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Wake up European DBA, call for papers for Percona Live London 2014 is open!
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Call for papers for Percona Live London 2014 is open. For the fourth consecutive year, PLUK is going to be one of the best community event in Europe.
I have the honour of being conference committee chairman and the hard task to reviewing the talks with my colleagues of the committee.

First, let me introduce the committee members:

  • Art van Scheppingen (Spil Games)
  • Nicolai Plum (Booking.com)
  • Luis Motta Campos (Ebay Classifieds Group)
  • Colin Charles (MariaDB)
  • David Busby (Percona)
  • Morgan Tocker (Oracle)
  • Cédric PEINTRE (Dailymotion)

Amazing, isn’t it?! I think we couldn’t have a better committee for a community event.
I’m very glad to take part in the adventure with you guys!

And if you wonder what the

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FOSDEM slides ok, but where are your slides from PLUK?
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As usual, you can find the slides from PLUK 2013 and FOSDEM 2014 on [Plus].
You have just to access to the slides page and free up some time to discover and read all the referenced content.

Remember the programs of these fantastic events :

Now, I’ve just discovered that many slides are missing for PLUK 2013 on the perconalive website.

For latecomers, it’s still time to upload your slides from your dedicated speaker page.
Please, do

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How do you want to get [Plus] in 2014!
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2013 was and we wish you a happy new year 2014!
Last year was amazing and we are looking forward to live 2014.

I’m honored to take part of two amazing events in 2014, the FOSDEM and PLMCE.
By my lowly contribution as committee member of these two events, I wanted to promote open source in general and MySQL in particular.
And the schedule of these events tells me that we won the bet!
(PLMCE schedule will be published next week)

MySQL raises interest more and again in 2014 and is still in the heart of major architectures ;-)
We are proud to promote community events, community projects and open source

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Percona Live London 2013 : My Chairman point of view!
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I would like to write a short and dislocated post on my condition of Chairman of the PLUK this year. When I accepted this mission, I had no clue what was going to be my job and I have no regret about this decision.
Because it was a fantastic experience and a wonderful conference.

So, I would like to thanks Kortney and Percona again for trusting me.
My committee fellows, David, Todd, Kenny, Ben and Ivan for their involvement.
All those of you who have submitted talks and tutorials for their high level and quality.
And of course all the attendees, we have cooked up this conference for you, thank you for being there.

I jumped into this adventure with my beliefs and I wanted to do it as honestly as possible and as humbly as possible.
I attended all the last PLUK conferences and I quickly knew what I wanted for this new event.


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[UPDATED] Meet the community on the sidelines of Percona Live London
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Percona Live London starts in less than a week.
And there way to be excited by the quality of the event.

If you didn’t register yet, you must consider to be in : http://www.percona.com/live/london-2013/registration

It will be the opportunity to meet the community during and after the event.
This year, on the sidelines of the conference, you shouldn’t missed these funky happenings :

  • The welcoming reception takes place on November 11 from 5pm to 7pm
    • Where? : In the exhibit hall of the conference
    • What? : Free drinks & hor

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#ForMyFrenchFollowers Did you know DBHangOpsFr?
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[ This is a quick post for my french followers about DBHangOpsFr ]

I’m sure you heard about DBHangOps, the famous virtual DBA meeting launched by Geoffrey Anderson from Box.net.
But did you know that some talented and passionate frenchies have launched DBHangOpsFr a few month ago?

DBHangOpsFr is THE virtual french DBA meeting you would love to attend.
I invite you to visit this page for more details : http://www.mysqlplus.fr/category/dbhangopsfr/

The next session will take place in November, follow me on twitter, looking for

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[Plus] and beyond…
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I just would like to invite you to discover [Plus]!
Because there is a lot of work behind this blog and it would be a shame not to enjoy it.

I’ve already explained why I do what I do and it’s not the same topic that I want to offer now.
I just would like to give you a chance to explore all the sides of [Plus]

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t worry about me, I do it for you!

What about the social streams?

You can follow [Plus] through 2 twitter accounts :
https://twitter.com/cpeintre & https://twitter.com/mysqlplus
The first one is my personal twitter account. The second is exactly the same but without

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Schedule for Percona Live London 2013 is up, enjoy the early bird price before September 21th!
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Oh yes, the nights were short last week!
The committee and myself have worked tirelessly to provide this wonderful schedule.

Now, you have no excuse not to register : http://www.percona.com/live/london-2013/registration

First, I would like to thanks David, Ivan, Todd, Kenny and Ben for their fantastic work!
There were tears, blood, passion and much respect ;-)
And of course a lot of fun!

Secondly, I would like to thanks all of you who submitted a talk.
We received a considerable amount of excellent talks from fantastic speakers.
And it was really, really hard to choose

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Percona Live London, emerge from the shadows, submit your talk before September 8th!
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Those who regularly read this blog knows how much I am excited about Percona Live London each year. Now, it is time for me to take part in the organization of this event as a member of the committee and chairman of the conference.

I am really proud to join the committee this year and very happy to share this role with Ivan, Ben, David, Todd and Kenny.

You can imagine that I am honored that Percona has made me this beautiful gift.
Now, we face the challenges!

I am also very pleased to introduce myself as a member of this committee as an employee of Dailymotion. ‘Cause Dailymotion offers me an incredible chance to do my job with passion and fun, like never before.

When I started this blog I wanted to do it as honestly as possible and as humbly as

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Enjoy a fantastic price for Percona Live London before August 4!
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I attended Percona Live London since the creation of the event, and every year, I left with the same feeling, a great satisfaction.
This year again PLUK will be the place to be for MySQL lovers in Europe and I hope to meet you there.

Let me explain why you should go to PLUK2013?

  • Because MySQL is primarily a community
  • And you are this community
  • This is an easy way to meet other members of this community
  • You can meet talented people behind the blogs you read every days
  • And speakers from some of the most innovative companies with MySQL
  • This is the largest MySQL event in Europe
  • London is really a fantastic city even in November (there is no season for beer)
  • You can save a lot of money until August 4


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MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 feelings (#perconalive)
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I wasn’t at the MySQL Conference this year but it was very nice to follow this event from Paris.
Of course I didn’t feel the general atmosphere by visiting booths or met fabulous people.
But it was a great opportunity to offer you a live post about the conference with an external point of view.

Twitter, RSS feeds (yes Google, I still use RSS), Planet MySQL and infiltrators were my best friends during this crazy week.

I would like to summarize the major announcements and events occurs during this tenth edition.

Oracle at Percona Live!

Yes, Oracle was at Percona Live 2013 and it was for the best.
I invite you to watch this

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Percona Live : MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 (Slides, tweets and more…)
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MySQL Conference & Expo






This year again, the MySQL Conference and Expo, hosted by Percona, smells like a wonderful event.
I haven’t the chance to attend this event but I would like to share with you the soul of this one.
I’ll try to share latest news, tweets and slides from the event in this live post.

Stay tuned and come back!

Breaking news!

  • LATEST : See you next year!
  • MySQL 5.7 is coming… : http://bit.ly/11zENgT
  • SkySQL Merges With MariaDB : 

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An incomplete list of what your developers would like to know before migrating to MySQL 5.5
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A few years ago, I asked to check with me in the long (very long) change history of MySQL 5.5 documentation what are the changes in relation to the SQL syntax.
Chris Calender helped me to retrieve a list of the main changes, thanks again Chris.

Today, I would like to share this list with you.
It is simply a curated transcript of what you might find in the documentation but I’m sure it can help some of you.

INTO clause in nested SELECT statements

Previously, the parser accepted an INTO clause in nested SELECT statements, which is invalid because such statements must return their results to the outer context. As of MySQL 5.5.3, this syntax is no longer permitted and statements that use it must be changed.

Table aliases in DELETE statements

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An incomplete guide to linux system configuration for MySQL
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As a former Oracle DBA, I know how the system and the database are linked.
The first one who told me that the installation of Oracle has never been a problem is a liar!
Yes, your database and your system are the best of friends, you must respect that.

I’d make a list of linux system settings to configure a MySQL databases server and share my sources with you.
In return, I would like you to share your sources with the community by publishing your tips in the comments.



  • This parameter allows to specify how the kernel must manage the memory swap
  • Default value : 60 (Range 0 to 100)
  • Value to set : 0 (it will swap only to avoid an out of memory condition)
  • How to set a new non-persistent value :  sysctl -w vm.swappiness=0
  • How to store a new persistent

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FOSDEM 2013, another nice open source event in Europe!
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FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, 
share ideas and collaborate.
It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented 
and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.

This year again, be sure that FOSDEM will be the place to be in February!

Do you have any doubts? Really ? Dude, repeat after me :

  • Free event
  • During a week-end
  • Beer
  • 5000+ open source geeks
  • Beer
  • MySQL and Friends devroom
  • NoSQL devroom
  • No registration needed (open source man!)
  • Ok, that sounds good?

    Well, here are the informations to attend this terrific event :

    • How to register? : Are you kidding me?
    • When : 2 & 3 February 2013 (Hurry up guys!)
    • Where : Brussels (beers!!!)

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    [Plus] readers choice 2012 : It’s time to nominate!
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    2012 was again a great year for MySQL and for the community.
    Many events, tools, features were released this year and more to come next year.

    So, it’s time to tell us what services and tools you used this year in these different categories :

    • MySQL Monitoring tools
    • MySQL GUI tools
    • Other MySQL tools
    • MySQL Blogs
    • MySQL backup tools
    • Operating systems for MySQL databases
    • Replication tools
    • MySQL Distributions
    • NoSQL Distributions
    • MySQL events


    Send an email at cedric@mysqlplus.fr or write a comment with your nominees before the end of this

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    PLUK 2012 slides are available on [Plus]
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    Percona Live London 2012 was again a great event.
    You can find some of the slides on [Plus], enjoy! :

    If you would like to add your slides, post a comment with the link.

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    Upcoming MySQL events that you should not miss !
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    There will be at least 3 MySQL events that you shouldn’t miss by the end of the year :

    I suggest you to register right now to gain a super saver registration discounts.
    And it is also time to book your hotel/flight to take advantage of cheaper rates.

    I don’t want to (re)write a detailled post about these great conferences, see my last post about Percona Live London 2011 : 

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    Slides from MySQL Conference 2012 (Aka Percona Live)
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    Hi everybody,

    I’m sure you’re all listening about what is happening at the MySQL annual conference (no ? really ?)
    So, you can find bellow all the slides from the MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 :

    Source : https://www.box.com/perconalive2012

    Find some videos  : http://www.percona.tv/2012/04

    Related Posts :

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    MySQL[plus] awards 2011 final results ! (and a story)
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    Let me tell you a very touching story about these awards.
    As I said in the comments : Sometimes we think about something and the next minute we did it…
    And it exactly what happened, I took my inspiration from the TUAW Best Of 2011 (Yes, I’m also an Apple fan boy, sorry :-)), and a few minutes later, MySQL[plus] awards 2011 were live !

    I thought I could have 50 voters, perhaps 100 voters, in my wildest dreams…

    But more than 300 voters and more than 4000 views later, the reality is there : You are amazing !

    But, no, it wasn’t perfect !

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    Last chance to vote for MySQL+ community awards 2011, VOTE NOW !
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    You have until Jan. 31 to vote for your favorites tools and services, so, vote now !

    Thanks again all folks for your keen interest and your involvement, it was a big surprise to see so many contributors

    Follow this link to vote : http://www.mysqlplus.net/2012/01/05/vote-mysqlplus-community-awards-2011/

    And come february the 1st for the final results…



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    Vote for MySQL[plus] awards 2011 !
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    First of all, I wish you a happy new year.
    Many things happened last year, it was really exciting to be involved in the MySQL ecosystem.
    I hope this enthusiasm will be increased this year, up to you !

    To start the year, I propose the MySQL[plus] Awards 2011
    It will only take 5 minutes to fill out these polls.
    Answer with your heart first and then with your experience with some of these tools or services.

    Polls will be closed January 31, so, vote now !
    For “other” answers, please,  let me a comment with details.

    Don’t hesitate to submit proposal for tools or services in the comments.

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    My slides of MySQL Meetup Viadeo / LeMUG Paris
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    I was glad to present how to schedule and monitor mysqldump with ZRM community last week in Paris as part of the MySQL Meetup Viadeo / LeMUG

    You can find my slides below, enjoy ! :

    MYSQLDUMP & ZRM COMMUNITY (EN) View more presentations from Cédric PEINTRE Thanks to Olivier and all the viadeo team in Paris for this event.
    And, of course, thanks to all attendees. We need more events like that in France ! Related Posts :
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    Words about PLUK2011
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    Percona Live London 2011 is over and it was a wonderfull event. Thanks to Percona for this quality event in Europe.
    And thanks to all speakers for their outstanding performances.

    I just want to share with you some words about PLUK2011, these few words reflect my technical feelings after the event :
    (This is the live transcript of my notes during the conference in random order)

    • MySQL is not dead !
    • Sharding is a good way for write scalability
    • It’s difficult to find a real HA solution for MySQL
    • MHA rocks !
    • IO are more than ever our enemies (and we must get into their privacy)
    • Where is Oracle ?!
    • Glad to see SkySQL there
    • We probably need new références for SSD
    • Keep in mind the operability of the proposed

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    [UPDATED] Why you should go to Percona Live (London) ?
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    [ UPDATED 2011-09-22 ] :
    For French attendees : Vous participez ou souhaitez participer à cette conférence, rejoignez le groupe de la communauté francophone pour partager autour de cet évènement
    For All : Download the take away PDF of the conference here : PLL2011.pdf
    For All : Download the schedules : Percona_Live_London2011.ics

    I don’t want to debate about the next MySQL Conference here, you can find a great summary post here :

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