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Log Buffer #213, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Warm welcome to the Log Buffer, a weekly amalgamation of database news across different technologies. Let’s get warmed up with sizzling Log Buffer #213.


One of the leading performance gurus, Kellyn Pederson is letting us know how she is finding the initial months at Pythian and she rightly praises her fabulous team mates Mark Brinsmead, Paul Logan, and Andy Klock.

The famous Oracle Database Junkie – Arup Nanda, blogs more about Interested Transaction Lists.

Universal Connection Pool, Oracle’s next generation …

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Notes from International Oracle Usergroup Community Summit

Monday through Wednesday this week Oracle hosted nearly 200 community leaders from across the globe to talk about their communities, the products and interactions with Oracle. This year was the first year the communities from Oracle’s Sun acquisition were included.

I was traveling with the well connected IOUG [Independent Oracle Users Group] and representing the MySQL Council. In this capacity, I had the opportunity to speak with Luke Kowalski – VP, Corporate Architecture Group; Roseanne Park – Senior Director, Customer Support, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM and MySQL about MySQL and what the Oracle acquisition means for the product and the community. It was reassuring to hear a consistent message that MySQL brings Oracle a new market segment. Everyone I spoke with was excited about the addition …

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The MySQL Council is up and running. We want to hear from you!

The Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) has formed the MySQL Council, with the purpose of addressing the interests and needs of MySQL users.

The current Council members are:

  • Sarah Novotny, Blue Gecko, Council Chair
  • Sheeri Cabral, PalominoDB
  • Bradley Kuszmaul, Tokutek
  • Giuseppe Maxia, Continuent
  • Rob Wultsch,
  • Matt Yonkovit, Percona

The IOUG is a well established and respected institution, with more than 20,000 database professionals registered as its members. In the long history of Oracle, the IOUG has always played a role in the aftermath of many acquisitions, extending a friendly hand to the newcomers in the family. I have spent much time with IOUG people, and I was impressed by their enthusiasm and …

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Welcome Message to MySQL users

From the November issue of Oracle Magazine:

MySQL notes from Redwood

I had the opportunity, along with Sarah Novotny, to spend some time with folks from Oracle MySQL this past week.  All I can say is that it was an extremely positive conversation.  The attitude from those at Oracle was that … Continue reading →

Upcoming speaking engagements: SF MySQL Meetup, FOSDEM, GUUG FFG and COLLABORATE 11

My calendar is filling up with speaking engagements about MySQL at various events quickly. Here is a list of events for the coming months where I'll be present:

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IOUG’s MySQL Council

I’m super excited to point all of our readers to the IOUG press release announcing the formation of the MySQL Council.

January 13, 2011 – The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), a community of more than 20,000 international database and technology professionals representing large, medium and small businesses, government agencies and educational institutions, today announced the formation of the MySQL Council..

I additionally have the privilege of leading this council in it’s first year and helping the MySQL community engage with the IOUG putting to use the relationship and history that the IOUG has with Oracle to help MySQL maintain and grow our community.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting of the MySQL Council where we will be ratifying the charter document defining the council’s goals.  My favorite lines from the …

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Speaking at the UK Oracle User Group conference - Birmingham
Back to the conference circuit after some rest.
On December 1st I will be speaking under my new affiliation at Continuent in the MySQL track at the UKOUG conference. My topic is MySQL - Features for the enterprise and it will basically cover the main features of MySQL 5.5.
This conference is the largest Oracle related event in Europe, and it is organized by users for other users. This year for the first time the conference hosts a MySQL dedicated track.
It is a sort of epidemic. Most of the …
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A Warm Welcome to the MySQL Community

Independent Oracle User Group's (IOUG) President, Andy Flower's article in the latest issue of Oracle Magazine extends a warm welcome to the MySQL community!

Andy outlines a number of ways in which they are collaborating with the MySQL users and community. Here is an excerpt...

IOUG is looking forward to providing a platform for MySQL users to gather virtually and physically year-round. To start, we are helping support local MySQL events, such as OpenSQL Camp in October 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.

But we are most excited to present 120 MySQL educational sessions, given by MySQL users and key industry partners, which will be held at our annual COLLABORATE conference in Orlando, Florida, April 10-14, 2011. Not only will there be a special focus on MySQL, but attendees …

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