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Join the Kontrollbase Users group on LinkedIn

We have a new users’s group on LinkedIn for anyone that wants to keep up to date with discussions and wants to increase their network profile on the site. Join now:

Three JRuby on GlassFish Deployment Stories: Kenai, LinkedIn and JotBot

Arun has added three new, JRuby-based entries to our Adoption Stories. The first story is about Kenai, and is a model story for GlassFish Portfolio: Apache HTTPD Server, Memcached, MySQL, JRuby and GlassFish Server (it is also a bit recursive, as JRuby lives on Kenai).

The other two stories are about LinkedIn Polls and …

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The Want to be Social Network

Kaj wrote about using Dopplr to keep track of where colegues and friends are traveling and finding out about accidental meetups. (I even use it to track where one of the Inuits collegues work plans)
Now I have never met Giuseppe , but we shared slides before so I'd love to meet him one day .. connecting to him via Dopplr gives me that opportunity .. who knows one day Dopplr will tell me we have matching travel schedules.

Earlier this week LinkedIn announced Tripit as one of their first integrated applications, I was a bit dissapointed I use Tripit to let Dopplr learn about …

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LinkedIn's MySQL Certified Professionals Community

Mark Schoonover has asked me to take over the LinkedIn Group for MySQL Certified Professionals. We are still working out the details but I would like to ask the almost 200 members of that group and any potentially interested others what they would like to see this professional community become.

Personally, I am going to need a platoon of MySQL Exam beta test guinea pigs and this group looks like a great source for talent people.

But what do the members want?

Cisco gives accounts with CCIEs on staff a percentage discount on support contracts? They also get an escallated queue for any support calls. The logic behind that is that a CCIE would not call on something trival and would have triaged the problem. Is this something for this group?

Or do we need t-shirts? Mugs? A special room (rubber padded, drool absorbant carpet) reserved for us at the 2009 Users Conference?

What …

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MySQL Wins at LinkedIn!

I was with a customer last week, who leads technology and operations for one of the world's largest companies. We were talking through his priorities for the upcoming year, and on a page filled with various traditional priorities (consolidation, energy management, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance) were two interesting words.

"Open Source."

I asked what that meant, why it was there. He said they'd done an audit of the firm's development activities, and found an overwhelming number ("hundreds") of open source

projects that had been completed behind the scenes, beyond management's oversight. The projects were designed to solve problems deemed too expensive or difficult to solve with proprietary technologies - from meeting a tough budget, to automating a new process. And rather than fight the trend, they figured it was …

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What is LinkedIn?s main database server?

Someone who should know told me that LinkedIn runs its main application on Oracle. So when I saw the press release about MySQL being their database, I read carefully, and they are not very specific about exactly what MySQL is used for. Depending on how you read it, you could argue that they left open the possibility that the main application database is not MySQL, and the MySQL deal is for something peripheral.

Now, this is nothing but a rotten rumor and I will probably burn in hell for spreading it, but I’d like it to be debunked if it’s false. What is LinkedIn’s main database server? Anyone have the provably correct answer?

PS: I see that LinkedIn is “seeing daily downloads of approximately 200 million.” I didn’t know it was downloadable. I’ve been missing out! Where can I download it?

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LinkedIn Buys Into MySQL

Hot on the heels of news that SquareSpace is using Oracle, comes news that LinkedIn is going whole hog with MySQL.

Actually, you could say that LinkedIn is buying into Sun. They are buying the MySQL Enterprise subscription and they'll be running MySQL on Sparc servers and Solaris 10. They've signed up for Sun Professional Services, MySQL Professional Services, and …

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Top 10 Reasons Why Digsby ROCKS

If you haven't heard of Digsby yet, you have probably been living in some kind of a virtual cave or have no friends. Digsby is a multi-network instant messenger application, similar to Trillian, Pidgin (GAIM), or Miranda. I said 'similar', so what makes Digsy special? Reviews I read so far don't give the real reasons and don't dive into the features in depth. Instead, you get a standard load of marketing BS and in the end to you, the user, Digsby may end up being "yet another IM program." Some reviews describe certain features, but so far I haven't seen one that highlighted THE MAIN REASON why Digsby is different. And may I preface it with: finally somebody got a clue. I never before wanted to write about any other IM client, which already indicates that on the "this is the most awesome meter ever" meter, Digsby is floating somewhere at the top. …

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Introduction to me!

Who Am I?

My name is Luca Olivari, I'm a technology enthusiast living in Italy. I was born in 1979 and I've created this blog having in mind a nice place to share thoughts about Marketing, Communication, Advertising and other interestingness.

I'm currently working in Sun Microsystems as a Systems Engineer in MySQL Global Software practice (but that's my job) and in my spare time I read, take pictures, travel, run and surf web2.0 sites. I'm interested in technology, science, marketing, communication, advertising, picture, classic books and many other things.

If you are in sync with my interests or you simply like to share something this is the right place.
Feel free to add comment to this post if you like to contribute in any other way to this blog.

I'm glad to meet you all!

If you want to look at some information about my work let's have a look at …

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Calling all MySQL Professionals who use LinkedIn

I have created a MySQL Professionals Group for networking with others in the space, in the tradition of the Oracle Professionals group and the SQL Server Professionals groups that I already participate in.

This is a great way to network with other professionals in your field of work. I hope you join us.

To join, please follow this invitation link.


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