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FullText, statistiques et MySQL : quelques mauvaises surprises

Si vous utilisez MySQL de façon sérieuse, je ne peux vous dire à quel point vous devriez suivre le blogue MySQL Entomologist religieusement!  L’auteur y expose les bogues, les problèmes, les particularités de MySQL dans un style efficace, sans biais ni embellissement : que la vérité crue!

Comme par exemple les nombreux problèmes avec les indexes fulltext ou les statistiques persistentes de InnoDB.

Freewill in progress (2)

(Click to enlarge)

What’s up?

As you can see, Freewill now supports 17 different selection policies.  At this point, all of them are coded but only half of them have been tested.

The 11 available termination policies are coded, half of them tested.

So far, only 2 mutation policies are available.  Both of them are coded and tested. I will probably need a few extras for TSP type of problems as well as numerically parametrized problems (e.g. De Jong functions with a domain for each variable).  I’ll probably add 3-4 other ones specific to the problem that started all this adventure!

Only one immigration policy (no immigration!) is available and it will stay that way …

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