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Which tech do startups use most?
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Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures publishes an excellent blog called Coding VC. There you can find some excellent posts, such as pitches by analogy, and an algorithm for seed round valuations and analyzing product hunt data. He recently wrote a blog post about a topic near and dear to my heart, Which Technologies do Startups […]
Don’t Miss Percona Live 2013
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Read the original article at Don’t Miss Percona Live 2013

The biggest event on the MySQL calendar is the yearly Percona Live and it’s just around the corner. This year you’ll be able to pick from a whopping 110 technical sessions by 90 different speakers from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Linkedin. Learn what’s happening at the cutting edge of open source database deployments. [...]

For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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  • Crisis Management in the Crosshairs – Sandy
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    Read the original article at Crisis Management in the Crosshairs – Sandy

    Crisis Management During Sandy

    The news this past week has brought endless images of devastation. All metropolitan region, the damage is apparent.

    More than once in conversation I’ve commented “That’s similar to what I do.” The response is often one of confusion. So I go on to clarify. Web operations is every bit about disaster recovery and crisis management in the datacenter. If you saw Con Edison down in the trenches you might not know how that power gets to your building, or what all those

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    Cloud Operations Interview
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    Read the original article at Cloud Operations Interview

    What does a cloud computing expert need to know? How do you hire a cloud computing expert? Competition for operations & DBAs is fierce, so you’ll want to know how to find the best.

    If you’re a systems administrator or ops guy, you may want to prepare for an interview for such a position. Meanwhile, if you’re a director of it or operations, a recruiter or manager in HR, you’ll want to have some idea how to find the right candidate.

    Here’s my guide to do just that. You may

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    AirBNB didn’t have to fail
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    Read the original article at AirBNB didn’t have to fail

    Today part of Amazon Web Services failed, taking down with it a slew of startups that all run on Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure. AirBNB was one of the biggest, but also Heroku, Reddit, Minecraft, Flipboard & Coursera down with it. Its not the first time. What the heck happened, and why should we care?

    1. Root Cause

    The AWS service allows companies like AirBNB to build web applications, and host them on servers owned and managed by Amazon.

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    Why do people leave consulting?
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    Read the original article at Why do people leave consulting?

    As a long time freelancer, it’s a question that’s intrigued me for some time. I do have some theories… First, definitions… I’m not talking about working for a large consulting firm. Although this role may be called “consultant”, my meaning is consultant as sole proprietor, entrepreneur, gun for hire or lone wolf. 1. Make more [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Anatomy of a Performance Review
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    Read the original article at Anatomy of a Performance Review

    A lot of firms come to us with a specific scalability problem. “Our user base is growing rapidly and the website is falling over!” Or they’re selling more widgets, “Our shopping cart is slowing down and we’re seeing users abandon their purchases”. These are real startup growing pains, so what to do?

    We like to take a measured approach with these types of challenges, so we thought it would be helpful to run through a hypothetical scenario and see how we work.

    Having trouble with scalability? Check out our

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    Why you should attend Percona Live 2012
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    Read the original article at Why you should attend Percona Live 2012

    What I loved about Percona Live 2011 Last year I was excited to go to Percona Live for the first time in NYC. I arrived just in time to hear Harrison Fisk from Facebook speak about some of the awesome tweaks they’re running with MySQL there. It’s not everyday that you get to hear from [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Beware the sales wolf in sheep suits
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    Read the original article at Beware the sales wolf in sheep suits

    Recently a colleague called me up to get my opinion. Therein lies the eternal drama in organizations, the push & pull between dollars and technology best practices. We had a similar experience with a MySQL deployment, and solution framed by Oracle sales. Battle lines are drawn Clearly the battle lines are drawn now. Between director [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Juggling apples & oranges in the datacenter
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    Read the original article at Juggling apples & oranges in the datacenter

    In which a few choice words become one serious accident… The Backstory More than five years ago now, I worked for a shop in the business of news & information around the legal and real estate sectors. It was a fairly large organization with a number of Oracle and MySQL backed applications. The whole place [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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  • Where’s my 80 million dollars?
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    Read the original article at Where’s my 80 million dollars?

    Way back in the heydays of the dot-com boom, the year is 1999.

    I worked for a medium size internet startup called Method Five. When I came on board they were having a terrible time with their site performance.

    Website crashing

    When I first met the team, I was tasked with performance problems. After all their flagship web property kept crashing, and it didn’t look good to investors. As with most web properties in those days it was a home-grown datacenter in the back of the office, running on Sun Microsystems

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    A CTO Must Never Do This…
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    Read the original article at A CTO Must Never Do This…

    A couple years back I was contacted to look at a very strange problem.

    The firm ran flash sales. An email goes out at noon, the website traffic explodes for a couple of hours, then settles back down to a trickle.

    Of course you might imagine where this is going. During that peak, the MySQL database was brought to its knees. I was asked to do analysis during this peak load, and identify and fix problems. Make it go faster, please!

    First day on the job I’m working with a team of outsourced DBAs. I was also working

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    Oracle to MySQL – prepare to bushwhack through the open source jungle
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    Read the original article at Oracle to MySQL – prepare to bushwhack through the open source jungle

    I was recently approached by a healthcare company for advice on suitable database solutions capable of executing its new initiative. The company was primarily an Oracle shop so naturally, they began by shopping for possible Oracle solutions.

    The CTO relayed his conversation with the Oracle sales rep, who at first recommended an Oracle solution that, expensive as it may have been, ultimately aligned with the company’s existing technology and experience. Unfortunately this didn’t match their budget and so predictably, the Oracle sales rep whipped out a MySQL-based solution as an

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    The Age of the Platform by Phil Simon
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    Read the original article at The Age of the Platform by Phil Simon

    I picked up Phil Simon's The Age of the Platform after running into his blog, and some of his writing online. Simon is an interesting guy with an obvious strong technical background. He's also an accomplished speaker and you can find several videos of his speaking online.

    The first thing that struck me about this book was how it came to be. The book was funded through Kickstarter, an online platform for people to fund their creative projects. Perhaps it was Simon trying to drive home the point

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    The Problem with Startup Bootcamps
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    Read the original article at The Problem with Startup Bootcamps









    Scanning Crains NY Business recently, I saw an article on 'starting up' in 54 hours.  It's the brainchild of Marc Nager, Clint Nelsen and Franck Nouyrigat called Startup Weekend. Startup bootcamps seem to be the current extra-curricular activity of choice these days. Wharton is also getting in on it with their

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    The Mythical MySQL DBA
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    Read the original article at The Mythical MySQL DBA

    I’ve  been getting more than my fair share of calls from recruiters of late. Even in this depressed economic climate where jobs are rarer than a cab at rush-hour, it’s heartening to know that tech engineers are in great demand. And it’s even more heartening to think that demand for MySQL DBAs has never been better.

    My reckoning was confirmed by a Bloomberg news report about stalwart retailers suffering from a dearth of talented engineers. Bloomberg cited Target’s outage-prone e-commerce site as a symptom of, among other things the market’s shortage. One of the challenges old-timers like Target face is having to compete with Silicon Valley startups

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    Great Interactive Map of NYC Startups
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    Read the original article at Great Interactive Map of NYC Startups

    Business Insider posted this spectacular interactive google map of our amazing Startup Ecosystem here in New York City.  Wow!

    Check out the full list of NYC Startups in the original article.

    View NYC Startups in a larger map

    For more articles like these go to MySQL Expert, Linux, EC2 & Scalability Consulting NYC

    Book review – Trust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith
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    Read the original article at Book review – Trust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

    Stumbling onto 800-CEO-Read, and their top books feature, I found Brogan and Smith's work.  Brogan's blog intrigued me enough so I walked down to the Strand here in NYC to pick up a copy.

    What I found was an excellent introduction to the nebulous world of social media marketing, where you find all sorts of advice and suggestions on how to engage your target audience.  If you're feeling like an ignoramus on matters of social media, Trust Agents is a great place to start and will give you

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    Book Review – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
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    Read the original article at Book Review – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

    What do you do after founding not one, but two companies and watching them fail miserably all by the time you were barely out of college?

    Move to the Valley, make shrewd investments in other startups and become insanely rich like Sean Parker? A Bit lofty perhaps. How about try, try again and succeed. Then reinvent yourself as a guru dishing out startup wisdom through your blog and publishing a book that ends up the top of the New York Times Bestseller's list. That's essentially what Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

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    Why generalists are better at scaling the web
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    Recently at Surge 2011, the annual  conference on scalability  and performance, Google's CIO Ben Fried gave an illuminating keynote address. His main insight was that generalists are the people that will lead engineering teams in successfully scaling the web.

    In a world where the badge of Specialist or Expert is prized, this was refreshing perspective from an industry bigwig. As tech professionals, or any professional for that matter, we don't welcome the label of generalist. The word suggests a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. But the generalist is no less an expert than the specialist. Generalists can get their hands greasy with the tools to fix bugs in the

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    Book Review – Help! by Oliver Burkeman
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    Read the original article at Book Review – Help! by Oliver Burkeman

    Help! How To Become Slightly Happier and Get a Bit More Done

    I've long overcome that sheepish feeling when browsing the Self-help section at the bookstore. Sure, How to Make Friends and Influence People or the Seven Steps to World Domination in your bookcase aren't exactly the sort of titles to suggest a deep intellect but I like to keep an open mind when checking out the latest hardcover secret to happiness and

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    iHeavy Newsletter 84 – Restaurant Scalability
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    Restaurant Scalability

    Could pro-waitering serve up some lessons on web scalability? Observing peak hour dining at a New York restaurant gave us some insight.

    I was dining at a restaurant the other day with friends. It was a warm and cozy place, nicely decorated with a long, narrow dining room.  The food was scrumptious, yet we were getting increasingly frustrated by the service as the night went along.

    With some waiting experience behind me, I could immediately see the problem. The waiters, probably through lack of experience, were making the mistake of doing one thing at a time.  They would go to a table, respond to one

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    Oracle Announces Paid MySQL Add-ons
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     Oracle starts charging for MySQL Add-ons

    Exciting news, Oracle just announced commercial MySQL extensions that they'll be offering paid extensions to the core MySQL free product.

    To be sure, this has raised waves of concern among the community, but on the whole I suspect it will be a good thing for MySQL.  This brings more commercial addons to the table, which only increases the options for customers.  Many will continue to use the core database product only, and avoid license hassles while others will surely embark on a hybrid approach if it solves their everyday business problems.

    Speaking of licensing, back in May, Amazon announced that it's RDS or Relational Database Service would now offer Oracle as an option.

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    Scale Quickly Like Birchbox – Startup Scalability 101
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    Read the original article at Scale Quickly Like Birchbox – Startup Scalability 101

    One of the great things about the Internet is how it has made it easier to put great ideas into practice. Whether the ideas are about improving people’s lives or a new way to sell and old-fashioned product, there’s nothing like a good little startup tale of creative disruption to deliver us from something old and tired.

    We work with a lot of startup firms and we love being part of the atmosphere of optimism and ingenuity, peppered with a bit of youthful zeal - something very indie-rock-and-roll about it. But whether they are just starting out or already picking up pace every startup faces the same challenges to scale a business. Recently, we were reminded of this

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    MySQL Database Management Expert – Database Management Consultant – Database Management Services
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    Database Administration and Management is as important under MySQL as it is under other enterprise database platforms such as Oracle or SQL Server.  Be proactive with your database operations, and avoid outage or loss of your most crucial data.

    • MySQL Management and administration
    • MySQL Performance, Optimization & tuning
    • Remote Database Management
    • Database monitoring & metrics collection
    • MySQL Security Auditing
    • Migrating applications and data to MySQL
    • Migrating MySQL to the Amazon cloud
    • Migrating MySQL to Amazon RDS
    • Amazon RDS management & administration
    • MySQL scalability
    • Amazon RDS scalability
    • MySQL High Availability
    • MySQL Disaster Recovery
    • Database Management & replication for highly available architectures
    • Database security in the cloud

    Skype or call us in NYC at +1-212-533-6828

    5 Things That Are Toxic to Scalability
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    Scalability is about application, architecture and infrastructure design, and careful management of server components.

    1. Object Relational Mappers

    ORMs are popular among developers but not among performance experts.  Why is that?  Primarily these two engineers experience a web application from entirely different perspectives.  One is building functionality, delivering features, and results are measured on fitting business requirements.  Performance and scalability are often low priorities at this stage.  ORMs allow developers to be much more productive, abstracting away the SQL difficulties of interacting with the backend datastore, and allowing them to concentrate on building the features and functionality.

    On the performance side the picture is a bit different.  By leaving SQL query writing to an ORM, you are faced with complex queries that

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    5 Tips for Better Database Change Management
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    Read the original article at 5 Tips for Better Database Change Management

    Deploying new code that includes changes to your database schema doesn't have to be a process fraught with stress and burned fingers. Follow these five tips and enjoy a good nights sleep.

    1. Deploy with Roll Forward & Rollback Scripts

    When developers check-in code that requires schema changes, that release should also require two scripts to perform database changes. One script will apply those changes, alter tables to add columns, change data types, seed data, clean data, create new tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers and so forth. A release should also include a rollback script, which would return tables to their previous state.

    This idea of

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    Top 3 Questions From Clients
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    1. This page or area of the website is very slow, why?

    There are a lot of components that make up modern internet websites, and a lot of places to get stuck in the mud.  Website performance starts with the browser, what caching it is doing, their bandwidth to your server, what the webserver is doing (caching or not and how), if the webserver has sufficient memory, and then what the application code is doing and lastly how it is interacting with the backend database.

    With all this complexity, it's no wonder so many sites struggle.  Typically these types of analysis start with some load testing, to stress test your setup, so you can watch for leaks.  Then

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    Specialty Technology Consultant – New York Scalability Consultant – MySQL & EC2 Scalability
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    Amazon EC2 and cloud computing offer great promise for startups to ramp up their online presence quickly.  Navigate those challenges with an strong partner.  We bring 20 years experience to the table with each new client.

    • Scaling Web Applications
    • MySQL High Availability in Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Multi-AZ Deployments
    • Amazon RDS Deployments
    • Migrating to Amazon EC2
    • Migrating to MySQL
    • Managing Backups and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
    • Horizontal Scalability of MySQL on EC2
    • Horizontal Scalability on Cloud Hosted Servers
    • Evaluating Cloud Providers
    • Evaluating MySQL
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    Open Source Enables the Cloud
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    With the fast growth of virtualized data centers, and companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook, it's easy to forget how much is built on open-source components, aka commodity software.  In a very real way open-source has enabled the huge explosion of commodity hardware, the fast growth of the internet itself, and now the further acceleration through cloud services, cloud infrastructure, and virtualization of data centers.

    Your typical internet stack and application now stands on the shoulders of tens of thousands of open source developers and projects.  Let's look at a few of them.

    1. Operating System - Linux

    The commodity hardware craze would never have happened without the help of an open-source operating system to run on it.  Linux is an old story now, nonetheless everything else stands on it's shoulders.

    2. Multi-purpose

      [Read more...]
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