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OpenSQLCamp Videos online!

OpenSQLCamp was a huge success! I took videos of most of the sessions (we only had 3 video cameras, and 4 rooms, and 2 sessions were not recorded). Unfortunately, I was busy doing administrative stuff for opensqlcamp for the opening keynote and first 15 minutes of the session organizing, and when I got to the planning board, it was already full….so I was not able to give a session.

Drizzle Client Rewrite – Clark Boylan leads the requirements and design discussion for rewriting the Drizzle Client Drizzle Plugin Hacking[Read more]
PBMS Cloud storage is back!


Support for S3 BLOB storage has now been fully integrated into the PBMS engine. It works in much the same way that I mentioned in an earlier post but with some important changes so I will explain it all again here.

When using S3 BLOB storage with PBMS the BLOB reference tracking and metadata is handled the same as before in that they are stored in the BLOB record in the repository, but the actual BLOB is stored on an S3 server.

To setup S3 storage you need to add an S3 cloud reference record to the pbms.pbms_cloud table provided by PBMS. For example:

INSERT INTO pbms.pbms_cloud(ID, Server, bucket, PublicKey, PrivateKey) VALUES(16, "", "PBMS-Test", "abc123", "amjr15vWq");

Then you need to tell PBMS which database should use S3 cloud storage for its BLOBs. This is done by updating a couple of records in the pbms_variable table that PBMS provides for each …

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PBMS will be at the OpenSQL camp in Portland Nov. 14-15

I am planning on presenting a session on PBMS at the OpenSQL camp. I am in hopes of have a chance to discuss PBMS with people and find out how they are planning on using it and what features they would like to see in it.

But even if you are not interested in PBMS you should still come if for no other reason than the free pizza!

I am proud to say the PrimeBase Technologies is one of the organizations who's sponsorship money is helping to provide the free pizza.

I will see you all there,


PBMS version 0.5.09 has been released.

A new release of the PrimeBase Media Streaming engine is now available for download at .

The main focus of this release was to provide the features required to make PBMS production ready and with the addition of transaction support and engine level backup I think it is almost there. The engine does not yet provide engine level replication but it will in a future release.

What's new:

  • PBMS now provides two methods to backup the BLOB repository which are documented here.
  • PBMS now supports transactions independently of the storage engine.
  • There is now a PHP extension for PBMS. Check it out!
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New simplified engine interface for PBMS

By making PBMS transactional I have been able to greatly simplify the engine interface making it much easier for engine builders to build in support for PBMS. How much simpler is it? From the time I decided to make InnoDB PBMS enabled to when I started the rebuild of MySQL was less than half an hour!

The same way that I added PBMS support to InnoDB it can be added directly to the MySQL server so that the PBMS engine will be used for BLOB storage for all engines regardless of if they have been enabled or not. PBMS support for drizzle will be provided via a data filter plug-in which I have yet to write but will soon.

To add PBMS support all you need to do is add the file to your source code and add the following to your handler code. I will use the InnoDB handler code as an example:


#pragma …
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PBMS is transactional!

The PBMS engine now has built in support for transaction so that if you reference or dereference BLOBs during a transaction the changes you made will be committed or rolled back with the transaction. Up until now PBMS had depended on the host engine to handle transactions and inform it what needed to be done in the event of a rollback.

I have implemented transaction support by adding a circular transaction log and transaction cache. The circular transaction log is dynamic and can grow and shrink as required. The transaction records are all small (30 byte) fixed length records so the log doesn’t need to be that large to be able to handle a lot of transactions. A head and tail pointer are maintained to indicate where the head and tail of the circular log is. If the circular log becomes full then the records just overflow and are written to the end of the log. Once the transaction reader has caught up after an overflow has occurred it …

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PrimeBase Engines at the MySQL Conference 2009

Barry, Vladimir and I (the entire PrimeBase dev team!) will be presenting next week at the MySQL User Conference and Expo.

We've got lots of cool stuff going on. Barry will tell you how PBMS can store your BLOBs in the clouds, Vladimir will be explaining what makes PBXT so fast, and I will be talking about the past, the present and the future...

Even if that all doesn't interest you, be sure to just drop by to say hi. We're friendly, really! :)

The PBXT Storage Engine: Meeting Future Challenges
Paul McCullagh
3:05pm - 3:50pm Tuesday, 04/21/2009
Ballroom B

BLOB Streaming: Efficient Reliable BLOB …

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BLOB storage in the cloud with PBMS

I am pleased to announce a cloud storage version of the PBMS engine.

What I have created is a version of PBMS that stores the BLOB data in a cloud and when a request for the data comes in the client is sent a redirect to get the BLOB directly from the cloud. The BLOB reference tracking and metadata is handled the same as before in that they are stored in the BLOB record in the repository but the actual BLOB is stored somewhere else.

This has several advantages over storing the BLOB in the repository record:

  1. It reduces the disk storage requirement of the database server’s machine.
  2. It reduces the bandwidth requirement of the database server’s machine.

The beauty of it is that the client application doesn’t need to know anything about the cloud …

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The PrimeBase BLOB Streaming (PBMS) engine alpha version 5.08 is ready

Alpha version 5.08 of the BLOB streaming engine for MySQL has been released. You can download the source code from The documentation has also been updated.

What's new in 5.08:

  • All PBMS data is stored under a 'pbms' directory in the MySQL server's data directory rather than in the database directories them selves.
  • This version now builds with Drizzle and can be loaded as a 'Blobcontainer' plug-in.
  • Added the possibility of storing BLOB metadata along with the BLOB in the repository.
  • Added the possibility of assigning an alias to a BLOB, which can then be used to retrieve the BLOB instead of using the engine generated URL.
  • Added an updateable system table 'pbms_metadata_header' to control which HTTP headers are stored as metadata.
  • Added an updateable …
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PBMS supports Drizzle

The PBMS engine now works with Drizzle. Well actually it has been working with Drizzle for several months since I have been using Drizzle as my 'host' server while adding new features to the engine. I will tell you about the new features in future posts.
Hooks for a 'blobcontainer' type plug-in have been added to Drizzle that allow a plug-in to catch insert. update, or delete operations on BLOB columns in any table and handle the BLOB storage itself. The plug-in gets called above the storage engine level so it is independent of the storage engines. This is very similar to the way that PBMS works in MySQL 5.1 with engines other than PBXT where it uses triggers to perform the same function. But the way it is done with Drizzle is a lot more efficient.
So in Drizzle the PBMS engine is both a 'blobcontainer' plug-in as well as a storage engine. 
Surprisingly little needed to be done to the PBMS engine to get it to build with …

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