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DBD::mysql 4.0.23 and MySQLBind released

For the sake of getting things done and not having projects succumb to bit-rot (in the case of MySQLBind), today I have released DBD::mysql 4.0.23 and MySQLBind with prepared-statement support.


DBD::mysql is the Perl driver for MySQL. I have been maintaining this project now for almost 10 years. I work on a lot of different projects and various languages, but Perl is very dear to me and so many things taken for granted that we use in the technical world use it and it Just Works (TM). MySQL is of course dear to me as well, and Perl talking to MySQL is of utmost importance, hence why I love maintaining this driver. I know the code in my sleep as well! This version includes various changes from contributors in the Open Source community who I am very grateful to. Please see the change log for details!

Also-- this is very important -- I want to thank Sveta Smirnova (Спасибо Света!) as …

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DBD::mysql 4.015 Released

I'm glad to let everyone out in Perl Land know that DBD::mysql 4.015 is released. Per the changelog:

* BUG #56664 fixed t/40blobs.t skip_all logic (W. Phillip Moore)
* BUG #57253 Fixed iteration past end of string (crash). (Chris Butler)
* Added a new parameter for old behavior- mysql_bind_comment_placeholders which
  will make it possible to have placeholders bound within comments for those who really
  want that behavior.
* Fixed bind_type_guessing - always on now. Numbers will not be automatically quoted as they are now.

You can get the latest release at:

 file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.015.tar.gz
 size: 132029 bytes
  md5: 4d80bb5000b97bbfbe156140b9560c20

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DBD::mysql 4.014 Released

It's been an extremely busy year thus far with all the great work we're doing at NorthScale as well as the release of CaptTofu 2.0 (My son Kiran!). With the new UI on, in my spare time, I went through and closed some bugs, hence a new release of DBD::mysql, 4.014. In this release:

* BUG 30033 Fixed handling of comments to allow comments that contain characters
  that might otherwise cause placeholder detection to not work properly
* BUG 53844, Fix for memory leak in stats. (Gregory Burmistrov)
* BUG 49719, Fix for handling of NULLs in prepared statements (Gert Pache)
* BUG 55627, Fix for testing failure due to strict mode (Yves)
* BUG 51784, Fix for mysqladmin on Windows in Makefile (Zeeshan Muhammad)
* BUG 41630, Typo in Makefile

There are other bugs in, hence a pending release in the next week or two. I like an empty bug list! …

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DBD::mysql 4.013 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.013. I've been busy with so many interesting tasks at NorthScale which include keeping my open source projects moving along. I made some time this week to conglomerate some patches that have been submitted and close tickets which this release consists of.

Changes from the changelog:

* #49484: PATCH add support for MYSQL_INIT_COMMAND to
DBD::mysql - Thanks Peter John Edwards!
* #48242: 'mysql_bind_type_guessing' doesn't work correctly
with minus sign - Thanks Serguei Trouchelle!
* #45616: t/40blobs.t cannot pass without database access -
ServerError() not declared - Thanks ysth

Thanks to all who helped with patches on this release!

The files:

file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.013.tar.gz

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DBD::mysql 4.012 Released

Hi all!

I'm pleased to announce a release of DBD::mysql 4.012!

This release includes several fixes and modifications (per ChangeLog):

* Patch to bind_type_guessing from Craigslist, Thanks to Chris! Happiness is no quoted numbers. Fixed ChopBlanks to work with bind_type_guessing

* Patch for win32 strawberry build Thanks to Curtis Jewell! Windows needs love

* Patch for auto-reconnect to set active flag Thanks to Doug Fischer!

* Fixed bug 32464 See also:
Add connection flag mysql_no_autocommit_cmd which users of MySQL Proxy can use to prevent 'set autocommit=#' from being issued by the driver. 'perldoc DBD::mysql' to …

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DBD::drizzle 0.100 released!

I'm incredibly elated to announce the release of DBD::drizzle 0.100. What is different about this release? It uses Eric Day's new client library, libdrizzle! This means we could eventually package the client with DBD::drizzle, eliminating the issues I have with DBD::mysql where code doesn't compile because of trying to compile DBD::drizzle against a MySQL client binary produced on a different machine with a different compiler and compile flags.

I want to thank Clint Byrum - immense thanks- for his work, which the majority of, made this possible. He and I spent the last several days together at the users conference going over the code, getting it to work. We achieved together more in hours time what would have taken days or even weeks. I'm also glad to have gotten to know Clint-- it's great to make new friends!

The next step is that we'll probably write this from scratch at some point. Right now, this is a retro-fit of …

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DBD::mysql 4.011 Released

Hi all!

I'm happy to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.011, uploaded late last night. This release fixes the following (per Changelog):

* Renamed unsafe_bind_type_guessing, fixed some of the logic. This
can be used to deal with bug 43822
* Patch from Daniel Frett (daniel Dot frett At ccci Dot org -- Thanks!) to fix
issue of binding sever side integer parameters (server-side prepare
statements) resulting in corrupt data, bug 42723
* Updated documentation, cruft cleanup (as always)

One thing I'd like to fix next is building DBD::mysql on Windows. Anyone who'd like to contribute, I'd be glad to hear …

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DBD::mysql and Memcahed UDF news

Good news!


I have a new co-maintainer who is going to help out with DBD::mysql, particularly with Windows build issues with Strawberry Perl. His name is Matthew Wilson. He "works part-time for a hedge fund maintaining predictive market models. " and I'm looking forward to working with him to improve DBD::mysql.

Things on the agenda for DBD::mysql :

* Build issues, particularly with Windows
* Any bugs that need fixing
* Change to a new SVN server, as well as get moved to Launchpad

Memcached Functions for MySQL

New release this week, 0.8. Numerous fixes, particularly to behaviors functions. They will work now!

Thats all for now. I'm in the middle of writting a book, so must get back to work!

Fifty Percent

I just uploaded one of my chapters in my book "Developing Web Applications using Perl, Memcached, MySQL and Apache" (Wiley). This was the 50% point. Man, this is a ton of work. Writing a book really takes up every second of your life, which is really hard when there are other projects you maintain - namely DBD::mysql, Memcached UDFs, FederatedX and my interest in helping with Drizzle. I've tried as much as possible to use my projects as material for the book making it possible to do two things at once, as well as make it interesting to write.

It's harder to write on reference material and explaining basic concepts than it is to write about code examples. The code examples I really enjoy because they are first interesting, and secondly there are some tricks and code functionality (particularly with Perl, DBI, stored procedures, etc) that I have never tried out before despite having been writing code for many years, that this book has …

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DBD::mysql 4.009 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.009! A couple fixes are included with this release:

* Fix to re-enable TAKE_IMP_DATA_VERSION. Still have to ensure DBI version 1.607 or higher in the test suite (Daniel Frett, myself)
* Fix to escaped single quotes throwing off bind param detection. Patch from Zhurs ( -- Spasibo!), new test modified to use Test::More (myself)

Thanks/Spasibo for the help from Daniel Frett and Zhurs as well as all those who report bugs!

The file:

The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.009.tar.gz
size: 125168 bytes
md5: 1115dcc2560191bfaed09baf6aa7e183

Found at:

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