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MySQL 8.4 LTS – new production-ready defaults for InnoDB

Yesterday, MySQL 8.4, the very first LTS version of MySQL was released.

A lot of deprecations have finally been removed, and several InnoDB variable default values have been modified to match current workloads and hardware specifications.

The default value of 20 InnoDB variables has been modified!

Let’s have a look at those variables and explain the reason for such modification:


Previous Value: ON
New Value (8.4 LTS): OFF if MADV_DONTDUMP is supported
else ON

MADV_DONTDUMP is a macro supported in Linux 3.4 and later, (“sys/mman.h” header file is present and contains the symbol MADV_DONTDUMP, a …

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Thoughts on the October 2023 MySQL Releases

A few days ago, Oracle released three new MySQL GA versions: 8.2.0, 8.0.35 and 5.7.44.  I skimmed the release notes (8.2.0, 8.0.35 and 5.7.44), and I am not impressed.  I guess that I would be even less impressed / more disappointed if I had checked in greater detail, and if I had reviewed the 8.1.0, 8.0.34 and 5.7.43 release notes.  The subject of my disappointment is Oracle not

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