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Kontrollkit – new backup script is partition space aware

I’ve been wanting to write a backup script for a while now that does the following: reads the partition information for the directory that you are backing up into and computes the used/available/percentage-available space. Then it reads the total data size from the MySQL tables and ensures that you have enough space on disk (for [...]

Kontrollsoft is using Eventum for your support needs

After some testing and setup we have decided to use Eventum for our support ticketing needs. This featureful system will be in use for all of your support questions related to Kontrollbase – the MySQL analytics and performance tuning web application, as well as Kontrollkit – the collection of server automation scripts. You can read [...]

Kontrollkit 1.02 revision 10 available for download

A new version of Kontrollkit is available. Changes are listed here:

Kontrollkit revision 26 released

New version of kontrollkit – mysql database administration scripts available for download. I’ve fixed the cnf file to support MySQL 5.1 – there are some small changes there. Also added the script which is a simple backup script that will do email reporting, file completion checking, compression, and filesystem pruning to keep your backup directory within scope for retention policies. Get the new package here:

Kontrollkit – new version for download

Kontrollkit has been updated and has a new script for optimizing your database schemas. Some of the cnf files have been updated, some of the other files have had link corrections. Overall, a nice update. You can find the download here:

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