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Querying InnoDB Tables
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Somebody ran into the following error message trying to query the innodb_sys_foreign and innodb_sys_foreign_cols tables from the information_schema database:

ERROR 1227 (42000): Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation

It’s easy to fix the error, except you must grant the PROCESS privilege. It’s a global privilege and it should only be granted to super users. You grant the privilege global PROCESS privilege to the student user with the following command:

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Using MySQL Workbench
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I’ve been setting up a simplified lab environment to let my students learn use in class. This added content will show them how to do reverse engineering with MySQL Workbench.

It’s a complete Fedora image with MySQL and Oracle Database 11g for the course. The uncompressed image is 14GB and the compressed image is 5.3GB. I chose Fedora because it’s the smallest open source image that supports both environments, and Fedora is the closest to Red Hat and Oracle Unbreakable Linux. I’m inclined to make the instance available generally but haven’t figured out the best way to do that.

Here are the new instructions I’m adding and if you have …

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MySQL Workbench on Fedora
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The early release of Fedora 20 disallowed installation of MySQL Workbench but the current version allows it. Almost like Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow without the drama. All you need to do is follow my earlier instructions for installing MySQL on Fedora 20. I’d check your kernel to know whether it’s supported. You can check that with this command:

<shell> uname -r

My Fedora is at the following version:

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Hate the dirty recruitment tactics
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I hate it when recruiters reach out to you with a message indicating that they are looking for 'key positions' and when you follow up, the tone changes to "we're just looking for engineers." This happens all the time and the latest company to play this recruitment tactic is LinkedIn. Guys, can't you decide whether you are looking to fill a 'key position' or just an engineering position before reaching out to candidates? I can see that mentioning 'key position' will get a candidate's attention but this is just a low level tactic.

Oracle Express Edition first steps for MySQL DBAs
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I have had a few MySQL DBAs ask about how to get started learning Oracle. I will admit that it has been on my to-do list for quite a while1. It never hurts to know more than one database system and a great deal of DBA help wanted ads mention Oracle. Someone once said that you must make sure your capabilities exceed your limitations2 and recently I have been feeling limited when others have started to talk about Oracle capabilities.

So what does it take for a MySQL DBA to get their hands on their own Oracle …

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Books for new MySQL DBAs
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These are two books I would highly recommend for new MySQL DBAs. Both are very well written with a nice writing style. I really like the writing style of the person that wrote the Head First SQL class. Head First MySQL MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide

Installing MySQL Administrator on Linux
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Installing the MySQL GUI tools are pretty easy on Linux (Fedora - 2.6.18-1.2798.fc6) but there are a few prerequisites for setting them up. The following listed RPMs are required. I did a google search and then performed a quick download of them. gtkmm24-2.8.5-1.i386.rpm Load the RPMs. MySQL Administor is loaded in /usr/bin by

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