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How to properly shutdown MySQL before any maintenance activity

How to properly shutdown MySQL before any maintenance activity
We might have different scenarios once we need to stop MySQL service before performing either server or database activity like patching/upgrade.  
Before performing such activity, we need to make sure that we stop MySQL service properly to avoid any unforeseen crashes once our maintenance activity complete and MySQL service is started. 
Here I would like to share the below steps which should be performed and take care to properly stop MySQL service. 
Step 1: Ensure we don't have any long-running queries. Manually verify by checking the processlist. show processlist;  Step …

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How to Prepare for MySQL Certification Exam

How to Prepare for MySQL Certification Exam

Here I am going to suggest MySQL DBA, student or any newbie that how they can prepare for "Oracle's MySQL 5.x Database Administrator" certification exam. 
Step 1: Lab
-- Prepare your local MySQL lab environment and make sure to install the respective MySQL version on your lab. (i.e., if you are going to appear on MySQL 5.6 DBA exam 1Z0-883 then install MySQL 5.6 on your lab) 
-- You can follow my below blog post to create your local MySQL lab …

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Install MySQL on CentOS using DBdeployer

Install MySQL on CentOS using DBdeployer
1. Here It is assumed You will have a CentOS system/VM. If not, then please find my this blog post link where you will get instruction about, how you can create CentOS virtual machine using the vagrant. 
2. Connect to CentOS VM abhinavs-MacBook-Air:centos7-test-vm agupta$ pwd /Users/agupta/vagrant_box/centos7-test-vm
abhinavs-MacBook-Air:centos7-test-vm agupta$ vagrant ssh 
[vagrant@centos7-test-vm ~]$ sudo su -
[root@centos7-test-vm ~]#
3. Run below command to install the latest …

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errno: 24 - Too many open files

errno: 24 - Too many open files
You might see this error inside MySQL's error log file or during mysql_upgrade operation.

Can't open file: ‘./db/table.frm' (errno: 24 - Too many open files)
To solve this issue, you will need to change the open files limit at system and db service level.

--> To check and change this limit at the system level, we use ulimit client tool to set it dynamically.

* Check current system open file limit.
root@test:~# ulimit -a core file size          (blocks, -c) 0 data seg …

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Thumb rule to choose Percona-Server ssl Linux-Generic package

Thumb rule to choose Percona-Server ssl Linux-Generic package

Here below are my thumb rules to choose which ssl linux-generic package, you should download for your system.

Like here we can see if we need to download Percona-Server Linux-Generic package then We can see here we have couple of packages available with different ssl(100/101/102) versions.

Here you should choose below package based on your operating system.

Debian …

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PORP LAB : ProxySQL/Orchestrator/Replication/PMM Summary PORP Lab will create 4 different nodes. Each node will have below packages/applications/db installed.

-- Percona Server 5.7
-- Percona Toolkit 
-- Percona XtraBackup 
-- Sysbench 
-- ProxySQL
-- Orchestrator 
-- PMM

mysql1 / mysql2 / mysql3
-- Percona Server 5.7
-- Percona Toolkit
-- pmm-client
-- Replication

PORP LAB have ProxySQL,Orchestrator and PMM properly configured, we can just create this lab and use it.

Install VirtualBox

Version 5.2.22 or Later

Install Vagrant

Version 2.2.2 or Later

Install Vagrant plugin hostmanager

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager

Update Vagrant Plugin

vagrant plugin update

Clone the repo

git clone …
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Plenty of new MySQL books

In the old days, when we wanted to strengthen our skills the only option was to buy a good book. Nowadays one can find a lot of resources on the Internet, however quality is often poor. Fortunately there are still some great people who are brave enough to write new books that will help a new generation of women and men to build modern applications with MySQL the world's most popular open source database. Let me introduce you 3 MySQL books : Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store / MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide / Pro MySQL NDB Cluster

"Making bank" at MySQL (AB/INC)

Just because this topic came up more than once at MySQL Connect...

Apparently, some alumni have been awarded bonuses for certain pieces of work during their time at MySQL and I guess that there was an expectation from some that the same applied to the work I did. Now, I don't want anyone to get the impression that I am experiencing "sour grapes" over the past - I actually enjoyed much of my time

Generate html with the mysql client

I’m a big fan of the MySQL command line tool ie the default text client modestly named: mysql. I use it everyday because you can do almost everything with it (DML, DDL, DCL, administrative tasks,...).

It has many options including generate xml or html output.

$ mysql --help | grep "\--html" -H, --html Produce HTML output.

I want to contribute,

Over at David Stoke's Open Source DBA blog, the following was posted: My reply: Allow me to contribute code with a BSD (3-clause) license without having to sign anything new and then we can talk. Don’t tell me that it can’t be done: Oracle already has some code of mine in another product which was

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