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Database Sharding at Netlog, with MySQL and PHP

This article accompanies the slides from a presentation on database sharding. Sharding is a technique used for horizontal scaling of databases we are using at Netlog. If you’re interested in high performance, scalability, MySQL, php, caching, partitioning, Sphinx, federation or Netlog, read on …

This presentation was given at the second day of FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. FOSDEM is an annual conference on open source software with about 5000 hackers. I was invited by Kris Buytaert and Lenz Grimmer to give a talk in the MySQL Dev Room. The talk was based …

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Database sharding at Netlog (FOSDEM talk slides)

Here are the slides from yesterday’s presentation about horizontal database scaling through sharding at the mySQL dev room at FOSDEM 2009.

I’ve got a ton of notes and remarks to these slides, which will become available here soon.

mySQL uc2008 presentation

Read this doc on Scribd: Record every Referral for Flickr Realtime

mySQL UC 2007 Presentation File

Doing Billions of Queries per Day
Read this doc on Scribd: DVPmysqlucFederation at Flickr: Doing Billions of Queries Per Day

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