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News from the Web Stack: Update Center install and Django

Jeff's blog entry on installing Web Stack using IPS (a new feature in 1.5) now has a screencast version (4 min. ogg format, use Firefox 3.5 or VLC 1.0), courtesy of Brian. The GlassFish Web Stack (see recent 1.5 release) uses the same packaging technology as the GlassFish App Server and as OpenSolaris (where the technology initially came from).

IPS, …

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Three JRuby on GlassFish Deployment Stories: Kenai, LinkedIn and JotBot

Arun has added three new, JRuby-based entries to our Adoption Stories. The first story is about Kenai, and is a model story for GlassFish Portfolio: Apache HTTPD Server, Memcached, MySQL, JRuby and GlassFish Server (it is also a bit recursive, as JRuby lives on Kenai).

The other two stories are about LinkedIn Polls and …

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WebSynergy Community Build 5 Available!

Hot on the heels of SB2, WebSynergy continues its cadence of builds with the latest, Project WebSynergy Community Build 5 [download].

This build incorporates additional samples, a bridge between JSR 286 events and the built-in services (e.g. the activities service), WSRP improvements, jBPM workflow integration into …

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Developing Kenai - Agility on an OpenSource Enterprise Foundation

Last week Kenai went beta, with the usual services in a development hub site plus an additional "connected" angle. Our GF CORBA project is already using its Hg repository but another very interesting angle is the technology mix.

Kenai acheived development agility with reliability by using a combination of our scripting (JRuby/Rails) and enterprise (GlassFish v2, MySQL, OpenSolaris) technologies. These combinations are beginning to pop all over and are one of the key targets of …

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Scripting roundup: PHP, Rails on GlassFish

Dick has a detailed post on "LAMP stack on GlassFish" which really focused on Caucho's Quercus PHP runtime inside GlassFish to execute Wordpress (with MySQL as the back-end obviously). The post provides database setup details and prefers standalone WAR files (carying along Quercus).

Sébastien focuses on Joomla on GlassFish but prefers the PHP/JavaBridge

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REST and Comet... on GlassFish Server

Carol had previously (in July) posted an example of a SlideShow Using Comet; now she and Rick have a refined and expanded version where they provide more details, including screenshots, and also have modified the implemetantation so they NetBeans for development, MySQL and JPA for data presistence, Grizzly for Comet support, Jersey (JAX-RS) for the REST end-points, and …

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Rails/Ruby News - Resources, Tutorials, Adoption Stories

Trying to catch up a bit on Ruby/Rails/JRuby related news...

Two new NetBeans 6.1 Ruby tutorials: Getting Started With Ruby and Rails and Using Java Libraries in Rails Applications. The last topic is one of the big benefits of JRuby, one example is this report of Calling into Sun's SSO and another is this Tutorial showing Invoking Java 2D Graphics.

A …

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New Sample App: Groovy, Grails, GlassFish and MySQL

This is not just YAPS (Yet Another Pet Store); this one is Groovy! :-) Carol has written a sample of the now famous Pet Store (check out the Wikipedia Entry) but this time it uses Groovy, Grails, MySQL Server and the GlassFish Server.

Carol's writeup has full details. …

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MySQL Reaction Summary - Very Positive

The reaction to Sun's Intended Acquisition of MySQL ( Jonathan's blog, Video) is very positive at the end of this first day. Some of the references are:

• Traditional Press - NetworkWorld, Forbes, Guardian, The Register, …

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Welcome Aboard, MySQL!

Breaking News! MySQL will be part of the Sun family!

MySQL (the M in LAMP) is extremely popular in new "Web 2.0" applications. For example MySQL is #4 at behind Firefox, Subversion and Apache, and ahead of PHP. Adoption is strong even in the enterprise: 6 out of our 13 Adoption Stories use MySQL.

We are all extremely excited about the possibilities; both for developers and for deployers. We will keep you posted of developments as they happen. Fun times …

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