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My Second day at MySQL Conference 2012 – first session

Using and benchmarking Galera in different architectures ———————————————————- What I was interested most during the second day was again, synchronous replication and Replication solutions provide from Continuent. The first I attend in the day was the Galera one, done Henrik and Alexey. The presentation was going to talk about: “We will present results from benchmarking [...]

Percona Live MySQL Conference Presentation

Here are the slides from my presentation “From Requirements to Partitioning and Sharding and Everything in Between”. A big thanks to all the attendees for their interest and questions. I got a lot of questions, and the audience was definitely very engaged!


Security Around MySQL @ Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012

In about 4 hours at 2PM PDT, I’ll be giving my talk “Security Around MySQL” at Ballroom A at the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012. It’s a summary and guide of practical and easy-to-implement security tips around MySQL and the application. These tips were all gleamed from my years at start-ups (some of which I worked on and some which I founded) and from my experience at Pythian.

The details are here:

MySQL Conference 2012 – keynotes on day 2 (2)

Mark Callaghan of Facebook: “What Comes Next for MySQL”

  • focus on large, sharded deployments
  • interesting numbers from their deployment (MySQL with Innodb): 60M QPS and 1.5B rows read/second in production

MySQL with InnoDB is “web scale”

  • scaled to 10x more data on the same servers:
    • Start with MySQL 5.1, flashcache, find and fix stalls, use multi-threaded purge from Percona, ask the db-ops team to deploy a lot of changes, use OSC (Online Schema Change) to add many covering indexes, use Faker from Percona+Facebook to fix replication lag, and make InnoDB compression good for OLTP.

“MySQL has made amazing progress”

  • InnoDB multi-core performance is impressive. (Yes, it’s finally overcome that early limitation!)
  • Replication is robust (global transaction IDs, multi-threaded, …
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MySQL Conference 2012 – Keynotes on Day 2 (1)

Yesterday was an exciting and busy day – lots of good talks, conversations, and beer! Let me take you back to the morning sessions and the first keynotes of the day, Sam Ghods of Box: “MySQL: Still the Best Choice for Mission-Critical Data”.

This is the usual story of a (file sharing) application that started out on one MySQL instance to store metadata and ran into scaling bottlenecks. Interestingly, NoSQL did not work out for them, and they ended up sharding MySQL. “If you use a NoSQL store, but need any advanced features in your data store, you end up building them yourself. If you’re willing to partition your data yourself, you can use MySQL’s fancy features.”

Now, onto specific MySQL features that Box uses, not directly provided by NoSQL:

  • Inter-row Consistency (aka Unique Key) ensures unique filenames in folders;
  • Transactions maintain integrity on file/folder renames where the whole tree …
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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (3)

And lastly, from none other than The Brian Aker, a keynote on The New MySQL Cloud Ecosystem. He was formerly the Director of Architecture for MySQL and also the creator of Drizzle. He is currently a fellow at HP, leading their cloud architecture group.

He began with a little history on MySQL of course. The drivers as seen by Brian over the years: initially “Batteries Included” or embedded into a product, to “Enterprise” or feature-creep, market-parity, stored-procedures… And of course, the GPL license, which caused no end of confusion in the marketplace.

Now onto DBAs (or the lack thereof!), again something we can all relate to. Yes, Pythian is also always looking for good MySQL DBAS. Continuing on, however, there are no more distribution/GPL concerns as MySQL is provided as a service in the cloud now, and software as a service in the cloud does not need to …

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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (2)

The next keynote is from Marten Mickos, now with Eucalyptus systems, previously CEO of MySQL AB. He talked about making LAMP a Cloud. No surprises there: Eucalyptus is the leading open-source cloud computing platforms for on-premise use.

We were treated with a brief history of MySQL, the first MySQL conference in 2003, Eucalyptus, and how the two tie together. It is true that MySQL has been the most common database platform in the cloud. Certainly, the other big databases are lagging when it comes to adoption and deployment in the cloud. One comment from Marten that resonates with us at Pythian and others in the MySQL services business – Oracle definitely needs to build out the partner ecosystem around MySQL.

There were some good insights from Marten on how the database and software paradigm has evolved from scale-up to scale-out, from closed-source to open-source, and from distributions to “Stacks” (eg LAMP) to APIs and …

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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (1)

Here it is finally: The MySQL conference 2012 starts with the Keynote Sessions.

The first keynote speech was by Peter Zaitsev, founder of Percona and a very smart guy, and by Baron Schwartz (Percona), another very smart guy, the brain behind a number of toolkits for MySQL. They’re talking about the MySQL Evolution – what I alluded to in my first post regarding this conference – the ways in which MySQL has grown, evolved, scaled and continues to make new inroads into new applications and industries.

From Peter: “What is most important hasn’t changed – MySQL is still a great piece of technology and it is evolving very rapidly.” (Love that quote!) Also “MySQL is also buzzword compatible: NoSQL, BigData.”

From Baron: He talked about his own personal journey from closed-source, proprietory to open-source, and the …

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MySQL Conference 2012 Day 0

Wow! A lot has changed since the last MySQL conference I blogged about in 2007.

MySQL has been acquired twice: once as MySQL by Sun and the second time around bundled with Sun when Oracle bought Sun. The conference is no longer organized by O’Reilly but by Percona. And the MySQL database itself has changed — we were talking about new features in MySQL 5.1, which wasn’t released yet, along with Falcon (where did it go?). 5.1 has long since been released as has 5.5, and we’re now talking about 5.6 instead of 6.0. There was no “Cloud” on the horizon, nor was there MariaDB, XtraDB, Drizzle, Schooner, or any of the other offshoots of MySQL, all of which are creating a new buzz around the product.

Yet, one thing remains constant: the vibrant community around MySQL. In spite of all the changes in technology, ownership, versions, …

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Announcement: Release 1.1.2 of MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g

This release is just a quick bug fix release of an older 1.1.1 version of the plug-in. It’s long overdue but I’ve managed to fix “” problem only couple weeks ago. I’ve distributed the new version to the folks who have reached out to me by email of via blog reporting the issue in the [...]

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