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A simple webpage test script in Python

Looking around on Google for a webpage test script returns a lot of results. Some of them are useful, some are not. In particular, for Python, the scripts on the first page of results are minimal and lacking a useful copy and paste / ready to go script that will answer the question “is my webpage available?”. So I decided to write a quick one that will give you the return code and email you as an alert if the page does not return with a 200 code (successful). You can find the script here. Update: the webserver was trying to execute the script as a .py file so I just changed it to .txt – for it to work you will want to change the .txt extension to a .py extension after you download it.

If you are familiar with Python scripting, this script could easily be modified to post to a form so that you can test a MySQL transaction (or other transactional DB) …

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