We previously deprecated it and made it not default loaded in MySQL 8.4 LTS and, now, in 9.0 it’s gone!


Oracle places significant attention on the security of all its products, and MySQL is no exception. The removal of the weak authentication plugin has been carefully considered, we had some extra time for the LTS release as it was initially intended for version 8.4, but it is now fully effective.

But why is the mysql_native_password considered as weak compared to more modern …

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MySQL 9.0 is out! Thank you for your contributions!

On July 1st, 3 new releases of MySQL came out. Indeed, we released the next 8.0 (8.0.38), the first update of the 8.4 LTS (8.4.1), and the very first 9.0 as Innovation Release. We now support 3 versions of the most popular Open Source database.

With these releases, we also want to thank all the great contributors who send patches to MySQL.

For some time now, all the contributors have also been highlighted in the Release Notes, but we never thank enough, so let’s take back the good habits of listing them in a dedicated blog post.

Some contributions were merged into multiple versions. Let’s have a look at all these contributions:

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