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Hotsos Symposium 2010 — Battle Against Any Guess Is Won

Video fragments of my session posted at the end — read on.

I arrived at Omni Mandalay Hotel on Sunday evening with Dan Norris. I was flying through Chicago and it turned out that Dan was on the same flight and only few rows behind me. Small world.

Preparations for the conference were very chaotic on my part and, of course, I didn’t have either of my presentations ready. I was very stressed and getting sick as well — it looked like a complete disaster waiting to happen. I’d like to say that I was feeling like Doug Burns as he often managed to get sick just before a conference. Of course, I worked on my slides for the last few days as well as on the flight and presentation was slowly getting there but boy was …

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MySQL Developers Room at FOSDEM 2010

I am in Brussels, waiting to attend FOSDEM 2010, one of the biggest open source gatherings in Europe, taking place this weekend in Brussels.
On Sunday, there is a Developers Room for MySQL and Friends, with 14 talks from open source professionals coming from Europe and North America.

The novelty of this round of talks is that thy will be 20 minutes long, rather than 1 hour. This will force all presenters to be more cautious about their timing, and to concentrate their talks on the essential. Even the experienced ones, who have given the same talk several times, will have to make an effort to come to the …

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"MySQL & Friends" DevRoom@FOSDEM schedule published, want to join us for dinner on Saturday evening?

The tracks of this year's "MySQL & Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010 have now been scheduled - please check the Wiki page for details on the talks as well as some background information about the speakers. This info should soon be available via the FOSDEM conference system as well. We had some last-minute changes and we actually managed to schedule two more talks due to a small glitch in the initial calculation. The topics look very interesting, we hope that we can provide some valuable information for developers, users as well as MySQL DBAs!

One of our speakers (Kris Buytaert) suggested to arrange a joint dinner for Saturday evening, which is indeed a good idea! Thankfully he also volunteered for coordinating it - thanks in advance! …

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Announcing the tracks of the "MySQL & Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010

We are happy to announce the selected sessions for our "MySQL and Friends" developer room at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. It will take place on Sunday, 7th of February from 9:00-17:00 in Room AW1.121.

In total, we received 20 submissions from 15 speakers. We'd like to thank them very much for their great proposals!

As we only have 12 speaking slots (20 mins each) available that day, we first needed to perform a selection process. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to perform a full-blown voting process that involved the community at large. Since we didn't want to do this in a completely closed committee, we decided to involve all speakers that submitted a talk in this.

After this voting process, the final candidates are (ordered by last name).

Update: Mikael …

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Call for Papers for the "MySQL and Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010 extended until Wednesday, 6th

A Happy New Year to all of you! About a month ago we posted our initial Call for Papers for the MySQL Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. We already received several great submissions and we'd like to thank the speakers who contributed their suggestions so far. But we would like to get some more!

Therefore we decided to extend the deadline for a few more days: you can still submit your talk proposals until tomorrow (Wednesday, 6th)!

So if you think you have an interesting MySQL-related topic to talk about, we'd like to hear about it! Thanks.

MySQL Conference 2010 - The call for participation is open

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as founding sponsor, has opened its Call for participation.
There is already an impressive lineup of tutorials, and I don't say that only because I am on that list. You will find the usual suspects (Replication, Cluster, Certification) and several new ones: Partitioning (covering 5.5), Drizzle replication plugins and core development, Dual master setup, Scaling Applications, Diagnosing and fixing performance, Inspecting variables, command line magic.

The names next to the above topics are all well known: Sheeri K. …

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Call for Papers for "MySQL and Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010 now open!

FOSDEM 2010, the annual Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting will take place again on February 6th and 7th in Brussels, Belgium. Next year they will celebrate their 10th anniversary (congratulations!) and we feel very honored and happy to announce that the organizers accepted our request for a developer room! They had to reject many proposals due to the great demand (there were 39 applications, but there are only 12 rooms available per day). Therefore we are glad to be among the excellent projects that will be present there.

Our devroom is titled "MySQL and Friends" and will be available for sessions on Sunday, 7th from 09:00 - 17:00. It will be located in room AW1.121 and provides 81 seats, a video projector with VGA cable, and wireless Internet. As for …

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Pythian Goes to FISL 10

Hi All!

This year, the International Free Software Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary. It happened last week in Porto Alegre.

Pythian presented a session on Thursday called 8 Rules for Designing More Secure Applications with MySQL.

As promised, here are the slides we used on that session: 8 Simple Rules to Design Secure Apps with MySQL (PDF).


FrOSCon schedule draft published, CfP for OpenSQL Camp still open until July 19th!

FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Conference, will take place on August 22nd and 23rd in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Sun Microsystems is a Gold Sponsor of the conference which takes place for the fourth time now. As for the previous years, the organizers have managed to arrange a great lineup of speakers and content. Presentations are held in both English and German — a first draft of the schedule is now available. However, it is still subject to change in some details, based on the feedback by the invited speakers.

I am looking forward to this event, especially since we're helping to organize the OpenSQL Camp subconference there, which will take place in parallel (there also is a subconference about Java this time). By the way: if you've missed the deadline for submitting …

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Oracle Open World — Public Voting is Open

No doubt you want to cast you first vote for my abstract — Developing Plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager by example :)

Every Oracle professional knows about Oracle Enterprise Manager’s extensive monitoring capability for Oracle products. However, only few realize that Oracle Enterprise Manager can be easily extended thanks to its Extensibility framework.

This presentation starts with an introduction of Enterprise Manager’s Extensibility features and walks the audience through the basics of creating a new plug-in. This session will also demonstrate some proven plug-in development steps based on the experience gained from developing MySQL management …

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