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On the road again - FOSSAsia
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On the road again - FOSSAsia

It has been a few busy months until now. I have moved from Italy to Thailand, and the move has been my first priority, keeping me from attending FOSDEM and interacting with social media. Now I start catching my breath, and looking around for new events to attend. But before I get into this, let’s make a few things clear:

  • I am still working for Continuent. Actually, it’s because of my company flexibility that I could move to a different country (a different continent, 6 time zones away) without much trouble. Thanks, Continuent! (BTW: Continuent is hiring! )
  • I am still involved with MySQL activities, events, and community matters. I just happen to be in a different time zone, where direct talk with
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Looking to Hire a MySQL DBA or Developer?
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“Why can’t I find an MySQL DBAs or Developers?” This morning I got a message from a very perplexed Human Resources person on why their ads on Linkedin were not getting any results. Several such emails, calls, or messages make it to me each week and I would like take this opportunity to cover this subject. MySQL DBAs and Developers are out there but there are reasons why they are not interested in your job posting.

1. Provide details — “Exciting new position in rapidly growing start up in an expensive city and we want you to know how to program in every programming language, be a recent university graduate (hopefully PhD or higher), with ten years of experience but please be under twenty three years of age. Must prefer stock options and left over pizza crusts over a regular

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Why I don't work with recruiters, but I learn from them
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Join 11,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean.

Bring me clients, please… pretty please!

When you first start out as a freelancer, your network is small. Without a steady stream of projects, the tendency is to reach for whatever you can find. Head shops & agencies build a brand, and ongoing relationships with firms. However a project with a middleman is a relationship with him or her, not the client directly. You lose control of a few very key things, such as fees, testimonials and payment terms.

Read: NYC technology startups are

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We're hiring: Deployment engineer, QA engineer
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Continuent and our client base are growing fast. We are looking for brilliant people to join us. We’re looking for passionate people that can make things happen. You'll be working with a team filled with top notch talent, and you’ll be competing in an evolving market of database clustering and replication. A career at Continuent means you'll be working with an amazing team with tons of benefits
Hiring: Perl programmer, PHP programmer, UI/UX consultant
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I don’t get to say this often, but “I’m hiring” (at Percona):

I’ve been with Percona for about 5 years, so I can tell you: it’s probably the best company to work at: great pay, great benefits, great people, and truly driven by a desire to do right by customers and do good work.  What more can you ask for?  Of course, all these jobs are MySQL-related: Perl + MySQL, PHP + MySQL–maybe the UI/UX job less so, but still close enough.

Cloud DBA and Management Interview
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Read the original article at Cloud DBA and Management Interview

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? This is the last of a three part guide to interviewing for a cloud operations position. You can find them here – part one Operations Interview and part two Deployment Interview. Here’s my guide to do just that. 1. Database administration experience Although in some shops [...]

For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Cloud Deployment Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud Deployment Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? In part one of the cloud interview guide we covered some basic unix & Linux systems administration skills, and cloud computing and infrastructure concepts. Those are key starting points. You might also want to jump to part 3 cloud dba, architecture and management interview questions.

    In this second part, let’s dig into deploying applications in the cloud, and day to

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    Cloud Operations Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud Operations Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? How do you hire a cloud computing expert? Competition for operations & DBAs is fierce, so you’ll want to know how to find the best.

    If you’re a systems administrator or ops guy, you may want to prepare for an interview for such a position. Meanwhile, if you’re a director of it or operations, a recruiter or manager in HR, you’ll want to have some idea how to find the right candidate.

    Here’s my guide to do just that. You may

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    Why do people leave consulting?
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    Read the original article at Why do people leave consulting?

    As a long time freelancer, it’s a question that’s intrigued me for some time. I do have some theories… First, definitions… I’m not talking about working for a large consulting firm. Although this role may be called “consultant”, my meaning is consultant as sole proprietor, entrepreneur, gun for hire or lone wolf. 1. Make more [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Hiring is a numbers game
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    Read the original article at Hiring is a numbers game

    On a recent twitter chat (#hfchat) I posted some comments about hiring. Some folks were complaining that they had applied to various jobs, and not heard back.

    I commented…

    Apply for a job and don’t hear back, it’s nothing personal

    In today’s market, there are hundreds of job applicants for every position. Sad to say, but that means things become a blur after a while. There’s less chance to sift each candidate and find out who they really are or what they really know. It’s more about keywords, and buzzwords if you must, to get your

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    Why you should attend Percona Live 2012
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    Read the original article at Why you should attend Percona Live 2012

    What I loved about Percona Live 2011 Last year I was excited to go to Percona Live for the first time in NYC. I arrived just in time to hear Harrison Fisk from Facebook speak about some of the awesome tweaks they’re running with MySQL there. It’s not everyday that you get to hear from [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Road War Story – Hacking Inflight Solutions
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    Read the original article at Road War Story – Hacking Inflight Solutions


    The 2am phone call

    Last summer I got my call from the president at 2am.  Actually it was my former boss at Hollywood Reporter.  I had worked there three months previous, and they had since hired an outsourced DBA solution.  Big outsource, big chops.  And big fail.



    12 hours to liftoff

    I was scrambling to pack my luggage to go on summer vacation.  I was bound for SF at the moment and my flight was leaving in the morning.  I was trying to wrap up loose ends and my

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    What Recession? – New York Tech Hiring Frenzy
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    Read the original article at What Recession? – New York Tech Hiring Frenzy

    According to Crains, New York is digital jobs central.  ZocDoc, Thrillist, Foursquare and 10gen are just a few of the hot shots located at 568 Broadway, a tech hub in Soho.  Each of these firms is looking to double their headcount in the coming year.  Not bad considering the rough shape much of the economy is in.

    Don’t Forget the Big Boys

    Let’s not forget the huge tech firms that are also on a hiring binge,  Google, Facebook, Zynga, Twitter & Skype are all hiring.  Bloomberg Businessweek describes it

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    Best of Guide – Highlights of Our Popular Content
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    Read the original article at Best of Guide – Highlights of Our Popular Content

    We cherry pick the top 5 most popular posts of various topics we’ve covered in recent months.

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    Top MySQL DBA interview questions (Part 1)
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    Read the original article at Top MySQL DBA interview questions (Part 1)

    MySQL DBAs are in greater demand now than they’ve ever been. While some firms are losing the fight for talent, promising startups with a progressive bent are getting first dibs with the best applicants. Whatever the case, interviewing for a MySQL DBA is a skill in itself so I thought I’d share a guide of top MySQL DBA interview questions to help with your screening process.
    It’s long and detailed with some background to give context so I will be publishing this in two parts.

    The history of the DBA as a
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    How to hire a developer that doesn’t suck
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    Read the original article at How to hire a developer that doesn’t suck

    Strip by Randall Munroe; xkcd.com

    First things first. This is not meant to be a beef against developers. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the living room that is the divide between brilliant code writers and the risk averse operations team.

    It is almost by default that developers are disruptive with their creative coding while the guys in operations, those who deploy the code, constantly cross their fingers in the hope that application changes won’t tilt the machine. And when you’re woken up at 4am to deal with an outage or your sluggish site is costing millions in losses,

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    Continuent is hiring - Support and QA engineers wanted
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    Continuent is hiring. The business is growing, the opportunities are piling up nicely, and we need to beef up the team with the addition of some new professionals.
    The mist urgent posts to fill are a
    QA Engineer and a Support Engineer, both experts of their specific trades and of database clustering.
    We are looking at the matter without borders. Although it would be preferable to find candidates in

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    The MySQL Community Team is hiring!
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    Oracle investment in MySQL is growing, and so is our emphasis on community presence, participation, and leadership. We need now your help. Our team at Oracle needs to grow in order to support community better, and we are starting by filling the position for MySQL community manager in a place with a significantly large MySQL user base: North America.

    Here we are again, with a fresh recruitment offer, for a MySQL Community Manager for North America. Please visit this

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    Percona is hiring a consultant
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    We're hiring. We are looking for the following qualifications:

  • Expert knowledge of MySQL. Not just "certified" -- years of production experience with it. You need to know server internals, for example. You need to be able to do anything from optimizing difficult queries to moving high-volume services between data centers without interruption.
  • Expert knowledge of InnoDB. You should understand its inner workings well enough to answer questions about its internals from memory, such as "how does the insert buffer work?" or "how does MVCC work on secondary indexes?" You should also know why it has trouble on some workloads and how to solve that.
  • Expert knowledge of Linux systems administration. You need to know how to solve issues with filesystems, hardware, and networking. You need to be able to use tools such as gdb, strace, tcpdump, etc to
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    Tag1 Now Hiring Interns
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    At the beginning of 2009, I was hired by Tag1 Consulting as Jeremy Andrews' full time partner. A decidedly questionable decision on his part, but a great change for me! I used to work at the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University and I am currently the sysadmin for drupal.org. Working at the OSL and drupal.org spoiled me, I'll be completely honest about that. I got used to working with interesting new technologies and consistently pushing the limits of my knowledge.

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    Rails Developer for a Large Startup: My Vision of an Ideal Candidate
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    Few days ago we were chatting in our corporate Campfire room and one of the guys asked me what do I think about Rails developers hiring process, what questions I’d ask a candidate, etc… This question started really long and interesting discussion and I’d like to share my thoughts on this question in this post.

    So, first of all I would like to explain what kind of interviews I really hate Ever since I was thinking of myself as of a developer (many years ago) and was going to “software developer position” interviews I really hated questions like “What is the name and possible values of the third parameter of the function some_freakin_weird_func() from some_weird.h” or “How to declare a virtual destructor and when it

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    Open Query is hiring!
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    Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!


    • guru level practical skills in MySQL schema/query design, server administration and tuning;
    • expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly Linux but also other *nix and Windows);
    • freedom to travel without restriction;
    • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
    • excellent written/verbal English, comfortable public speaker.
    Being a small, company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests, both directly technical and otherwise.

    Desirable abilities

    • shell and Perl scripting;
    • C/C++

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    Now is the time to build
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    Big Cats by micalngelo

    “Every startup CEO is at least thinking about the need to cut back right now” – Michael Arrington

    “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffet

    I’ll give you one guess as to which man I’m listening to. So no, not every startup CEO is cutting back. Apple spent their time innovating during the last downturn and look where it got them. I’m thrilled to have just passed out big, healthy profit-sharing bonuses to all of

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