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MySQL Magazine is dead.. long live Open Source Database Magazine!

Hello everyone,

I began MySQL Magazine in the early summer of 2007. It was began, not as a lark, but without any idea that it would ever become so popular. It was just a way I thought I could contribute to the MySQL community. Over time it has grown very well with recent issues being downloaded around 10,000 times directly from the website. I have no way of counting other downloads although I know issues are posted in multiple other locations.

I have been debating for about six months on changing things up a bit. As I said in my last post, change for the sake of change is almost never good. This isn’t change just for change’s sake.   I am convinced that enlarging the old MySQL Magazine to include any open source db will be beneficial to everyone. More content and an exchange of …

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Thoughts on Scribus?

This isn’t exactly MySQL stuff.. but it relates in the sense that I am looking to move from our current workflow setup for MySQL Magazine to something that is (in order of importance):

  • Able to generate pdf output along with attendant hyperlinks,etc.
  • Able to effectively create a professional document with input from a number of authors
  • Open Source if it meets the above criteria

I have been more than a little unhappy with previous setups (we tried openoffice and now currently Word to Adobe distiller). After the six freaking hours I wasted on the last go around because columns where right justified and looked perfect in Word, but when distilled in pdf the output came out with random spacing (including INSIDE WORDS), I am ready to chunk this approach and try something new.

One of the authors kindly offered to work with me on getting a latex setup. While I am grateful for the …

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MySQL Magazine - Winter 2009 Released!!

This is one of the largest issues so far.  In addition, it has some of the best content we have ever had. The articles are all in-depth with some exciting new information:

  • Introduction to XtraDB: an overview of the new XtraDB storage engine along with benchmarks and information about planned future improvements
  • Changes in the MySQL DBA and Developer Exams for Version 5.1: what’s coming in the new exams covering MySQL Server 5.1
  • Covering Indexes in MySQL: how to create indexes that optimize query execution
  • PBXT’s Coder’s Guide: going in-depth on how you can work with the code for the new PBXT storage engine
  • Coding Corner: Peter’s regular column continues his look at transaction time validity

It is available for download, along with all …

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Log Buffer #133: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Hello and welcome to my Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. My name is Keith Murphy and I am the editor of MySQL Magazine, a free digital magazine with information for MySQL administrators and developers, released quarterly.  I am also a MySQL database administrator at Pythian.

I am losing count of how many of these Log Buffers I have done. If I recall correctly, this is number three. But then again, it could be number four. You know what they say though—the more the merrier!

This week’s Buffer features a great allegory about a database, some tips, feature requests, and breaking news. It seems that this week, people shared information that was relevant across database servers, so I recommend that no …

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MySQL Magazine is Out and

MySQL Magazine is Out and .. I wrote an aticle on it!

The magazine looks very shiny. Go get your copy.

MySQL Magazine Fall 2008 Issue Available!

Get it while it’s hot! The Fall 2008 issue of the MySQL Magazine is now available at Issue 6 is chock full of 16 pages good stuff, including:

  • “Decision Table”-Driven Development by Jonathan Levin
  • Part I of a series on Transaction Time Validity in MySQL by Peter Brawley
  • An Overview of Zmanda Recovery Manager by Pythian’s own Gerry Narvaja
  • Keith Murphy, editor has a note about Drizzle.

Download the PDF directly or go to the MySQL Magazine page to download any and all of the 6 issues.

MySQL Magazine Fall 2008 Issue Released!

Come get it while it’s hot. The brand new issue six of the magazine is available for free download from

MySQL Magazine Fall Issue Coming Soon!!

Hey everyone, I try to get the magazine out every three months on the 15th. Sometimes life gets in the way. Imagine that! The next issue is looking great and will be out very soon.

Not to early to start thinking about what you want in the next issue. I will be asking for article ideas very soon.


Spring 2008 issue of MySQL Magazine

Keith Murphy and his hard-working crew have released the spring 2008 issue of MySQL Magazine. Go take a look — it includes quite a few articles on various topics, even a mention of our upcoming book (High Performance MySQL, Second Edition).

Keith Murphy, mysql, MySQL Magazine

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