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Maatkit version 2152 released

Download Maatkit

Maatkit version 2152 is ready for download. This release is also known as the “is this project really alive?” release. We thought we should delay until MySQL released a new Community Server version. Just kidding — it has nothing to do with that.

This release is also very significant in that it’s the first one that has large code contributions by someone other than myself. As you may know, Percona (my employer) has hired the very talented Daniel Nichter, author of mysqlreport and other goodies, to help with Maatkit. So far it is a match made in heaven, and Daniel did …

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451 CAOS Links - 2008.05.27

SourceForge announces quarterly earnings. Linux server growth strong, says analyst firm. Talend adds support for MaxDB. (and more)

SourceForge Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2008 Results, SourceForge (Press Release)

Worldwide Server Market Shows Resiliency with Solid First Quarter Results, According to IDC, IDC (Press Release)

Talend Announces Data Integration for MaxDB, Talend (Press Release)

How everyone wins with open source software,, Lisa Hoover (Article)

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Open Source ?Love Links? for Valentine?s Day

Thanks to Tony Lawrence for inspiring today’s post. Hopefully these links don’t stink. 

Anthony Lawrence: Reasons I Don’t Like Social Media

Tools that once were valuable for pointing out the best of the web often become obsolete or spammy (you might say this about Digg). Tony’s example is StumbleUpon, a link sharing site that I love.  He contends that the social networking site has become clogged with junk or at least doesn’t provide consistent "quality" links. [Updated: Actually check the post comments for …

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Growth limits of open-source vis-a-vis MySQL Toolkit

Si Chen wrote recently about the growth limits of open-source projects. He points out that as a project becomes larger, it gets harder to maintain. I can only agree. As the MySQL Toolkit project has grown, it's become significantly more work to maintain, document, and enhance.

MySQL Archiver 0.9.2 released

This release fixes some minor bugs and adds a plugin mechanism. Now you can extend MySQL Archiver with your own code easily. You could use this to run setup and tear-down, hook code into the archiving process, and more. Possibilities include building summary tables in a data warehouse during archiving, handling dependencies such as foreign keys before archiving each row, or applying advanced logic to determine which rows to archive.

MySQL Archiver 0.9.1 released

MySQL Archiver is the implementation of the efficient forward-only archiving and purging strategies I wrote about more than a year ago. It nibbles rows from a table, then inserts them into another table and/or writes them to a file. The object is to do this without interfering with critical online transaction-processing (OLTP) queries.

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