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Fixed in Drizzle: No more “GOTCHA’s”


At the upcoming MySQL Conference and Expo, I’m going to give a Thursday afternoon (2pm) session entitled Fixed in Drizzle: No more “GOTCHA’s”. I plan to have a lot of fun with this session..

If you go back to the very start of when I started submitting code to Drizzle (June 2008) – I was going and fixing some of my favourite “gotcha’s” inside the code: BUILD/ scripts that didn’t build the way releases would, wrappers on POSIX functions with different (and inconsistent) semantics, NETWARE support, a non thread safe client lib, my_errno (different to errno) etc. I won’t really be talking about internals like this – it may give me a happy but really isn’t the latest awesome in databases. …

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Schedule for MySQL-and-beyond conference is live

O’Reilly’s 2011 edition of the MySQL conference has an expanded agenda, with good representation from Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, and others. Take a look at the full schedule listing, which is being filled out as talks are approved and the speakers verify that they’ll give the session.

I am certainly looking forward to this year’s event. A tremendous amount of progress has landed in GA versions of open-source databases this year. To name just a couple, there’s a new version of Postgres (9.0) with built-in replication and many more improvements; there’s MySQL 5.5 GA; there’s the HandlerSocket NoSQL interface to MySQL; Drizzle has a beta release; and the list goes on. I believe that this conference will have balanced and representative coverage of what’s really important to users. …

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O’Reilly MySQL Conference CfP ends today

You have about 14 more hours to submit session proposals to the O’Reilly MySQL conference, which is soliciting sessions about all open-source databases: PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Riak, Hadoop, Firebird, you name it. The last-minute proposals are coming fast and furious, as usual, and we have a great selection to choose from, but we need more!

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Percona sessions at the MySQL conference

Many Percona employees will be at the 2010 MySQL conference. We'll be giving a lot of informative technical talks on various topics. Here's a list:

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Maatkit BoF session at the MySQL conference

I’ve submitted a Birds of a Feather session for Maatkit at the upcoming MySQL conference. It’s not on the public schedule yet, but it has been accepted and scheduled for 19:00 on 13 Apr 2010. See you there!

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Drizzle BoF at the MySQL Conference and Expo

At the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo there will be a Drizzle BoF!

It’s currently scheduled for 7pm on April 13th.

Come along, it will be awesome.

Learn how to achieve PCI compliance with MySQL

One of my colleagues, Ryan Lowe, has just heard that his session on PCI compliance with MySQL has been accepted at the upcoming MySQL conference. Ryan is highly qualified to present this topic, and not many people can say that; I certainly can’t claim that title myself. If you’re looking to learn how to make your MySQL installation PCI-compliant, there’s also not a lot of trustworthy information online. Personally — and really, no bias just because he’s my colleague — I think this is a great session for the MySQL conference, which I sometimes thought didn’t have enough diversity of topics in past years. We need more stuff like this to give people a reason to return after they’ve gone for 2 or 3 years in a …

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I’ll be speaking at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference 2010

I’m speaking at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference 2010. I hope I don’t lose my voice, because I have four sessions!

You can click through on the links above to learn …

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How to write a good MySQL conference proposal

I’m on the MySQL conference committee again this year, so I’ll be reading and voting on your session proposals. My past experience is that reading 400 session proposals is a mind-numbing job, and I will be optimizing it to save my time. That means I will be scanning your proposals and deciding very quickly how to vote. I wrote before about how to submit a great proposal, but I’ve refined my opinion since then. Here are my suggestions:

  • Write for two audiences: reviewers and attendees. Both of us want the same thing: to decide as quickly as possible whether your session will be good.
  • Write a strong title/headline. Don’t know how? …
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Submit your proposals for MySQL conference 2010

The MySQL conference site for 2010 is live, and ready for your proposals. Submit! Submit! Submit!

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