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PBXT at the MySQL User Conference 2010

At this year's User Conference I have some interesting results to present. But more than anything else, my talk will explain how you can really get the most out of the engine. The design of PBXT makes it flexible, but this provides a lot of options. What tools are available to help you make the right decisions? I will explain.

Every design has trade-offs. How does this work out in practice for PBXT? And how can you take advantage of the strengths of the storage engine? I will explain in:

A Practical Guide to the PBXT Storage Engine
Paul McCullagh
2:00pm - 3:00pm Tuesday, 04/13/2010
Ballroom E

Don't miss it! :)

UC2010 - MySQL Cluster Deploy and Perf Tuning BP

At the MySQL UC 2010 (on Tuesday 4/14 11:55 am) me and my colleague Joffrey Michaie will present MySQL Cluster - Deployment Best Practices. We will give talk about what is important to think about when deploying MySQL Cluster, what to do, what not to do, operational aspects and a few other practical things.
This session will be a great follow-on to the introductory session on MySQL Cluster (and the tutorial).

After the Deployment session, same day at 2:00pm, I will also have a session on …

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MySQL Conference 2010 - Call for participation is open

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as a founding sponsor, has been announced and the call for participation is open.

It's coming later than usual, but it's an opportunity for would be speakers. They will be able to propose talks based on the latest technology, making it even more interesting for attendees.

Some of the program is already online. The tutorial page has a great lineup of speakers and advanced topics. More will …

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MySQL Conference 2010 - The call for participation is open

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as founding sponsor, has opened its Call for participation.
There is already an impressive lineup of tutorials, and I don't say that only because I am on that list. You will find the usual suspects (Replication, Cluster, Certification) and several new ones: Partitioning (covering 5.5), Drizzle replication plugins and core development, Dual master setup, Scaling Applications, Diagnosing and fixing performance, Inspecting variables, command line magic.

The names next to the above topics are all well known: Sheeri K. …

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