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The PrimeBase BLOB Streaming (PBMS) engine alpha version 5.08 is ready

Alpha version 5.08 of the BLOB streaming engine for MySQL has been released. You can download the source code from The documentation has also been updated.

What's new in 5.08:

  • All PBMS data is stored under a 'pbms' directory in the MySQL server's data directory rather than in the database directories them selves.
  • This version now builds with Drizzle and can be loaded as a 'Blobcontainer' plug-in.
  • Added the possibility of storing BLOB metadata along with the BLOB in the repository.
  • Added the possibility of assigning an alias to a BLOB, which can then be used to retrieve the BLOB instead of using the engine generated URL.
  • Added an updateable system table 'pbms_metadata_header' to control which HTTP headers are stored as metadata.
  • Added an updateable …
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Solving the PBXT DBT2 Scaling Problem

One little bit of wisdom I would like to pass on:

If a program runs fast with 20 threads, that does not mean it will run fast with 50. And if it runs fast with 50, it does not mean that it will run fast with 100, and if it runs fast with 100 ... don't bet on it running fast with 200 :)

In my last blog I discussed some improvement to the performance of PBXT running the DBT2 benchmark. Despite the overall significant increase in performance I noted a drop off at 32 threads that indicated a scaling problem. For the last couple of weeks I have been working on this problem and I have managed to fix it:

As before, this test was done using MySQL 5.1.30 on an 8 core, 64-bit, Linux machine with an SSD drive and a 5 warehouse DBT2 …

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Understanding the various MySQL Products & Variants

The MySQL marketplace today is far more complex then simply choosing between a particular version of MySQL that Sun/MySQL produces.
The MySQL server product in general is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2, however you should carefully review the MySQL Legal Policies as a number of exceptions and different license agreements operate for companion tools such as MySQL Cluster, MySQL client libraries and documentation for example.

Looking into the MySQL ecosystem for products, I’ve produced the following categories:

  • Sun/MySQL Official Products
    • MySQL Versions
  • MySQL Variants
    • Community
    • Enterprise
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Improving PBXT DBT2 Performance

DBT2, with over 40% conflicts, is an very challenging benchmark, especially for an MVCC based engine. And, as a result, it is not a test that an engine is automatically good at. InnoDB has been extensively optimized for DBT2, and it shows.

For the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to focus on PBXT DBT2 performance for the first time. I started with a memory bound DBT2 test and the current state of this work is illustrated below.

These results were achieved using MySQL 5.1.30 on an 8 core, 64-bit, Linux machine with an SSD drive and a 5 warehouse DBT2 database.

The dip off at 32 threads is left as an exercise for the reader :) Patches will be excepted!

So what were the major changes that lead to this improvement?

Don't Wait Too Long!

When I began the optimizations, PBXT …

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PBMS supports Drizzle

The PBMS engine now works with Drizzle. Well actually it has been working with Drizzle for several months since I have been using Drizzle as my 'host' server while adding new features to the engine. I will tell you about the new features in future posts.
Hooks for a 'blobcontainer' type plug-in have been added to Drizzle that allow a plug-in to catch insert. update, or delete operations on BLOB columns in any table and handle the BLOB storage itself. The plug-in gets called above the storage engine level so it is independent of the storage engines. This is very similar to the way that PBMS works in MySQL 5.1 with engines other than PBXT where it uses triggers to perform the same function. But the way it is done with Drizzle is a lot more efficient.
So in Drizzle the PBMS engine is both a 'blobcontainer' plug-in as well as a storage engine. 
Surprisingly little needed to be done to the PBMS engine to get it to build with …

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MySQL Magazine - Winter 2009 Released!!

This is one of the largest issues so far.  In addition, it has some of the best content we have ever had. The articles are all in-depth with some exciting new information:

  • Introduction to XtraDB: an overview of the new XtraDB storage engine along with benchmarks and information about planned future improvements
  • Changes in the MySQL DBA and Developer Exams for Version 5.1: what’s coming in the new exams covering MySQL Server 5.1
  • Covering Indexes in MySQL: how to create indexes that optimize query execution
  • PBXT’s Coder’s Guide: going in-depth on how you can work with the code for the new PBXT storage engine
  • Coding Corner: Peter’s regular column continues his look at transaction time validity

It is available for download, along with all …

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PBXT goes RC!

With all the booha about MySQL not being ready for GA, it makes me almost afraid to announce, ahem, ... and PBXT is, ehr, RC.

It has been just over a year now since I started developing the fully durable version of PBXT. Before that, PBXT was Beta. After that, it was Alpha again.

Now we have 2 solid Beta versions behind us, Vladimir and I have fixed all known bugs for this version, including quite a number of foreign key bugs. We have all 259 mysql-test-run tests that were adapted for PBXT (and a bunch of our own) running through without any errors on 4 platforms: Mac OS X, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows. Our buildbot is giving us a green light, at last!

Besides this we have done crash tests, load tests and crash and load tests (I mean recovery)! And maybe most important, we have it ticking away in a very demanding OEM product …

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xtstat: Tells you exactly what PBXT is doing!

I have created a new tool, called xtstat, for analyzing the performance of the PBXT storage engine.

The way it works is simple. PBXT now counts all kinds of things: transactions committed and rolled back, statements executed, records read and written, tables and indexes scanned, bytes read, written and flushed to various types of files: record, index, data logs, transaction logs, and so on.

A SELECT on the system table PBXT.STATISTICS (or INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PBXT_STATISTICS if PBXT was built inside the MySQL tree) returns the current totals of all these counters. xtstat does a SELECT every second on this table and prints the difference. In this way, you can see how much work PBXT is doing in each area.

There are currently 48 different statistics:

To ensure all this counting does not itself cost any performance, each thread counts for itself, so no locking is required. The SELECT on …

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PBXT 1.0.06 Beta Released

On friday we released the second Beta version of PBXT. PBXT is a transactional storage engine for MySQL 5.1 and 6.0. You can find out more about the engine at

PBXT is pluggable, so it can be built separately from the MySQL tree, and loaded dynamically at runtime using the LOAD PLUGIN statement.

You can download PBXT from here. A "quick guide" to building and installing the plugin is provided. I have also updated the documentation for this version.

There are no major new features in this release because we are working towards the RC version in December. But we wrote some release notes to prove we have been busy :)

There is now also a version of PBXT available for …

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Percona’s patches spread to a wider audience

Percona's patches are now available to a wider audience via OurDelta, a community effort to provide  builds with features (Percona patches, Google patches, etc) and storage engines (PBXT, Sphinx, etc) that aren't in the main MySQL server. Arjen Lentz is really the brainchild behind this. Kudos Arjen!

What does this mean for the Percona patches? Well, now you can get them in more places.  But it doesn't change our own commitment to keep innovating in ways our customers (and we ourselves) find useful.  We're still building our own builds and …

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