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Sphinx @ Percona Live: MySQL User Conference

It’s that time of year again. The annual migration of MySQL users will soon begin! In a little more than one month’s time, much of the MySQL ecosystem will be gathered at the Percona Live: MySQL User Conference and, as usual, you can expect an appearance from the Sphinx Team. Stop by booth 302 to meet [...]

OurSQL Episode 129: New and Extended

This week we interview Shlomi Noach about the upcoming Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo in Santa Clara April 22-25th, 2013. There are 2 organizations with new trainings, too! Ear Candy is a resource with data models, and At the Movies is how to setup and operate Tungsten replication.

Upcoming MySQL tech tours

LinuxFest Northwest will take place in Bellingham, Washington on Sat Apr 27th and Sun Apr 28th.

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Saving $1,100 Simply by Clicking Faster – Collaborate 13 IOUG Forum Discounts exp. 3/6/2013

Take 50% Off COLLABORATE 13 Now Through Wednesday But you’ve got to act fast! If you’re not already one of the many joining the IOUG at COLLABORATE 13 – IOUG Forum, sign up today for your chance at attending for … Continue reading →

Sessions I’d like to see at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013

I’ve finally gotten around to starting to write my presentations for PLMCE2013. So, in the spirit of procrastination, I went through all of the sessions and highlighted some of the ones that I want to attend! Tutorial: Percona XtraDB Cluster Percona Server 5.6 Crossing the Production Barrier: Development at Scale MySQL performance monitoring using Statsd [...]

Sessions I’d like to see at Percona Live in April

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Percona Live MySQL Conference. This is always THE event of the year for me in the MySQL conference circuit. It’s also the first year I haven’t been a speaker! I’ve been a speaker since 2007 but this year things were too uncertain for me to submit a proposal in time.

As usual, the real highlight of the conference is seeing and talking to everyone. Technical sessions are also great, but honestly I can usually study up on technical things without going to a conference. However, nothing can replace the benefit of meeting all the dedicated MySQL community members in the hallways and at meals, and talking to MySQL-related businesses in the expo hall. Year after year, this conference has been what makes things happen: technical innovations, product launches, business initiatives, career changes, you name it — …

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A weekend in Brussels: FOSDEM 2013!

I had the pleasure to actively participate in the MySQL & Friends Devroom at FOSDEM. Met old acquaintances and made new ones. I even got the chance to speak for roughly 30 minutes... And the room was packed. On top of that I also did some "booth duty", which is the same to say that I spent sometime at the Oracle's stand (together with Sveta, Lars and Lenka), where I took the opportunity to reach out to people. It was my first time at FOSDEM, and I was much impressed by the large amount of people and by the different number of brands and open source companies represented. A big thank you to Frederic, who organized the devroom event. Since I am sure he had some help, a big thank you to everyone who helped Frederic as well. It was great to be there and discuss MySQL (replication) with a lot of different people!

Get Me Some Query Logs!

One of my favorite tools in the Percona Toolkit is pt-query-digest.  This tool is indispensable for identifying your top SQL queries, and analyzing which queries are accounting for your database load.

But the report you get from pt-query-digest is only as good as the log of queries you give it as input.  You need a large enough sample of query logs, collected over a period of time when you have representative traffic on your database.

You also need the log to include all the queries, not just those that take more than N seconds.  The reason is that some queries are individually quick, and would not be logged if you set the long_query_time configuration variable to 1 or more seconds. …

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Are You Part of OurSQL Events?

OurSQL, the MySQL Database Community Podcast, lists events, conferences and training that are relevant to MySQLers around the world. Gerry and Sheeri get the information for events/conferences/training from Planet MySQL and Oracle, SkySQL and Percona websites. Often, webinars are posted to Planet MySQL a week or 2 before they happen, which is not enough lead time for the podcast. We usually record on Tuesdays and publish on Fridays, with the understanding that not everyone listens to the podcast on Friday. So on the podcast, we talk about events that are at least 1 week from publication date. For example, we are recording today (Tue 20 Nov) for a podcast that will be published Friday (23 Nov). We will talk about events, conferences and training that will happen Sunday, December 2nd or later.

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OurSQL Episode 110: The Key to 5.6

This week we present the MySQL Connect Keynote: Community Perspective—Why Upgrade to MySQL 5.6. This is the entire keynote panel, featuring Sarah Novotny of Meteor Entertainment as the moderator, and panelists Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent, Domas Mituzas of Facebook, Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Mark Leith of Oracle. We discussed the main features we thought would be useful to us as well as the community.

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Slides of my HOL on MySQL Cluster


Thanks everyone who attended my hands-on lab on MySQL Cluster at MySQL Connect last Saturday.

The following are the links for the slides, the HOL instructions, and the code examples.

I'll try to summarize my HOL below.

Aim of the HOL was to help attendees to familiarize with MySQL Cluster. In particular, by learning:

  1. the basics of MySQL Cluster Architecture
  2. the basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration and Administration
  3. how to start a new Cluster for evaluation purposes and how to connect to it

We started by …

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