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Another Idea to Help Foster a Vibrant Community: Please make all bugs public
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Since MySQL recently implemented the following feature request (and discussed here and here) to help foster communication among public bugs and feature requests, and to provide a way to allow the Community to voice whether or not a bug affects them, I decided to file another feature request that I think would even further encourage communication amongst an already vibrant community, and that is to simply:

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Awesome to see the MySQL Ecosystem Flourishing
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I just wanted to take a moment and thank, notice, what ever you want to call it, but share some love with all those and all things MySQL.

I read the post Let’s Celebrate MySQL 5.6 GA! – MySQL Community Reception by Oracle by Oracle MySQL Group and it got me to thinking of how proud I am of (and proud to be a part of) the whole MySQL Ecosystem.

We *should* all celebrate MySQL 5.6 GA! I well remember the 3.22 and 3.23 days, and there were many folks before me already using MySQL!!!

I love to see how it has continued to grow, the ecosystem and all things MySQL, that is. …

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How I use twitter to follow the MySQL Community
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Here is a perfect post to read during your holidays :-)
There are many ways to get news on the internet : blogs, rss feeds, facebook, linkedin, twitter…
What I want to talk about here is how I use twitter to follow the MySQL Community and how I stay up to date of the latest news.
I use twitter only for focus on the MySQL news and the MySQL community, that’s why I would like to share this experience with you.

Step 1 : Choose your friends

Q: What is the most complicated with Twitter ?
A: Read all the tweets that we receive every day

Of course it can be complicated and that takes a long long …

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Congratulations to all of the 2012 Community Contributor Award Winners!
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I just wanted to take a moment and say congratulations to all of the 2012 Community Contributor Award Winners!

The usual suspects, Baron, Sarah, Gerardo, and Sheeri, each won, and deservedly so. All 4 contribute a great deal to the MySQL Community and ecosystem, and it is very much appreciated.

However, I was especially happy to hear that James Day was also a winner (a name everyone might not be so familiar with). But, having worked with James for 5 years, I really couldn’t say it better than Henrik Ingo already did (in his initial post of this year’s winners), so …

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SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge and Solutions Day this Friday
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If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stay the extra day (this Friday) for the SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge and Solutions Day.

You can register for the Free Solutions Day here (just name, email, company, and country):

And if you’re around that day, there will be a SkySQL and MariaDB Consulting Lounge open all day long, so feel free to stop by and speak directly with the SkySQL and MariaDB Experts.

More about the Consulting Lounge can be found here too.


Thanks to Everyone who has been Sharing info from the Conference!
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I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say thank you to all who have been sharing talks and exciting news from the conference for those of us who weren’t able to attend!

It’s greatly appreciated!

And please keep up the great work.


MySQL Community on Freenode
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I recently posted about how we, MySQL Community Managers, are trying to reach out more to the MySQL User groups and the MySQL Community.
The room has been quiet to far but it is a new room. You can find us in #MySQL_Community & #MySQL_user_groups on freenode.
A few common issues have come out that I have heard before. We as a community can work to address these concerns.

  • List of user groups
  • Few volunteers
  • Difficulty in getting good legit speakers
  • Low attendance

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MySQL User Group Day on FreeNode !
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As MySQL Community Managers, Dave an myself are always looking for ways to gather feedback on MySQL. 
We want to make ourselves available to you. The current plan is the last Monday of every month Dave and Myself will be on #freenode and join a chat room called MySQL_user_groups. 
We will also try to be available as much as possible in a chat room called MySQL_Community.
You can join us and ask questions or just let us know your opinions. 
We want to hear about everything from your best presentation topics, to the worst. What is the biggest struggle you find with user groups ? How could Oracle help? 

User Group Leadership Summit
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Day three of the User Group Leadership Summit is here and MySQL has continued to have a valid presence from the community as well as the Oracle Team.

George Trujillo introduced MySQL for the Oracle DBA to a very attentive audience.
Ronald Bradford gave a great presentation on why people should use MySQL.
Sheeri Cabral talked on the MySQL Community and user groups. Members of Oracle user groups showed great interest in the MySQL User groups.

So how can I summarize the summit in one line:
Oracle DBA user group members are interested in MySQL and the community!

Exciting upcoming MySQL events
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At the IOUC leaders’ summit in San Francisco this week, key leaders from Oracle, Java and MySQL user groups world wide have been meeting. This has included the key Oracle MySQL resources from the community, marketing and product teams. The Java User Groups and MySQL User Groups have been well represented and there has been very welcoming discussion with the IOUC about how we can become active within the Oracle Community.

There has been key discussions of upcoming and proposed MySQL events including the great outreach by the Oracle MySQL team with existing Open Source conferences this year …

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