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Shard-Query supports background jobs, query parallelism, and all SELECT syntax
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SkySQL just blogged about a tool to schedule long running MySQL jobs, prevent too many queries from running simultaneously, and stores the results in tables.  It even uses Gearman.  You will note that the article says that it uses PAQU, which uses Shard-Query.

I think PAQU was created for two reasons.  A) Shard-Query lacked support for fast aggregation of STDDEV and VARIANCE (this has been fixed), and B) their data set requires “cross-shard queries”.  From what I can see though, their type of cross-shard queries can be solved using subqueries in the FROM clause using Shard-Query, instead of using a customized (forked) version of Shard-Query.  It is unfortunate, because my recent improvements to Shard-Query have to be ported into PAQU by the PAQU authors.

I’d like to encourage you to look at Shard-Query

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We're hiring: Deployment engineer, QA engineer
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Continuent and our client base are growing fast. We are looking for brilliant people to join us. We’re looking for passionate people that can make things happen. You'll be working with a team filled with top notch talent, and you’ll be competing in an evolving market of database clustering and replication. A career at Continuent means you'll be working with an amazing team with tons of benefits
The Queen of Evil is back … and she wants your MySQL database skills!
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She hired the 400+ original MySQLers … and sets out to hire the SkySQLers of tomorrow!

Boel Larsen blogs about open positions & life at SkySQL - and wants you to join the fun!

Those of you who know me also know that I spent over six years working for MySQL HR (for another couple of years I stayed on with Sun).  I joined as employee thirty-something, so running HR meant that I was more or less involved with hiring all of the 400 or so employees who joined after me. I knew pretty much everyone by name.

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Cloud DBA and Management Interview
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Read the original article at Cloud DBA and Management Interview

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? This is the last of a three part guide to interviewing for a cloud operations position. You can find them here – part one Operations Interview and part two Deployment Interview. Here’s my guide to do just that. 1. Database administration experience Although in some shops [...]

For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Cloud Deployment Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud Deployment Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? In part one of the cloud interview guide we covered some basic unix & Linux systems administration skills, and cloud computing and infrastructure concepts. Those are key starting points. You might also want to jump to part 3 cloud dba, architecture and management interview questions.

    In this second part, let’s dig into deploying applications in the cloud, and day to

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    Cloud Operations Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud Operations Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? How do you hire a cloud computing expert? Competition for operations & DBAs is fierce, so you’ll want to know how to find the best.

    If you’re a systems administrator or ops guy, you may want to prepare for an interview for such a position. Meanwhile, if you’re a director of it or operations, a recruiter or manager in HR, you’ll want to have some idea how to find the right candidate.

    Here’s my guide to do just that. You may

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    Hiring is a numbers game
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    Read the original article at Hiring is a numbers game

    On a recent twitter chat (#hfchat) I posted some comments about hiring. Some folks were complaining that they had applied to various jobs, and not heard back.

    I commented…

    Apply for a job and don’t hear back, it’s nothing personal

    In today’s market, there are hundreds of job applicants for every position. Sad to say, but that means things become a blur after a while. There’s less chance to sift each candidate and find out who they really are or what they really know. It’s more about keywords, and buzzwords if you must, to get your

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    Box is Hiring!
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    We're growing like crazy and looking for awesome people across the entire company, but in particular we want to add a few good MySQL DBAs to our team.  I know there is a lot of competition out there for database experts, and for good reason.  MySQL is used at so many companies, and as they grow from small startups to some of the largest in the world they all need experts to help grow their databases.
    Why choose Box?
    Our TechOps team is awesome.  Our developers are great to work with. We're growing fast.  There are many difficult things -- common pain points -- that we already handle well.  The list of interesting, challenging problems we have yet to tackle is long.  You'd be able to choose to work on what interests you most.
    Box is aiming to be the market leader in enterprise file sharing; it's an amazing opportunity to start here early and see the

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    Percona Conference - we are here and we are hiring
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    It is that time of the year, again: Percona Live is the name of this years MySQL conference in the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency.

    Booking.com is there, and we are hiring, looking specifically for Admins and DBAs, but we also have Developer positions open.

    Meet Nicolai and Sheila at the booth, if you have any questions.
    The Mythical MySQL DBA
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    Read the original article at The Mythical MySQL DBA

    I’ve  been getting more than my fair share of calls from recruiters of late. Even in this depressed economic climate where jobs are rarer than a cab at rush-hour, it’s heartening to know that tech engineers are in great demand. And it’s even more heartening to think that demand for MySQL DBAs has never been better.

    My reckoning was confirmed by a Bloomberg news report about stalwart retailers suffering from a dearth of talented engineers. Bloomberg cited Target’s outage-prone e-commerce site as a symptom of, among other things the market’s shortage. One of the challenges old-timers like Target face is having to compete with Silicon Valley startups

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    Open Query looking for new colleagues!
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    My colleagues and I are looking for extra talent – is that you? What we do:help clients prevent problems (rather than being the fire department), we work on a subscription basis although we also do some ad-hoc consulting, and training. Apart from MySQL/MariaDB query and DBA work, we do quite a bit of system administration. Mainly Red Hat and Debian based distros, and expect to see replication and the MySQL-MMM multi-master system. You’d work from home, whereever it might be, so you will need to be self-motivating (but we do keep in touch online). What we’re not: a full-time employer. With us, you make a life rather than a living. Everybody is contracted part-time. You can make enough to live comfortably, but that has nothing to do with hours. If you’re stressed about not filling all hours in your week with work-work-work, we’re not  [Read more...]
    Back in Linux land
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    It's been a while since my last post on this blog; I definitely need to get back into the habit! One of the reasons for my radio silence was that I switched roles here at Oracle. After having been with the MySQL team for 9 years, I felt it was time for a change. Fortunately I did not have to look far – I'm now a member of the Oracle Linux product management team and I am having a lot of fun there.

    However, I realized that while I was an active Linux user on the desktop, quite a lot has happened on the enterprise and data center side of things. Linux has really come a long way and I am glad to be back in this field, drinking from the firehose and learning a lot about recent developments and technologies. For me, this is kind of going "back to my roots", as I have been deeply involved with Linux at SuSE before I joined MySQL in

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    MySQL Administrators (multiple) in Amsterdam and Cambridge
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    I am working for this small "not-really-a-travel-agency" in Amsterdam for almost 3 years now (Booking.com is part of the Priceline Group of Companies): We are reserving hotels rooms for guests using a website, and we sleep several hundred thousand people, each night.

    To accomplish that we are operating a three-digit number of MySQL database servers on CentOS in about three dozen replication hierarchies, automating system administration as good as possible using puppet. Our developers are abusing these boxes using Apache and mod_perl. Because we are still growing faster than the market, we are looking for multiple MySQL DBAs. The positions are based in Amsterdam, NL and Cambridge, UK.

    An applicant should have multiple years of experience with

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    Continuent is hiring - Support and QA engineers wanted
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    Continuent is hiring. The business is growing, the opportunities are piling up nicely, and we need to beef up the team with the addition of some new professionals.
    The mist urgent posts to fill are a
    QA Engineer and a Support Engineer, both experts of their specific trades and of database clustering.
    We are looking at the matter without borders. Although it would be preferable to find candidates in

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    Welcome to the MySQL Community Relations Team, Dave!
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    It's finally official — please join me in welcoming my new/old colleague Dave Stokes, who just joined the MySQL Community Relations Team at Oracle as the new MySQL community manager for North America. Some of you may remember him from a previous stint at MySQL, where he was in charge of the MySQL certification program (http://mysql.com/certification/). Back then, he was already running the North Texas MySQL Users Group and a regular blogger on Planet MySQL. I am sure we will be seeing much more of these kind of activities from now on. So welcome aboard, Dave! I look forward to working with you.

    We're Hiring!
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    Oracle is investing in MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/) and is hiring in several areas including consulting, sales and pre-sales. Here are some of our open MySQL positions:




    Senior Principal Consultants, English and German speakers - Any European location.


    Senior Pre-Sales Consultant - Sweden or Finland.

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    QA at Continuent. A serendipitous job.
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    A few days ago, I left the MySQL team at Oracle, after more than 4 years of work dedicated mostly to the MySQL community.
    Someone will probably remember that, when I joined MySQL in 2006, I started my work in the QA team. It was no coincidence. My previous work as a consultant was very much focused on database development quality, even when my customers had approached me for different reasons.
    Let's be frank. I am a minority. It's not common to find someone who is passionate about QA. I am aware of being a rare bird, who likes testing and bug searching, and doing all the little steps that all together improve the overall quality of a software

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    The number of Hadoop jobs continue to rise
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    While still a small fraction1 of data management job postings, the number of job posts that mention "hadoop" continue to grow steadily. Year-over-year, there were 300% more such job posts2 in the first seven months of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009:

    The fraction of "hadoop" jobs posted by California companies remain high, but is definitely lower than what it was last year:

    (1) Over the last three months, job posts that mention "hadoop" were

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    DBA Salaries in the UK - TheITJobBoard
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    TheITJobBoard published a report for 18 different types of IT jobs and what salaries they can expect in different part of the UK
    I made my own analysis for DBAs using the pandora software inside google spreadsheets
    (Please note, that DBAs positions in this survey include Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL DBAs)
    DBA Salaries in the UKView more documents from JonathanL.


    The IT Job Board Salary SurveyView more documents from TheITJobBoard.
    Elance Cites Surging Demand for MySQL Experts
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    Elance Cites Surging Demand for MySQL Experts is an interesting article for several reasons. For many years advocating Open Source products was seen in many circles of management as akin to promotion of some sort of social anarchy. But now they see the cost savings, the performance gains, and the flexibility that a product like MySQL can provide.

    Check out the jobs Elance has for MySQL talent.

    DFW MySQL Users!

    Monday night at seven will be the next meeting of North Texas MySQL Meetup. This meeting will not be MySQL-centric but will discuss creating Facebooks apps and using the

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    Looking for a ETL engineer for our BI team
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    So, I mentioned earlier that I was looking at Infobright's Brighthouse technology as a storage backend for heaps and heaps of traffic and user data from Habbo. Turns out it works fine (now that it's in V3 and supports more of the SQL semantics), and we took it into use. Been pretty happy with that, and I expect to talk more about the challenge and our solution at the next MySQL Conference in April 2009.

    However, our DWH team needs extra help. If you're interested in solving business analytics problems by processing lots of data and the idea of working in a company that leads the virtual worlds industry excites you, let us know by sending us an application. Thanks for reading!

    Open Query is hiring!
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    Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!


    • guru level practical skills in MySQL schema/query design, server administration and tuning;
    • expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly Linux but also other *nix and Windows);
    • freedom to travel without restriction;
    • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
    • excellent written/verbal English, comfortable public speaker.
    Being a small, company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests, both directly technical and otherwise.

    Desirable abilities

    • shell and Perl scripting;
    • C/C++

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    The Database Job Situation in England
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    Well, I'm back in "Blighty" (that's slang for Britain). I've been trying for the last 2-3 weeks to find jobs in the UK.Since I wrote a while ago "Which Database to Choose When Looking for a Job", I wanted to continue it with some of my findings. I did a lot research on IT specific job sites and used 2 main searches, "database developer" (because that's what I want to do) and "mysql" to help me find job posts that I was interested in. 
    Jobs Situation for "Database Developer"
    I'll describe the results for this search in percentages. Firstly, 90% of the jobs are for MS SQL server. Those jobs usually stick to mainly developing and not administrating. In those 90% you have a good mix of junior positions(22-28k GBP per year), medium paid positions (30-45k GBP per year)

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    Web Developer / Graphic Designer Job Openings
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    Currently, there are several great opportunities with exciting companies available in the New York area. If you're a rock star Java/PHP/Ruby developer or a pixel-obsessed designer, contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Web Developer:

    Give Real is a well-funded startup in the midst of an exciting period of growth and success. Our technology uses a patent pending platform that combines the ubiquity of credit card transactions and the power of social networks to create a new gifting experience.

    Our primary platform is Rails, but there are programming challenges that range from SOAP APIs to Facebook application development. We are searching for full-time developers with expertise and broad experience in:

    * Ruby on Rails (we also use rSpec, Starling, Memcache)
    * MySQL
    * xHTML & CSS, and comfort with

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    Sun loses 23% market capital
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    Sun missed its earnings and sales estimates and as a result it lost approximately 23% of its market capital. Even more disturbing news is the announcement that Sun will be cutting 1500 to 2500 jobs. Eric Day raised his concerns as to whether this job cut will affect MySQL hiring to which Marten replied and pointed to several open positions within MySQL.

    Sun has an array of very interesting and useful technologies under its hood. The amount of care Sun takes for its customers is truly impressive and I hope MySQL will follow in Sun's foot steps. Yesterday, I met with a Sun engagement architect and the amount of interest he showed in the technical

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    MySQL DBA Job Openings at Pythian in Ottawa, Boston, and Hyderabad
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    Hello everyone, We have several MySQL DBA openings, one in each of our offices in Ottawa, Boston, or Hyderabad, India. (Our Sydney office is doin’ fine.) Working at Pythian is different than working in-house or as a consultant, because you’ll be making your contributions available to each of the customers assigned to your team, allowing you to [...]
    I?m looking for 2 PHP programmers!
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    I’m looking for 2 PHP Programmer for the company I’m working for. I’ll be hiring a Senior and Intermediate PHP programmer. If you’re in Montreal, QC and intrested in drop a comment I’ll contact you. This is not a webmaster/designer etc job, if you’re a pure PHP programmer I want you! Position: Full Time, Permanent Industry: IT Multimedia/Entertainment Qualifications: PHP, MySQL, [...]
    Work at Germany's hottest LAMP powerhouse
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    Schon wieder diese langweilige CMS-Seite, die du zum tausendsten Mal bauen musst? Das Gefühl zu haben, nicht richtig mit dem KnowHow vorwärts zu kommen, vielleicht weil du auch alleine als Freelancer unterwegs bist, es aber schöner wäre, mit Kollegen zusammen zu arbeiten und sich gegenseitig mit KnowHow zu befruchten? Das muss nicht sein, denn Mayflower sucht DICH.

    An unseren Standorten in München und Würzburg entwickeln wir Highend Anwendungen für Intranet und Internet. Beispiele:

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    MAYFLOWER sucht die Top PHP Coder
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    Mit MAYFLOWER unterwegs zu neuen Ufern PHP/JavaScript Entwickler



    München oder Würzburg

    Angebot von:

    ThinkPHP / Mayflower GmbH

    Das Unternehmen:

    Wir sind ein auf Web Application Development spezialisiertes Softwarehaus. Wir bieten mit der Enterprise-Portal-Suite Chairman, der GPL-Groupware PHProjekt und dem Webanwendungsscanner Chorizo Produkte an sowie die Entwicklung von Inter- und Intranetlösungen.

    Mit der Marke ThinkPHP hat sich Mayflower als Premiumdienstleister im Bereich der webbasierten Anwendungen etabliert und ist in der OpenSource-Community aktiv mit Vorträgen, Artikeln und auf Messen involviert.


    Wir bieten aktive Mitarbeit in der Entwicklung von unseren Produkten und großen Projekten. Sie entwickeln bei uns im Team in

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    Looking for a MySQL-related Job?
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    It seems to be a good time for people with experience in managing MySQL servers or developing applications based on MySQL: our MySQL Jobs Forum has plenty of openings. So if you are a seasoned MySQL DBA or developer, make sure to check for opportunities there, if you are considering a career change.

    In addition to a proven track record on your MySQL experience, being MySQL certified (http://www.mysql.com/training/certification/) should give you an extra advantage when you apply. The good thing about this certification? You can study for the exam by taking training courses (http://www.mysql.com/training), or all by yourself (http://www.mysql.com/training/certification/studyguides/). Once you feel ready for the exam, you can head to any of the more than 3,000 Pearson VUE testing centers or

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