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O'Reilly Maker

Lefred pointed us to O'Reilly Maker

This one really is my preferred one

It's sad, but so true.

This Nokia rant makes me wonder where the Mac version is.

Didn't Scott Adams already write this one ?

That's Wally right ? :)

And even the IT Crowd also has it's own manual already.

Pixie Dust For MySQL: 5 Elemental Lessons

The fifth and last abstract submitted for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference in April 2008.

As an independent consultant, there are quite a few trouble spots I see repeatedly. I’ll discuss five of them, and how to avoid them in your own infrastructure.

As an independent consultant for twelve years, I?ve encountered a lot of interesting and challenging projects. I?ll discuss five different cases, and what lessons I took away from each.

1. Intro
2. The Right Hardware
3. Importance of Good Testing
4. Patchwork or Good Design
5. Don?t Mix Opposites
6. Use The Technology
7. Conclusion

Is Your Database an Open Book?

The fourth in a series of five abstracts for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference in April 2008.

Learn how to audit your systems, and run through the right checklists so you can sleep better at night knowing your systems are more secure.

Security is on everyone?s radar these days. You may be wondering yourself whether your database systems are really as secure as they should be. We?ll discuss some of the latest vulnerabilities, and what you can do to protect your systems.

1. Introduction
2. Authentication
3. SQL Injection
4. OS Security
5. Network Security
6. Conclusions

Hitchhiker?s Guide to MySQL Replication

This is the third in a series of five abstracts submitted to the O’Reilly MySQL Conference in April 2008.

MySQL has a great facility for creating a read-only failover database. We’ll show you how to setup, start, failover, and monitor it.

Setting up MySQL to have a master + slave failover capability might be intimidating, but it needn’t be.

1. Intro
2. Anatomy of MySQL Replication
3. Initial Master copy
4. Setup + starting the slave
5. Failover from Master
6. Adding another slave
7. Monitoring your slave db
8. Conclusions

Hacking MySQL

The second in a series of five abstracts for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference in April 2008.

Inevitably hackers are trying to get at your data, so you mine as well know what they can and can’t do. What better way to discover where you’re vulnerable than hacking your own systems.

Operating Systems have bugs, Database Software has bugs, and so does your application, probably. A better question is how hackable are you? We?ll look at some of the nefarious ways intruders can get in, so you?ll better know how secure your systems really are.

1. Intro
2. OS level
3. Database level
4. Application level
5. Conclusions

A Vegetarian Database? Diet Essentials for MySQL

I’ve just put together my abstracts for O’Reilly’s MySQL Conference in April 2008. Some of them might sound familiar…

Learn to watch your database like a fitness diet. Trim down the SQL queries, use the right hardware, and monitor the right metrics to keep it running fast.

There are healthy databases and their are unhealthy ones. We?ll take a look at what you feed your database, and how to keep it fit with just the right diet of hardware, configuration, and SQL query tuning.

1. Introduction - Diet of a Champion Database
2. Disk, Memory, CPU - Body by Intel
3. Applications - Lean & Fit
4. SQL Queries - High Fiber, Low Fat
5. Conclusions

Dear Technical Conference Organizer

I am a conference junkie. I love attending them, organizing them, speaking at them, planning to attend them, seeing my friends at conferences, making friends with the nice (but often stressed) people who run conferences and so on. I even like eating the (often bad) food - kvetching about it builds a sense of camaraderie with the other participants.

Given how much time and money I spend on conferences already, it might be hard for you to be able to get more money directly out of me. However, here is one small tip on a way that you might be able to do this.

When you send me email about upcoming events, send me links to useful feed as well. Many of you are technologists who run technology conferences for other technologists. For Zarquon’s sake, use the common pieces of technology that many of us use.

What would such feeds look like? Well, to answer my own rhetorical question …

[Read more]
MySQL Sandalcamp Presentation

Unfortunately, I had to skip out on my presentation at this year’s MySQL Conference.

Thankfully, my friend Mike Hillyer was able to pinch hit for me. I had planned to do a podcast of the session, but - as he is totally awesome - Mike even recorded the session.

Speaking at the 2007 MySQL Conference

My MySQL Sandalcamp proposal made the cut for the upcoming MySQL Conference. I hope that I will see some of you down in Santa Clara in April.

Random Thought: MySQL is the Perl of RDBMS

While chatting with a few SVN hackers at OSCON, it occured to me that MySQL is the Perl of RDBMS. Discuss among yourselves.

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