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9 Tips for Going in Production with Galera Cluster for MySQL
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August 25, 2014 By Severalnines

Are you going in production with Galera Cluster for MySQL? Here are 9 tips to consider before going live. These are applicable to all 3 Galera versions (Codership, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Galera Cluster). 


1. Galera strengths and weaknesses


There are multiple types of replication and cluster technologies for MySQL, make sure you understand how Galera works so you set the right expectations.

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Clustering Moodle on Multiple Servers for High Availability and Scalability
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August 12, 2014 By Severalnines

Moodle is an open-source e-learning platform (aka Learning Management System) that is widely adopted by educational institutions to create and administer online courses. For larger student bodies and higher volumes of instruction, moodle must be robust enough to serve thousands of learners, administrators, content builders and instructors simultaneously. Availability and scalability are key requirements as moodle becomes a critical application for course providers. In this blog, we will show you how to deploy and cluster moodle/web, database and file-system components on multiple servers to achieve both high availability and scalability. 

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"Anemomaster": DML visibility. Your must-do for tomorrow
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Here's our take of master DML query monitoring at Outbrain (presented April 2014). It took a half-day to code, implement, automate and deploy, and within the first hour of work we managed to catch multiple ill-doing services and scripts. You might want to try this out for yourself.

What's this about?

What queries do you monitor on your MySQL servers? Many don't monitor queries at all, and only look up slow queries on occasion, using pt-query-digest. Some monitor slow queries, where Anemometer (relying on pt-query-digest) is a very good tool. To the extreme, some monitor TCP traffic

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Speaking at Percona Live: common_schema, MySQL DevOps
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In less than a month I'll be giving these two talks at Percona Live:

If you are still unfamiliar with common_schema, this will make for a good introduction. I'll give you multiple reasons why you would want to use it, and how it would come to immediate use at your company. I do mean immediate, as in previous common_schema presentations I happened to get feedback emails from attendees within the same or next day letting me know how common_schema solved an insistent problem of theirs or how it exposed an unknown status.

I'll review

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The importance of backup verification
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I have recently moved to HP's Advanced Technology Group which is a new group in HP and as part of that I will be blogging a lot more about the Open Source things I and others in HP work on day to day.  I thought I would kick this off by talking about work that a colleague of mine, Patrick Crews, worked on several months ago.

For those who don't know Patrick, he is a great Devops Engineer and QA.  He will find new automated ways of breaking things that will torture applications (and the Engineers who write them). I don't know if I am proud or ashamed to say he has found many bugs in code that I have written by doing the software equivalent of beating it with a sledgehammer.

Every Devops Engineer worth his salt knows that backups are important, but one thing that is regularly forgotten about is

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Interesting Resources for Technical Operations Engineers
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As you may have already heard, I am looking for good techops engineers to join my team at Swiftype. This process involves a lot of interviews with candidates and during those interviews along with many challenging practical questions I really love to ask questions like “What are the most important resources you think an Operations Engineer should follow?” or “What books in your opinion are must-read for a techops?” or “Who are your personal heroes in IT community?”. Those questions often give me a lot of information about candidates, their experience, who they are looking up to in the community, what they are interested in, and if they are actively working on improving their professional level.

Recently, one of the

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Five More Things Deadly to Scalability
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Read the original article at Five More Things Deadly to Scalability

Join 6000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. 1. Slow Disk I/O – RAID 5 – Multi-tenant EBS Disk is the grounding of all your servers, and the base of their performance. True with larger and larger main memory, much is available in cache, a server still needs to constantly read from disk [...]

For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Why you shouldn't hire a devops
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    Lately there have been a lot of organisations trying to hire a devops engineer.
    I myselve have been asked to fill in devops roles ..

    There's a number of issues with that.

    The biggest problem is that I always have to ask what exactly the organisation is looking for.

    So you want a devops engineer with experience in Linux, MongoDB, MySQL and Java , does that mean you want a Java developer who is familiar with MySQL and Linux and breaths a devops Culture.
    Or a Linux expert who understands Java developers and knows how to tune Mongo and MySQL ?

    It's absolutely unclear what you want when you are hiring "A devops engineer"

    The second problem is that you are trying to hire people who are knowledgeable about devops,

    Yet a lot of those people know that you can't do devops on your own , devops is not a jobtitle. devops is not a new devops

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    Cloud DBA and Management Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud DBA and Management Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? This is the last of a three part guide to interviewing for a cloud operations position. You can find them here – part one Operations Interview and part two Deployment Interview. Here’s my guide to do just that. 1. Database administration experience Although in some shops [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    10 ways I avoid trouble in database operations
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    Read the original article at 10 ways I avoid trouble in database operations

    1. Avoid destructive commands From time to time I’m working with new recruits and bringing them up to speed in operations. The first thing I emphasize is care with destructive commands. What do I mean here? Well there are all sorts of them. SQL commands such as DROP table & DROP database. But also TRUNCATE [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Gentwerpen Devops Meetup & Conference Season Update
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    A couple of us have been taking about it a lot already .. we wanted to host a one day #devops event in .be already last year.. then talks about starting a meetup group started again with @wonko_be but it was @fs111 pushing the final button and calling the rest of the .be community to order, we've set a date
    and the first session will take place (agenda still needs to be detirmined)

    So all you Belgian devops enthousiasts, maark October 11th in your calendar and go register here

    We already have 2 other venues (Gent, Boom) lined up .. but let's get this first one started :)

    Next to that here's an update for the rest of my upcoming Conference Season :

    • Later this month I`ll be heading to San Francisco for a talk at PuppetConf 2012.

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    Road War Story – Hacking Inflight Solutions
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    Read the original article at Road War Story – Hacking Inflight Solutions


    The 2am phone call

    Last summer I got my call from the president at 2am.  Actually it was my former boss at Hollywood Reporter.  I had worked there three months previous, and they had since hired an outsourced DBA solution.  Big outsource, big chops.  And big fail.



    12 hours to liftoff

    I was scrambling to pack my luggage to go on summer vacation.  I was bound for SF at the moment and my flight was leaving in the morning.  I was trying to wrap up loose ends and my

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    Devops in Munich
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    Devopsdays Mountainview sold out in a short 3 hours .. but there's other events that will breath devops this summer.
    DrupalCon in Munich will be one of them ..

    Some of you might have noticed that I`m cochairing the devops track for DrupalCon Munich,
    The CFP is open till the 11th of this month and we are still actively looking for speakers.

    We're trying to bridge the gap between drupal developers and the people that put their code to production, at scale.
    But also enhancing the knowledge of infrastructure components Drupal developers depend on.

    We're looking for talks both on culture (both success stories and failure) , automation,
    specifically looking for people talking about drupal deployments , eg using tools like Capistrano, Chef, Puppet,
    We want to hear where Continuous Integration fits in your deployment , do you do Continuous Delivery of a

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    CAOS Theory Podcast 2012.04.20
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    Topics for this podcast:

    *OpenStack, Amazon, Eucalyptus and Citrix engage in open cloud warfare
    *Microsoft spins off new company for openness
    *Updates on automation players Puppet Labs and Opscode with Chef
    *Percona turns attention to MySQL high availability
    *Open APIs as the fifth pillar of modern IT openness

    iTunes or direct download (28:42, 4.9MB)

    How MySQL Innodb works and how realestate.com.au configures their databases
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    I  gave a lightning talk on MySQL Innodb and how realestate.com.au configures their databases to the DevOPS Melbourne meetup last night.

    My slides can be found here.

    Simply some take aways are

    • Use Innodb for everything (unless another engine is appropriate)
    • Having the working set in bufferpool makes MySQL Innodb fast by eliminating those foreground randrom reads of tablespace
    • Use a RAID controller with BBU and write back cache for transactional log performance

    Thanks To Evan Bottcher for owning and organising the meetup! 

    Open APIs are the new open source
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    We’ve seen the rise of open source software in the enterprise and also beyond the IT industry, but the real keys to openness and its advantages in today’s technology world — where efficient use of cloud computing and supporting services are paramount — exist in open application programming interfaces, or APIs.

    Open source software continues to be a critical part of software development, systems administration, IT operations and more, but much of the action in leveraging modern cloud computing and services-based infrastructures centers on APIs. Open APIs are the new open source.

    Read the full story at LinuxInsider.

    CAOS Theory Podcast 2012.01.20
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    Topics for this podcast:

    *Hadoop v1.0 and year ahead
    *Oracle-Cloudera deal for more Hadoop
    *Oracle’s ‘Sun spot’ with Solaris
    *Open Source M&A outlook for 2012
    *Our new MySQL/NoSQL/NewSQL survey

    iTunes or direct download (28:49, 4.9MB)

    Scalability Rules for managers and startups
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    Read the original article at Scalability Rules for managers and startups

    Abbott and Fisher’s previous book, The Art of Scalability received good reviews for shifting the way we think about scalability from merely splitting databases and adding servers, to include the human factors that weigh heavily on its success. Together with the authors’ distinguished pedigree (PayPal, Amazon, and eBay between them), I picked up a copy of their second book, Scalability Rules - 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites without a second

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    How to hire a developer that doesn’t suck
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    Read the original article at How to hire a developer that doesn’t suck

    Strip by Randall Munroe; xkcd.com

    First things first. This is not meant to be a beef against developers. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the living room that is the divide between brilliant code writers and the risk averse operations team.

    It is almost by default that developers are disruptive with their creative coding while the guys in operations, those who deploy the code, constantly cross their fingers in the hope that application changes won’t tilt the machine. And when you’re woken up at 4am to deal with an outage or your sluggish site is costing millions in losses,

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    CAOS Theory Podcast 2011.11.11
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    Topics for this podcast:

    *Continuent extends MySQL replication to Oracle Database
    *CFEngine updates server automation software
    *Devops moving mainstream
    *Neo Technology integrates with Spring
    *451 CAOS report from Hadoop World

    iTunes or direct download (26:56, 4.6MB)

    Why generalists are better at scaling the web
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    Recently at Surge 2011, the annual  conference on scalability  and performance, Google's CIO Ben Fried gave an illuminating keynote address. His main insight was that generalists are the people that will lead engineering teams in successfully scaling the web.

    In a world where the badge of Specialist or Expert is prized, this was refreshing perspective from an industry bigwig. As tech professionals, or any professional for that matter, we don't welcome the label of generalist. The word suggests a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. But the generalist is no less an expert than the specialist. Generalists can get their hands greasy with the tools to fix bugs in the

      [Read more...]
    CAOS Theory Podcast 2011.09.30
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    Topics for this podcast:

    *Cloud M&A potential around OpenStack
    *Oracle’s commercial extensions for MySQL
    *Puppet Labs rolls out Enterprise 2.0, hosts PuppetConf
    *Basho bolsters Riak distributed data store in NoSQL race
    *Our latest special CAOS report, ‘The Changing Linux Landscape’

    iTunes or direct download (25:59, 4.4MB)

    PuppetConf and the state of devops
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    It’s been some time now that we’ve been talking about devops, the pushing together of application development and application deployment via IT operations, in the enterprise. To keep up to speed on the trend, 451 CAOS attended PuppetConf, a conference for the Puppet Labs community of IT administrators, developers and industry leaders around the open source Puppet server configuration and automation software. One thing that seems clear, given the talk about agile development and operations, cloud computing, business and culture, our definition of devops continues to be accurate.

    Another consistent part of devops that also emerged at PuppetConf last week was the way it tends to introduce additional stakeholders

      [Read more...]
    Paying Attention Pays Off
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    I often run my ops like I take care of data; a bit overzealously. Case in point, when setting up a new database, I like to throw on a metric for database size, which gets turned into both a graph for trending, but also an alert on database size. Everyone is always on board with trending database size in a graph, but the alert is one people tend to question. This is not entirely without justification.

    On a new database, with no data or activity, deciding when to alert is pretty fuzzy. When we set up a new client within our managed hosting service, I usually just toss up an arbitrary number, like 2GB or something. The idea isn't that a 2GB database is a problem, it's that when we cross 2GB, we should probably take a look at the trending graph and do a projection. Depending on how things look, we'll bump

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    Specialty Technology Consultant – New York Scalability Consultant – MySQL & EC2 Scalability
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    Amazon EC2 and cloud computing offer great promise for startups to ramp up their online presence quickly.  Navigate those challenges with an strong partner.  We bring 20 years experience to the table with each new client.

    • Scaling Web Applications
    • MySQL High Availability in Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Multi-AZ Deployments
    • Amazon RDS Deployments
    • Migrating to Amazon EC2
    • Migrating to MySQL
    • Managing Backups and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
    • Horizontal Scalability of MySQL on EC2
    • Horizontal Scalability on Cloud Hosted Servers
    • Evaluating Cloud Providers
    • Evaluating MySQL
      [Read more...]
    Talking about Gearman at Etsy Labs
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    I find myself flying to New York on Monday for some dealnews related business. Anytime I travel I try and find something fun to do at night. (Watching a movie by myself in Provo, Utah was kinda not that fun.) So, this week I asked on Twitter if anything was happening while I would be in town. Anything would do. A meetup of PHP/MySQL users or some design/css/js related stuff for example. Pretty much anything interesting. Well, later that day I received an IM from the brilliant John Allspaw, Senior VP of Technical Operations at Etsy. He wanted me to swing by the Etsy offices and say hi. Turns out it is only a block away from where I would be. Awesome! He also mentioned that he would like to have me come and speak at their offices some time. That would be neat too. I will have to plan better next time  [Read more...]
    Vagrant & Rubylibs
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    I was testing some MySQL puppet modules on my Vagrant box earlier this week and one of them required augeas.
    I kept running into "Could not find a default provider for augeas", however all the appropriate augeas , augeas-lib and ruby-augeas packages were installed. I inspected the different ruby directories and the files were perfectly in /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8 where I expected them.

    With all the files seemd to be in the right place, my next option was to strace a small ruby script that included augeas, guess what that showed ..

  • stat64("/opt/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/augeas.rb", 0xbfd2af1c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
  • stat64("/opt/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/augeas.so", 0xbfd2af1c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or

  •   [Read more...]
    At Fosdem
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  • on Friday evening , apparently having a confirmed reservation in a resto is not enough to actually be welcome at that restaurant.
  • at DrupalDevdays, only 2 laptops were open during our presentation
  • at DrupalDevdays, almost nobody in the room was already using CI
  • at Fosdem , the parking lot is full before 11:30 on a saturday
  • at Fosdem , much less Macs than last years .
  • at Fosdem , way too much rooms are already at full capacity so you need to have 2-3 backup alternatives ..
  • at Fosdem , people expect me to be in certain rooms, at the same time
  • at Fosdem , even with too much rooms already full one still misses a bunch of interresting talks
  • at Fosdem , one doesn't even realize friends are speaking there too ..
  • at Fosdem , Android is the standard ...
  • at Fosdem , you are confronted with the fact you probably forgot
  •   [Read more...]
    Velocity 2010 In Review
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    I just got back from Velocity for the third straight year. I have been to all three of them which is kind of a neat little club to be in. The first one only had maybe 300 people. This year there were over 1,000 attendees. Registration was shut down by the fire code for the rooms we were using. Most sessions had standing room only. It was awesome.

    The people that talk at Velocity are really smart. I am always humbled by the likes of John Allspaw. He and I see eye to eye on a lot, but he is so much better at explaining to people and showing them how to make the ideas work. I wish I had his charisma when at the podium. I was lucky enough to write a chapter in a book for John this year. He and Velocity co-chairperson Jesse Robbins organized and authored a book titled

      [Read more...]
    Linux Open Administration Days 2010
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    So about 4 monts ago there was the crazy idea to start a new FOSS event in Belgium targeted at sysadmins.

    What started out as an event for local people to meet local people with some local speakers actually ended up being a small local event with some top international speakers on onfiguration mananagement and system administration mixed with a bunch of good local ones !

    I had the honour to open the conference with an extremely short version of the Devops talk I gave earlier last year.. extremely short as I knew that over the course of the weekend the topic would reoccur a lot.

    We had the first european talk on Chef, by Joshua Timberman, and we had Puppet talks amongst by Dan Bode from Puppetlabs and CFengine talks , devops was a frequently dropped word,

      [Read more...]
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