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M3 code refactor & DBI support

Pluggable M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) Framework

Who needs an introduction about M3? – Perhaps no one!
After gaining some reputation with M3, providing extra-easy integration of any monitor into Monitis it was time to take it to the next level.

Generally speaking, the work flow of M3 was described in detail in this article.

After some thought and design, we’ve decided it’d be best if M3 was pluggable. Pluggable in terms of being able to easily add execution and parsing plugins.
The interface and behavior of M3 …

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Setting up Perl on Windows for MySQL Scripts (mysqldumpslow, mysql_explain_log, etc.)

This article is just a how-to for setting up Perl on Windows in order to use the perl scripts provided with MySQL, such as or

Now, you might say there is a section on this topic in the MySQL manual, to which I’d agree. But, this was for ActiveState Perl 5.6. The latest ActiveState Perl is 5.12, so thoese instructions are a bit out-of-date. Also, there are some helpful “User Comments” on that same page, but again, those are slightly out-of-date in the ActiveState 5.12. So, I thought I’d just post the steps I took in order to set this up.

First, download and install ActivePerl. Click the “Download ActivePerl 5.12.4 for Windows” button (choose either 32-bit or 64-bit). You’ll be prompted to save an msi file. Save …

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Fifty Percent

I just uploaded one of my chapters in my book "Developing Web Applications using Perl, Memcached, MySQL and Apache" (Wiley). This was the 50% point. Man, this is a ton of work. Writing a book really takes up every second of your life, which is really hard when there are other projects you maintain - namely DBD::mysql, Memcached UDFs, FederatedX and my interest in helping with Drizzle. I've tried as much as possible to use my projects as material for the book making it possible to do two things at once, as well as make it interesting to write.

It's harder to write on reference material and explaining basic concepts than it is to write about code examples. The code examples I really enjoy because they are first interesting, and secondly there are some tricks and code functionality (particularly with Perl, DBI, stored procedures, etc) that I have never tried out before despite having been writing code for many years, that this book has …

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Perl/mod_perl/DBI/etc: To thread or not to thread

Here's a question I posted to the DBI as well as mod_perl mailing list that I thought would be also a good question to ask here:

Hi all,

I'm currently working on... of all things, a book on book about web app programming with Perl/Apache/MySQL, and I'm trying to explain what Ubuntu packages to use for installation (and I'm sure other Linux variants same applies)

Ubuntu gives you:


I've used both prefork and worker (as of late, due to concerns with perl and threads), both of which seem to work fine. Though, the DBI documentation warns of caveats of using threaded, especially if the client is not thread safe (I always compile mysql with a thread-safe client, and DBD::mysql against that thread safe client).

So... I'm trying to decide if I should explain

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DBD::mysql 4.007 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.007. This release contains the changes:

* Took out mysql_server_init call where not needed
* Complete re-write of test suit to use Test::More - tons of cleanups!
* Makefile.PL changes to use current user in 'make test' if not defined

The biggest change in this release is a completely re-written test suite now using Test::More. This was something I wanted to do for at least two years. Using Test::More for the test suite makes it so much easier to add, manage and understand the various tests that come with the driver.

The file is:

file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.007.tar.gz
size: 123516 bytes
md5: 67a4d921acda942aeb0e65a0023f2098


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