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Want to be a superhero? Join the Database Performance Team!
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Admit it, you’ve always wanted to fight danger, win battles and save the day! Who doesn’t? Do you want to be a superhero? Percona can show you how!

We don’t have any radioactive spiders or billionaire gadgets, but we do have our own team of superheroes dedicated to protecting your database performance: The Database Performance Team!

The …

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MySQL Support People - The Next Generation
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My first post in this series caused quite an active discussion on Facebook. Readers correctly noted some mistakes in dates and missing names in the list. I've corrected some of the mistakes already and will correct some others later. What was also noted is that initially support for MySQL was provided by developers (this is really important, we'll get back to this later), and of them many had never even got a title of Support …

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MySQL Support People - Those Who Were There First
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I'd like to devote this long weekend post, the first in a new series, to my current and former colleagues who once worked or still work in a company that provided public MySQL Support service and had a job role of MySQL Support engineer. The list of companies include MySQL AB/Inc ("good old MySQL"), Sun, Oracle, Percona, MariaDB, FromDual, maybe more (I named only …

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"I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems."
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My (few) readers are probably somewhat tired of boring topics of metadata locks and gdb breakpoints that I discuss a lot this year, so for this weekend I decided to concentrate on something less technical but still important to me - the way I prefer to follow while providing support for MySQL.

Before I continue, it's time to add the …

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New Year Wishes for Providers of MySQL Support Services
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Three years ago I shared my wishes for customers of Oracle's MySQL Support Services. There I basically asked them to report any problem that they suspect to be caused by the bug in MySQL software at year I want to share wishes mostly for myself (and other providers of MySQL Support services).

I have a job of MySQL Support Engineer for almost 10.5 years. I did it in MySQL AB, Sun, Oracle and Percona. I had enough opportunities to see …

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Percona now offering 24/7 support for MongoDB and TokuMX
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Today Percona announced the immediate availability of 24/7, enterprise-class support for MongoDB and TokuMX. The new support service helps organizations achieve maximum application performance without database bloat. Customers have round-the-clock access (365 days a year) to the most trusted team of database experts in the open source community.

The news means that Percona now offers support across the entire open-source database ecosystem, including the entire LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl), providing a …

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mysql_upgrade is now version-specific by default
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You’ve just completed an upgrade from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6.  You followed the upgrade instructions in the manual, and ran mysql_upgrade.  But when you start MySQL 5.6, you still see the following error messages like the following in the server error log:

2013-03-26 16:45:51 5040 [ERROR] Column count of mysql.events_waits_current is w
rong. Expected 19, found 16. Created with MySQL 50520, now running 50610. Please
use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.
2013-03-26 16:45:51 5040 [ERROR] Column count …

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My Oracle Support 6.5: Key new features
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If you are a MySQL support customer, the recent release of My Oracle Support (MOS) 6.5 has some features which may interest you (if you’re not a customer, this post likely won’t interest you). MOS 6.5 was introduced on 06 April, and with it came the ability to opt in to receive service request (SR) update details via email. This was a feature some MySQL Support customers missed after the migration to MOS. Thanks to feedback from MySQL Support customers and others with similar needs, this feature has now been implemented. Because email is an inherently insecure delivery mechanism, not all customers will wan this, and the feature requires …

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IOUG Podcast 24-AUG-2012 Rumors of MySQL’s Doom by Oracle / Design Piracy
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For the week of August 24th, 2012: Everybody’s Preparing for OpenWorld Dispelling the Rumors of MySQL’s Impending Doom On Piracy of Design IOUG Podcast 24-AUG-2012 Rumors of MySQL’s Doom by Oracle / Design Piracy Subscribe to this Podcast (RSS) or … Continue reading →

Want To Learn More About Oracle’s MySQL Support Team?
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In the December episode of our “Meet The MySQL Experts” podcast, we chose to focus on MySQL Technical Support. Todd Farmer, Director of Oracle’s MySQL Global Support team, gives us insights into his organization, talking about who Oracle’s MySQL Support engineers are, how they help customers on a day-to-day basis, how they interact with the MySQL engineering and the bugs verification teams, and more…

Listen to the podcast to learn more about this team of MySQL …

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