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How well does your table fit in the InnoDB buffer pool in MySQL 5.6+?

Some time ago, Peter Zaitsev posted a blog titled “How well does your table fits in innodb buffer pool?” He used some special INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables developed for Percona Server 5.1 to report how much of each InnoDB table and index resides in your buffer pool.

As Peter pointed out, you can use this view into the buffer pool to watch a buffer pool warm up with pages as you run queries. You can also use it for capacity planning. If you expect some tables need to be fully loaded in the buffer pool to be used efficiently, but the buffer pool isn’t large enough to hold them, then it’s time to increase the size of the buffer pool.

The problem, however, was that system tables change from version to version. Specifically, the INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_PAGES_INDEX table no longer exists in Percona Server 5.6, and the …

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MySQL 5.5: What's New in Replication

In my continuing MySQL 5.5 blog series, today I am covering what's new on the replication front.  MySQL replication is my favorite server feature and what drew me to MySQL during my tenure with Embarcadero Technologies.  Others seem to agree as based on community and customer surveys, MySQL replication is the most popular and widely used database feature.  Mostly because it is easy to set up and ease, it enables scalability and provides a pretty robust solution for data redundancy, backup and overall availability.  In MySQL 5.5 replication has been enhanced in response to user requests that MySQL replication:

  • Ensure data consistency between master and slave servers
  • Immediately detect if replication is not working
  • Allow a crashed slave to automatically recover from the master relay log
  • Allow users to filter …
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MySQL Community Edition and InnoDB

MySQL Community Edition continues to be available under the open source GPL. It includes all existing storage engines (e.g. InnoDB, MyISAM, Memory, Archive, etc), all existing Connectors (e.g. ODBC, JDBC, .NET, etc), and all existing functionality (e.g. replication, partitioning). There are no changes for the community.


Download the latest "GA" versions at:


Download the "under development" versions at:


InnoDB storage engine for MySQL continues to be freely available under GPL, as part of the MySQL Community Edition.


For more information, check out the MySQL Community …

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