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Getting started MySQL Group Replication on Ubuntu with MySQL Sandbox
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Welcome to next topic dedicated to Group Replication plugin. Today’s topic is to get started with Group Replication. As you remember we set up our environment using MySQL Sandbox on Ubuntu 14.04 and also we have compiled plugin with MySQL 5.7.8-rc on Ubuntu 14.04. Please refer to this topics respectively:

  1. MySQL Sandbox creating test environment
  2. Compiling MySQL …
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AWS CloudFormation Now Supports Aurora, Amazon’s MySQL Compatible Database
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AWS CloudFormation now supports Amazon Aurora!



Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible, relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity …

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Compiling MySQL Group Replication plugin with MySQL 5.7.8-rc2 on Ubuntu
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MySQL Group Replication plugin is in and is available for EL6 x86_64 version Linux. But most of us have Ubuntu desktops where it should be easier to test this new thing, especially with MySQL Sandbox. After getting source code we should have compile this plugin with MySQL from source. So let’s begin. Extract both mysql group replication archive and mysql source archive:

sh@shrzayev:~/Sandboxes$ ls -l
total 650732
drwxr-xr-x 34 sh sh      4096 İyl 20 17:25 mysql-5.7.8-rc
-rw-rw-r--  1 sh sh  49762480 Avq 20 16:19 mysql-5.7.8-rc.tar.gz
drwxrwxr-x  3 sh sh      4096 Sen 28 12:08 mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr …
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MariaDB/MySQL: ON REPLACE triggers
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There are several reasons why, generally, in MySQL/MariaDB one should not use REPLACE as a shortcut for SELECT + (UPDATE or INSERT). One of these reasons is the way REPLACE fires triggers. Of course it does not fire UPDATE triggers, and there is no such thing as a REPLACE trigger; DELETE and INSERT triggers are fired instead. What is not obvious is the order in which REPLACE activates triggers (UPDATE: this beavior was undocumented; I documented it …

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ARIN Reaches IPv4 Depletion | Team ARIN
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ARIN is the American Registry for Internet Numbers, the organisation that hands out the blocks IP addresses.

Each region has its own, for instance Australia/Pacific has APNIC. Naturally, they work very closely together.

Open Query can assist you with planning and deployment of IPv6 capabilities on your front-end servers, as well as at the back-end if you wish. Not all hosting providers support IPv6, but many good ones do. MySQL/MariaDB can operate in a native IPv6 or dual stack environment. Open Query enabled its own front-end servers for …

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Using Perl to retrieve direct messages from Twitter, insert messages into a MySQL database and then delete the messages
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In two earlier posts, I gave some examples on how to use Perl to send tweets stored in a MySQL database to Twitter, and then how to automatically reply to your retweets with a “thanks”. In this post, I will show you how to automatically download your direct messages from Twitter, …

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MySQL Aurora CPU spikes
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Recently we encountered an issue with aurora, where our cpu started spiking every X minutes. (X < 30)

we had like 20-30 connections, out of which majority were inserts and a few selects.

every time the spike occurred our inserts would start waiting and waiting….

here is innotop output

we checked our code. nothing major had changed.

The mysql error log had this mysterious message which i could …

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MySQL Group Replication – 0.5.0 Labs Release
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Hi all, keeping our steady release cycle, it is time again to do another preview release of MySQL Group Replication, the plugin that brings multi-master update everywhere to MySQL, like we described in Hello World post.

We are very proud to do the fourth preview release of MySQL Group Replication, version 0.5.0 based on MySQL Server 5.7.8, which introduces new exciting features, please enjoy the highlights!…

Recovery Enhancements for Group Replication
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One of the key features of MySQL Group Replication is its distributed recovery mechanism. Whenever a new member joins a server group, making use of this plugin component, it reaches to a suitable donor and fetches the data that it misses up until the point it is declared online.…

MySQL Group Replication: Auto-increment configuration/handling
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In 0.5.0 version of MySQL Group Replication plugin, we have introduced the Auto-increment configuration/handling feature through which auto increment variables (auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset) are auto configured by the plugin, so that different members of the group don’t generate duplicated auto increment values.…

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