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SkySQL Soaring to New Heights

In case you may have overlooked yesterday’s post from Ulf Sandberg, I thought I’d go ahead and reiterate the main points, as it is big news, at least for those interested in SkySQL.

SkySQL has been like a rocket ship with it’s growth since we started, and now we’re making some even bigger changes to help accelerate that effort further.

As Ulf announced, we’ve named a new CEO, Patrik Sallner, to take over after the initial bootstrap period.

Patrik, a former executive at F-Secure, will officially become CEO on July 1st. “Patrik comes to SkySQL with demonstrated experience in building international software and services businesses, including delivering cloud storage solutions to the world’s largest telecommunications operators. The addition of Patrik to SkySQL’s Leadership Team is a tremendous boon to …

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2012.04.20

Topics for this podcast:

*OpenStack, Amazon, Eucalyptus and Citrix engage in open cloud warfare
*Microsoft spins off new company for openness
*Updates on automation players Puppet Labs and Opscode with Chef
*Percona turns attention to MySQL high availability
*Open APIs as the fifth pillar of modern IT openness

iTunes or direct download (28:42, 4.9MB)

Autoscaling MySQL on Amazon EC2

Read the original article at Autoscaling MySQL on Amazon EC2

Autoscaling your webserver tier is typically straightforward. Image your apache server with source code or without, then sync down files from S3 upon spinup. Roll that image into the autoscale configuration and you’re all set.

With the database tier though, things can be a bit tricky. The typical configuration we see is to have a single master database where your application writes. But scaling out or horizontally on Amazon EC2 should be as easy as adding more slaves, right? Why not automate that process?

Below we’ve set out to answer some of the questions you’re likely to face when setting up slaves against your master. We’ve included …

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Presentation: Databases and the Cloud (and why it is more difficult for databases)

A week ago I again had the pleasure to give a guest lecture at Tampere University of Technology. I've visited them the first time when I worked as MySQL pre-sales in Sun.

To be trendy, I of course had to talk about the cloud. It turns out every section has the subtitle "...and why it is more difficult for databases". I also rightfully claim to have invented the NoSQL key-value development model in 2005.

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Open Source CloudStack 3.0 Is Coming

The new dashboard from the CloudStack 3.0 beta.

Over the last year I have been working on the CloudStack Open Source Cloud Computing project. This month we are getting ready to launch CloudStack 3.0 which really raises the bar for cloud computing platforms.  So what is CloudStack ? short It is an infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) platform that orchestrates virtualized servers into an elastic compute environment. The project was originally developed by and is now sponsored by Citrix since they acquired in July of 2011.

CloudStack provides multiple methods for interacting with the …

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A History lesson for Cloud Detractors

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We've all seen cloud computing discussed ad nauseam on blogs, on Twitter, Quora, Stack Exchange, your mom’s Facebook page... you get the idea. The tech bloggers and performance experts often pipe in with their graphs and statistics showing clearly that dollar-for-dollar, cloud hosted virtual servers can’t compete with physical servers in performance, so why is everyone pushing them? It's just foolhardy, they say.

On the other end, management and their bean counters would simply roll their eyes saying this is why the tech guys aren't running the business.

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Walking on Cloud 9

As the saying goes, we at Severalnines have been walking on several clouds this year, 9 to be precise!

Today, we are proud to say that we are on walking on Cloud 9!

And in the spirit of celebration, we would like to announce our:

Top 9 Clouds of the Year 2011 for Severalnines

Cloud 1 – releasing ClusterControl™ - our first commercial product in April!

ClusterControl™ is our flagship product. It enables developers and database administrators to Deploy, Manage, Monitor and Scale their clustered database platforms, free …

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New Euro Partnership offers safe-haven from US Patriot Act

New Euro Partnership offers safe-haven from US Patriot Act
Severalnines and City Network launch first fully European ‘Database as a Service’

STOCKHOLM and LONDON, 23rd November -Severalnines, provider of automation and management software for cloud database platforms, and City Network, the ‘data center in a browser’ company have announced the first fully European Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution - in beta form. The City Cloud Database Service is based and operated by companies in the European Union - offering European customers full compliance with EU Directive on Data Protection 95/46/EC and a safe haven from the reaches of the US Patriot Act.

EU customers can now benefit from the savings and flexibility enabled by cloud-based database services safe in the knowledge that they …

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Seattle Web Tech Meetup Nov 21

Read the original article at Seattle Web Tech Meetup Nov 21

I'll be one of two speakers at the next Seattle Web Technology Bi-Weekly Meet up on Nov 21 at the Citrus Lounge.

They've sexed it up a little by calling it a face-off between Windows Azure and Amazon EC2  (no prizes for guessing which side I represent) but really it's going to be a primer on the Platform-as-a service and Infrastructure-as-a-service models. I expect some lively discussions during Q&A.

I'll be covering questions such as what cloud computing is, what EC2 provides, what is datacenter automation and the …

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The market for Cloud Computing

Read the original article at The market for Cloud Computing

Saw this awesome infographic by Cloud Spectator on twitter today. A great snapshot of the expected growth in Cloud Computing. If the Cloud Computing market was stacked up against world economies it would be the 51st largest in the world with massive inequality - Amazon has half the share.

For more articles like these go to MySQL Expert, Linux, EC2 & Scalability Consulting NYC

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