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Presenting at FOSDEM and Percona Live
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Very short update from my side: I’ll be presenting at FOSDEM in Brussels (1-2 February 2014) and Percona Live MySQL Conference in Santa Clara (1-4 April 2014).

At FOSDEM I will present about Galera replication in real life which is concentrate around two use cases for Galera: adding new clusters to our sharded environment and migrating existing clusters into a new Galera cluster.

At Percona Live MySQL Conference I will present about

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Percona Live London is already next Monday!
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I’m currently wrapping up last things in the office to be prepared for my presentation about MySQL-Statsd at the Percona Live London conference next week. It will be a revised version of the talk I gave at the Percona Live Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, but this time it will be more focussed to the practical side and, obviously, the MySQL-Statsd daemon we open sourced recently, so if you missed that talk or think a follow up is needed you should definitely attend! Slides will also become immediately available after the talk.

I’m also looing forward to attend a lot of other talks, for instance The Shard Revisited:

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MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference Latin America
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Last week I was a guest speaker at the second annual MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks to Santiago Lertora from Binlogic who has taken on the responsibility of organizing a event for the MySQL community in South America.

My presentations slides for my 3 talks.

While the MySQL community and ecosystem has changed

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Spil Games MySQL StatsD project on Github
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Yesterday evening I already announced the happy news on the Spil Games Engineering blog, you can find our MySQL StatsD daemon in our Github repository here:


It is far from perfect and the todo list is still long. You are, as it is a public repo, welcome to collaborate with us and make it even better. I can’t wait to see the first pull-request coming in!

You can also talk to us directly at Percona Live London where we will bring a revised version of our talk at Santa Clara. This time it will be aimed more at the

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MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 feelings (#perconalive)
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I wasn’t at the MySQL Conference this year but it was very nice to follow this event from Paris.
Of course I didn’t feel the general atmosphere by visiting booths or met fabulous people.
But it was a great opportunity to offer you a live post about the conference with an external point of view.

Twitter, RSS feeds (yes Google, I still use RSS), Planet MySQL and infiltrators were my best friends during this crazy week.

I would like to summarize the major announcements and events occurs during this tenth edition.

Oracle at Percona Live!

Yes, Oracle was at Percona Live 2013 and it was for the best.
I invite you to watch this

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MySQL Community Contributor of the Year 2013
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First of all, thank you to everyone who nominated me, voted for me, and to those of you who shared kind words with me and congratulated me. It’s humbling to have been awarded one of the “MySQL Community Contributor of the Year” awards for 2013. Many people have asked or wondered without asking why I do what I do, and how I got here. Given the occasion, I thought I would share some thoughts on that.

Early days as a user in web development

I started working with MySQL (and before that, mSQL) back in 1998 while working with a web development company. MySQL worked quite well (and I pretty quickly forgot about mSQL), and I started to learn more and more about it. As many new users at the time, I hit a few bugs or quirks, and poked at the code from time to time to understand what was going on. I continued just being a user of MySQL

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Percona Live : MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 (Slides, tweets and more…)
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MySQL Conference & Expo






This year again, the MySQL Conference and Expo, hosted by Percona, smells like a wonderful event.
I haven’t the chance to attend this event but I would like to share with you the soul of this one.
I’ll try to share latest news, tweets and slides from the event in this live post.

Stay tuned and come back!

Breaking news!

  • LATEST : See you next year!
  • MySQL 5.7 is coming… : http://bit.ly/11zENgT
  • SkySQL Merges With MariaDB : 

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Don’t Miss Percona Live 2013
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Read the original article at Don’t Miss Percona Live 2013

The biggest event on the MySQL calendar is the yearly Percona Live and it’s just around the corner. This year you’ll be able to pick from a whopping 110 technical sessions by 90 different speakers from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Linkedin. Learn what’s happening at the cutting edge of open source database deployments. [...]

For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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  • Hacking Job Search – Three Meaty Ideas
  • Awesome to see the MySQL Ecosystem Flourishing
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    I just wanted to take a moment and thank, notice, what ever you want to call it, but share some love with all those and all things MySQL.

    I read the post Let’s Celebrate MySQL 5.6 GA! – MySQL Community Reception by Oracle by Oracle MySQL Group and it got me to thinking of how proud I am of (and proud to be a part of) the whole MySQL Ecosystem.

    We *should* all celebrate MySQL 5.6 GA! I well remember the 3.22 and 3.23 days, and there were many folks before me already using MySQL!!!

    I love to see how it has continued to grow, the ecosystem and all things MySQL, that is. MySQL is better than ever. MariaDB is better than ever. Percona Server is better than ever. You have great Support options with MySQL/Oracle, SkySQL/MariaDB, and Percona as well – not to mention numerous others. I

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    Your chance to define the “state of MySQL”
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    We are very honoured to have been asked to give a “state of the MySQL” keynote presentation at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo in April.

    While this will not be in any way an official “state of the dolphin” presentation, I think it is fitting given the expansion of the MySQL ecosystem that the Percona Live event includes an independent perspective on the state of MySQL. The full title of the presentation – MySQL, YourSQL, NoSQL, NewSQL – the state of the MySQL ecosystem – reflects that.

    We want to present an independent perspective on the health of the MySQL ecosystem in 2013, drawing on our research and analysis, as well as the views

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    The Data Day, A few days: January 17-22 2013
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    DataStax and VoltDB launch their version 3.0s. And more

    For 451 Research clients: DataStax adds security and manageability to distributed NoSQL database bit.ly/Vb1IiT

    — Matt Aslett (@maslett) January 18, 2013

    For 451 clients: LogiXML serves up fresh cut of BI stack with an eye to more embedded analytics deals bit.ly/SppzsH By Krishna Roy

    — Matt Aslett (@maslett) January 21, 2013

    Inside H-P’s Missed Chance To Avoid a Disastrous Deal – WSJ.com on.wsj.com/Td7wrh via @

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    Percona Live London 2012 slides available
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    Many thanks to all those who attended my talk at the Percona Live London 2012 conference!
    I did put the location in the last slide, but just in case you missed the last slide (or missed my talk) you can find them here:

    I did receive a couple of questions afterwards (in the hallways of the conference) that made me realize that I forgot to clear up a couple of things.

    First of all the essence of shifting the data ownership of a specific GID towards a specific datacenter and ensuring data consistency also means one Erlang process within that very same datacenter is the owner of that data. This does also mean this Erlang process is the only that can write to the data of this GID. Don’t worry: for every GID there should be a process that

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    Upcoming MySQL Connect Presentations
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    The MySQL Connect 2012 conference event being held in San Francisco on Sep 29-30 has a long list of quality MySQL speakers including myself. I will be giving 2 presentations on:

    CON8322 – Lessons from Managing 500+ MySQL Instances

    In this presentation, learn about the issues of managing a large number of instances of MySQL, supporting 50 billion SQL statements per day. Topics covered:
    • The need for monitoring and instrumentation
    • How to automate installations, upgrades, and deployments
    • Issues with MySQL’s Replication feature with 300 slaves per master
    • Traffic minimization techniques
    • Creating high

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    The Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012
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    Thank you very much if you attended my session at the Percona Live MySQL Conference!
    I promised some people to share my slides, so I posted them on the page at Percona:
    Spil Games: Outgrowing an internet startup (Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012) on SlideShare
    Click here if you need a direct link

    My opinion of the conference is that it was amazing! The conference was very well organized, the atmosphere was great and I met so many great people that I had a tough time remembering all their names and companies. The contents of all talks were really well balanced and most of the ones I attended were very interesting.

    The most

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    An excellent conference (5 out of 5 stars)
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    I wanted to extend thanks as others have also about the excellent annual MySQL Conference, now a Percona Live event. This was easily the best run, attended and energetic event in at least the past 3 years. With over a 1000 attendees a well stocked exhibitors hall (and good involvement in the hall), and good talks; there was just a great community vibe. To Terry, Kortney and all Percona staff involved, well done. The event ran on time, I personally did not see or hear of any issues. The only complaint was from many that wanted to attend multiple talks at the same time, another indication of the quality of speakers for the event.

    Thank you to those that attended my two sessions on Explaining the MySQL Explain and

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    SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge and Solutions Day this Friday
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    If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stay the extra day (this Friday) for the SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge and Solutions Day.

    You can register for the Free Solutions Day here (just name, email, company, and country):


    And if you’re around that day, there will be a SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge open all day long, so feel free to stop by and speak directly with the SkySQL and MariaDB Experts.

    More about the Consulting Lounge can be found here too.


    Thanks to Everyone who has been Sharing info from the Conference!
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    I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say thank you to all who have been sharing talks and exciting news from the conference for those of us who weren’t able to attend!

    It’s greatly appreciated!

    And please keep up the great work.


    Speaking at Percona Live MySQL conference
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    Suitcase packed? Check!
    Laptop? Check!
    Presentation? Check!
    I’m ready for my departure to San Francisco tomorrow morning!

    I already mentioned before that I will be a speaker at the MySQL conference, but I think the session has moved since. It is now scheduled Thursday between 1:00 and 1:50 in ballrooom E. Be there if you want to know more about what Spil Games is doing!

    I also determined what the most interesting talks are going to be for me and here are some of the highlights:
    One to Many: The Story of Sharding at Box (Wed 1:00 – 1:50pm)
    Sounds very interesting to

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    MySQL Connect Conference
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    MySQL Connect Conference --  September 29 and 30, 2012
    Learn about the latest MySQL features, discuss product roadmaps, and ask questions directly to the Oracle engineers behind the latest MySQL code this year at the MySQL Connect Conference.

    While you will see some Oracle OpenWorld umbrella branding around it, MySQL Connect is a different event. It is taking place just before Oracle OpenWorld and will have a separate pricing. Registration will open on April 16.

    The Call for Papers will also be opening April 16th and the MySQL Community is encouraged to submit. It will only be open for approximately three weeks.

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    Diamond Keynote Panel, BOFs, Lightning Talks, and McAfee and AOL Sponsorships
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    I’m excited by all of the recent developments surrounding the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo! Our own Baron Schwartz will moderate the Diamond Keynote Panel entitled “Future Perfect: The Road Ahead for MySQL” which will feature a panel of MySQL industry leaders, including: Sundar Raghavan, director product management at Amazon; Paul Mikesell, CEO of Clustrix; a representative from HP; and, a representative from McAfee. The Diamond Sponsor Keynote Panel will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 12th and provide insight into the future of MySQL technology, adoption, and the ecosystem landscape. I am also very pleased to

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    Save 10% on Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo
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    If you still have not signed up for the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo (week of April 9th), use the following discount code from SkySQL to receive 10% off when registering:


    And while you’re there, don’t forget to attend the following events on the day-after (4/13/2012) the Expo:


    [UPDATED] Why you should go to Percona Live (London) ?
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    [ UPDATED 2011-09-22 ] :
    For French attendees : Vous participez ou souhaitez participer à cette conférence, rejoignez le groupe de la communauté francophone pour partager autour de cet évènement
    For All : Download the take away PDF of the conference here : PLL2011.pdf
    For All : Download the schedules : Percona_Live_London2011.ics

    I don’t want to debate about the next MySQL Conference here, you can find a great summary post here :

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    Talk today on Open Source BI Reporting Tools
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    First full day at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference after a great MySQL Community Dinner (Thanks to Sarah Novotny for her organization skills for getting 50 plus folks into Pedro's)

    I will be talking on Open Source BI Reporting Tools in Ballroom A at 5:15. Very useful session for DBAs who need anything from a quick ad hoc report to a large multi-segment printer killer.
    MySQL Council activities and presence at Collaborate and MySQL Conference
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    In the land of the MySQL council,  the IOUG has created a survey asking for community feedback on the future of the council and the IOUG’s programming for MySQL.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to shape how the largest independent user group supporting Oracle technologies helps our community grow and work with Oracle going forward.

    As an example, I participated, as the the Chair of the MySQL Council, in a call with Luke Kowalski to talk about communicating with the community so as to avoid fomenting the FUD that our community has been plagued with for the last several years during the two acquisitions.  He has offered to

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    Finalized speakers list for Kaleidoscope conference
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    We have secured approval for our final two speakers and now have a full schedule for the 4 day MySQL track at ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference. The conference is in Washington DC from Monday June 28th to Thursday July 1st. Welcome to Josh Sled and Craig Sylvester that will be joining our existing list of speakers.

    This conference will include 19 sessions of dedicated MySQL content from Monday thru Thursday by well qualified MySQL community members, as well a forums discussion and reception on Monday night. You don’t need to be an Oracle developer to get the benefit of this conference. We will offering a discount code for MySQL attendees in the upcoming days.

    If you are in the DC area, the Monday night forum (known as the sundown sessions) as well as the reception are

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    My acceptance with Oracle as ACE Director
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    I hinted last week of my acceptance with Oracle before the formal announcement this week at the MySQL Users Conference, not for a job but as Oracle ACE Director. In today’s State of the MySQL Community keynote by Kaj Arnö I was one of the first three MySQL nominees that are now part of this program.

    What exactly is an ACE Director? Using the description from the Oracle website.

    Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates, with candidates nominated by

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    State of the Dolphin – Opening keynote
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    Edward Screven – Chief Corporate Architect of Oracle provided the opening keynote at the 2010 MySQL Users Conference.

    Overall I was disappointed. The first half was more an Oracle Sales pitch, we had some product announcements, we had some 5.5 performance buzz. While a few numbers and features were indeed great to hear, there was a clear lack of information to the MySQL ecosystem including employees, alumni and various support services. I hope more is unveiled this week.

    Some notes of the session.

    • Oracle’s Strategy covers storage, servers, virtual machines, operating system, database, middleware, applications
    • We build a complete technology stack that is “open” and “integrated” based on “open standards”
    • products talk via open
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    MySQL Users Conference 2010
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    Since the Sun acquisition and the following announcement of the Oracle acquisition, the owner of MySQL have been fairly silent in terms of stated directions of MySQL.   This has allowed a lot of FUD to be spread throughout the user community.  At the MySQL users conference there are going to be some excellent keynotes helping customers get an update on MySQL technology.  It will be very
    MySQL: Partition-wise backups with mysqldump
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    To whom it may concern,

    in response to a query from André Simões (also known as ITXpander), I slapped together a MySQL script that outputs mysqldump commands for backing up individual partitions of the tables in the current schema. The script is maintained as a snippet at MySQL Forge.

    How it works

    The script works by querying the

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    Edward Screven of Oracle to Answer Questions for future of MySQL
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    For those of you on the O’Reilly MySQL conference list you will no doubt see this email, but for readers here is the important bits.

    Oracle Executive Will Speak at O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo
    Edward Screven to Answer Questions re: Future of MySQL

    Sebastopol, CA, February 24, 2010—Wonder about the future of MySQL? Curious about what Oracle plans for the open source database software? Expect answers when Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect and leader of the MySQL business, speaks at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo, scheduled for April 12-15, at the Santa Clara Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

    Edward Screven reports to CEO Larry Ellison, and he drives technology and architecture decisions across all Oracle products to ensure that product directions

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