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Wearing a Red Tie (or a T-Shirt if you prefer).

Starting from tomorrow (1st of June) I will officially become an Oracle employee. It is quite funny how many companies you can change without even applying for another job. ;-)
I've been hired by MySQL in the beginning of 2008, a few months later it has been acquired by Sun and after about a year we've been acquired again, this time by Oracle.

I personally consider this a new beginning and I join Oracle with a lot of enthusiasm. After all I'm now part of a company that has a huge set of products and technologies and it is like a playground for me.

I'm afraid I've not blogged frequently in these months, but I plan to write more and more in the future. This short post is just to wish good luck to all the Dolphins who have joined Oracle and all those who are swimming in a different ocean.

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Introduction to me!

Who Am I?

My name is Luca Olivari, I'm a technology enthusiast living in Italy. I was born in 1979 and I've created this blog having in mind a nice place to share thoughts about Marketing, Communication, Advertising and other interestingness.

I'm currently working in Sun Microsystems as a Systems Engineer in MySQL Global Software practice (but that's my job) and in my spare time I read, take pictures, travel, run and surf web2.0 sites. I'm interested in technology, science, marketing, communication, advertising, picture, classic books and many other things.

If you are in sync with my interests or you simply like to share something this is the right place.
Feel free to add comment to this post if you like to contribute in any other way to this blog.

I'm glad to meet you all!

If you want to look at some information about my work let's have a look at …

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