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Geo-Scale MySQL in AWS Webinar

Learn how to build a global, multi-region MySQL cloud back-end capable of serving hundreds of millions of online multiplayer game accounts. Find out how Riot Games serves a globally distributed audience with low-latency, fast response times for read traffic, rapid-failover automated high availability, simple administration, system visibility, and stability.


Watch the Geo-Scale MySQL in AWS Webinar.

Watch the AWS Re:Invent Talk, here

Read the Riot Games blog post, here

Tungsten Clustering versus AWS RDS/MySQL

Enterprises require high availability for their business-critical applications. Even the smallest unplanned outage or even a planned maintenance operation can cause lost sales, productivity, and erode customer confidence. Additionally, updating and retrieving data needs to be robust to keep up with user demand.

Let’s take a look at how Tungsten Clustering helps enterprises keep their data available and globally scalable, and compare it to Amazon’s RDS running MySQL (RDS/MySQL).

Replicas and Failover What does RDS do?

Having multiple copies of a database is ideal for high availability. RDS/MySQL approaches this with “Multi-AZ” deployments. The term “Multi-AZ” here is a bit confusing, as enabling this simply means a single “failover replica” will be created in a different availability zone from the primary database instance. …

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