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Last Week For Database Survey

This is the last week to participate in a database usage survey. If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to answer 25 questions.


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2008 Open Source CMS Award: two more weeks to submit your nomination!

Just to remind you that Packt Publishing is running their Open Source CMS Award again:

The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) that have been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to Now entering its third year, the Award has established itself as an important measure for quality and the popularity of Open Source Content Management Systems.

You have two more weeks to submit your favourite CMS in the following categories:

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Over 200 Responses in Less than 2 Weeks

Less than two weeks ago, I posted my Database Survey. As of just a few minutes ago, I have had 215 responses. That's pretty awesome. I'd like to get at least twice that though.

I haven't looked deeply at it yet to see if there are any trends. I think it will be best to wait until the survey is closed. I did look at some of the responses, kind of as a quality check. Looks like MySQL is fairly well represented. I didn't see any DB2 responses (for primary database). I did see plenty of Oracle and a few Postgres.

I will leave it up for another 2 1/2 weeks (for a total of 4 weeks). If you haven't taken it yet, please do so if you get a few minutes. It only takes 5-10 minutes as there is only 25 questions.

Also, if you have a blog, post on forums (without spamming), or have any other ways to spread the word, I would …

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Please take a 25 question survey

I recently posted about the results of the EDB Open Source Survey. It doesn't look like the raw data is going to be released. I was also reading about an O'reilly survey that costs $350 to see. Not that I am opposed to them making money, but I wanted to see the results and I think there are a lot people who feel the same. I have no idea if my survey is anything like O'reilly's.

Anyway, I have created a new survey. It has about 10 demographics questions asking who you are, where you are, what kind of role you have, etc. The rest are related to databases and open source. ALL data, and I mean all of the raw results, will be made available to anyone who wants to see it. I will also do some analysis and I will make that data available to any who want to see that.

All questions on the survey are optional. Feel free to skip …

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OSCON 2008 Popularity Contest

I didn't get a chance to go to OSCON 2008. Bummer. But I can live vicariously through google. So, along with all of the announcements you've heard from OSCON, I know present the OSCON 2008 - Google popularity contest. This is a completely unscientific survey of google hits. I was searching blogs and news. I started with just news but the blogs hits really upped the numbers.

To run these searches, I use "oscon 2008" and the search term, for example:

"oscon 2008" mysql

In the case of open source, I also quoted "open source".

I'm using google's about number. I didn't sit and count each hit. ;-)

Category Term Hits
General open source 28600
cloud 4220
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Reading between the lines of EnterpriseDB’s survey results

EnterpriseDB has announced the results (PDF) of its recent survey of open source database usage.

While the company understandably highlights the adoption of PostgreSQL for transaction-intensive applications and its high reliability and performance and scalability EnterpriseDB has done a pretty good job of presenting the results in an unbiased manner.

I couldn’t help feeling that some of the more interesting results are hidden at the end of or buried within EnterpriseDB’s write-up, or even missing entirely, however.

For example, right at the end of its report EnterpriseDB states that “eight three percent have yet to pay for the use of their open source database” which speaks volumes about both the challenge that open …

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Results of EnterpriseDB Open Source Database Survey

EnterpriseDB announced the results of the survey they did a few months ago at OSCON. Now, take the results with a grain of salt as it was done by EnterpriseDB. EnterpriseDB is based on Postgres so there is a vested interest in making Postgres sound good. Results can be skewed depending on how the survey is worded, what options are available as answers and who the respondents are.

The results summary is available for free.

Some key facts:

500 respondents. The download page says "500 corporate IT leaders". Or maybe, 500 open source developers. ;-)

Only 9% of respondents indicated that they preferred commercial solutions over open source solutions. I would guess that a majority of those responding …

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The MySQL community is counting its ranks

The MySQL Community is taking charge of counting its own ranks, by means of a survey with the purpose of measuring the usage of the world most popular open source database.

The proposal comes from Keith Murphy, editor of the MySQL Magazine, which should host the results in July.

More attention to this survey is coming from Lenz Grimmer MySQL Community Manager for EMEA, and …

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Please give us your feedback by taking the MySQL Magazine Survey!

If you are working with MySQL as a DBA or developer, I'd like to encourage you to consider taking the MySQL Magazine Survey, which was compiled by Keith Murphy and Mark Schoonover.

The survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete and runs until June 16th. The results will be published in the summer issue of MySQL Magazine, due on July 15th. The questions cover a broad range of topics, from details about your MySQL experience and job description over connectors and languages to operating systems and MySQL versions.

Thanks in advantage for your support and input! The results of this survey will be interesting for us as well.

Take an Open Source Database Survey

LewisC's An Expert's Guide To Oracle Technology

Do you know which open source feature is the most important? Do you know which open source database rocks and which one sucks? Is MySQL better than Postgres? Is Ingres worth considering? How does Firebird compare? Have you used, or have you considered using, an open source database?

Take a survey. It's only 15 questions so it takes just a few minutes.

I'll post a link where you can get the results once they have been compiled and prepared.

BTW, this isn't my survey. I'm just passing on the link.


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