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Solving Replication Lag with Tungsten Slave Prefetch

Slave prefetch is an increasingly popular technique for speeding up native MySQL replication, with several tools already published to enable it, such as mk-slave-prefetch and Replication Booster.  Tungsten Replicator is now joining the fray.   This article explains how our implementation works, how to install and tune it, and how well it performs compared to unaided MySQL native replication as well as Tungsten parallel replication.

Understanding Slave Prefetch

Slow reads from storage are the principle reason for lagging MySQL replication.   This seems paradoxical since at first glance the lag is caused by delayed updates.  The explanation is due to the way DBMS engines …

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MySQL and Friends schedule at FOSDEM 2012

The MySQL DevRoom at FOSDEM is ready. The schedule has been voted. Thanks to all who have participated. Now, let's make sure that the event is successful. The schedule is juicy, and not only because I have three talks in it!

Sunday 2012-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
All you need to know about migrations and you never dared to ask
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Time to vote for MySQL sessions at FOSDEM
There is a room dedicated to MySQL at FOSDEM 2012. (Thanks to @lefred for organizing). The CfP has received 37 submissions, but there will be time slots only for 12 to 15 talks. So now it's up to the community. If you want to attend a particular talk, you should vote for it. Like in previous years, the selection of the talks is public. You can see the list of the proposals, with the instructions, which I repeat here. You can vote either publicly, using Twitter, or privately, by sending an email. Each talk proposal will be referred by the number immediately after the title in this page. …
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Testing new builds with MySQL-Sandbox 3.0.24

MySQL::Sandbox 3.0.24 was released yesterday, with many new features. More than vanilla MySQLIf you have missed my previous announcement, here's the gist of it. MySQL Sandbox can now deal with tarballs from either Percona Server or MariaDB. The main difference after this change is that you can now create a directory called <PREFIX>5.5.16 and make_sandbox will recognize it as well as the plain 5.5.16.

$ make_sandbox --export_binaries --add_prefix=ps \
Percona-Server-5.5.11-rel20.2-114.Darwin.i386.tar.gz \
-- --sandbox_directory=msb_ps5_5_11

unpacking Percona-Server-5.5.11-rel20.2-114.Darwin.i386.tar.gz
installing with the following …
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How to submit a good database bug report

When an open source project becomes popular, bug reports start flocking in. This is both good and bad news for the project developers. The good news is that someone is using the product, and they are finding ways of breaking it that we didn't think of. The bad news is that most of the times the reporters assume that the developers have super human powers, and that they will find what's wrong by the simple mentioning that a given feature is not working as expected. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. An effective bug report should have enough information that the ones in charge will be able to reproduce it and examine in lab conditions to find the problem. When dealing with databases and database tools, there are several cases, from simple to complex. Let's cover them in order. Installation issuesThis is often a straightforward case of lack of functionality. When a tool does not install what it is supposed to, it is a show stopper, and a solution …

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Why So Many Proprietary Rewrites of MySQL and InnoDB?

Every couple of weeks or so I get marketing email from a Continuent competitor advertising a closed-source clone of MySQL. It is said to be pumped up on illegal substances and therefore the solution to all my problems.  I like this sort of spam because it makes it easier to track what the neighbors are up to.  However it does bring up a question.  Why are so many companies offering what amount to proprietary replacements of MySQL?  This does not mean alternative builds like Percona or MariaDB.  It means products like ClustrixSchooner, or Xeround, which replace MySQL entirely, or like …

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451 CAOS Links 2011.11.08

Cloudera raises $40m. Accel announces $100m fund. Rackspace takes OpenStack private. And more.

# Cloudera raised $40m in series D funding and announced a partnership with NetApp around its NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop.

# Accel Partners launched a $100m Big Data Fund to invest in Hadoop- and NoSQL-related vendors.

# Rackspace …

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Replication stars

Working with replication, you come across many topologies, some of them sound and established, some of them less so, and some of them still in the realm of the hopeless wishes. I have been working with replication for almost 10 years now, and my wish list grew quite big during this time. In the last 12 months, though, while working at Continuent, some of the topologies that I wanted to work with have moved from the cloud of wishful thinking to the firm land of things that happen. My quest for star replication starts with the most common topology. One master, many slaves.

Fig 1. Master/Slave topology


It looks like a star, with the rays extending from the master to the slaves. This is the basis of most of the replication going on mostly everywhere nowadays, and it has few surprises. Setting aside the …

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Benchmarking Tungsten Parallel Replication

Tungsten parallel apply on slaves, or parallel replication for short, has been available for about a year.   Until recently we did not have many formal benchmarks of its performance.  Fortunately the excellent Percona Live Conference in London accepted my talk on Tungsten parallel replication (slides available here), so Giuseppe Maxia and I finally allocated a block of time for systematic performance testing.

In a nutshell, the results were quite good. In the best cases Tungsten parallel apply out-performs single-threaded native replication by about 4.5 to 1.  Both Giuseppe and I have verified this using slightly different test methodologies, which …

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Tungsten Replicator and MySQL Sandbox at Percona Live London 2011
I will be a speaker at Percona Live - London 2011, and I am looking forward to the event, which is packed with great content. A whopping 40 session of MySQL content, plus 3 keynotes and 14 tutorials. It's enough to keep every MySQL enthusiast busy. Continuent speakers will be particularly busy, as between me and Robert Hodges, we will be on stage four times on Tuesday, October 25th.
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