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MySQL 9.0 is out! Thank you for your contributions!

On July 1st, 3 new releases of MySQL came out. Indeed, we released the next 8.0 (8.0.38), the first update of the 8.4 LTS (8.4.1), and the very first 9.0 as Innovation Release. We now support 3 versions of the most popular Open Source database.

With these releases, we also want to thank all the great contributors who send patches to MySQL.

For some time now, all the contributors have also been highlighted in the Release Notes, but we never thank enough, so let’s take back the good habits of listing them in a dedicated blog post.

Some contributions were merged into multiple versions. Let’s have a look at all these contributions:

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Perl DBD MySQL for MySQL 8.0 and 8.4 LTS

Some years ago, I wrote an article on connecting to MySQL 8.0 using the default authentication plugin (caching_sha2_password) with Perl. I also provided Perl-DBD-MySQL packages for EL7.

Somebody recently left a comment as he was looking for a perl-DBD-MySQL driver compatible with the caching_sha2_password for Rocky Linux 8 (EL8 or OL8 compatible).

Therefore, I build two new packages supporting the latest perl-DBD-MySQL driver, version 5.005.

The difference is related to the version of libmysql they are linked to. for MySQL 8.0 and for MySQL 8.4 LTS:

MySQL 8.0

$ rpm -qf …
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MySQL 8.4 LTS – new production-ready defaults for InnoDB

Yesterday, MySQL 8.4, the very first LTS version of MySQL was released.

A lot of deprecations have finally been removed, and several InnoDB variable default values have been modified to match current workloads and hardware specifications.

The default value of 20 InnoDB variables has been modified!

Let’s have a look at those variables and explain the reason for such modification:


Previous Value: ON
New Value (8.4 LTS): OFF if MADV_DONTDUMP is supported
else ON

MADV_DONTDUMP is a macro supported in Linux 3.4 and later, (“sys/mman.h” header file is present and contains the symbol MADV_DONTDUMP, a …

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