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Knock, Knock, Knocking on Chandigarh's Doors

OSScamp returns to Chandigarh within 6 months for a splendid show on April 10th, 2010, at Chitkara Educational Trust, Chandigarh. Organized by the will and initiative of two 14 year old school kids, OSScamp Chandigarh has also received a good response from the tech community in Chandigarh and promises to be a grand FOSS event in the city. OSScamps are India's premier FOSS Unconference - an informal/casual event where the emphasis is put on participative and collaborative knowledge sharing over the traditional one-way sharing model. Tweetups are meetups of local twitter users, who come together to network with each other and discuss the world around them. The event schedule is as follows:

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MySQL Unconference is MySQL Camp….

Yesterday I announced the MySQL Unconference. Some folks have asked about the MySQL Camp that both Giuseppe and I previously announced.

They are one and the same. In order to minimize confusion, I’ll change things to say “MySQL Camp” instead of “Unconference”. Apologies to those who were confused!

Announcing the MySQL 2009 Unconference

I am happy and pleased to announce the 2009 MySQL Unconference. The Unconference is a free conference that gives the community a chance to participate without having to incur the large expense of the official conference. Community members old and new will be on hand to speak, answer questions, give advice and generally help out. It will be taking place at the same time and place as the MySQL Conference and Expo — (well, almost the same time).

The grand scale details:
Sunday, April 19 2009 - Wed. April 22 2009 (the MySQL conference goes until Thursday)

The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: (408) 200-1234
Fax: (408) 980-3990

The Unconference will be held in the Bayshore room (on the hotel mezzanine).

When you make your travel plans, keep in mind that the Unconference starts with an informal games day on Sunday (see …

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Talking at FOSDEM (7-8 februari, MySQL Room)


I just got word that the proposals I submitted for FOSDEM are appoved! I was going to go to FOSDEM no matter what, and when I saw Lenz Grimmer's call for participation, I decided to give it a go.

I'll be doing two talks:

  • MySQL Plugins - Learn about this exciting MySQL 5.1 feature
  • Starring Sakila - A datawarhousing and Business Intelligence mini-tutorial using the Sakila sample database

Having the opportunity to do these talks adds to the fun, and I feel honored for being given the chance. Thank you!

This year, Fosdem looks very promising for the MySQL crowd. Lenz himself is …

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OpenSQL Camp Has a New Home

Though the event is still happening in Charlottesville, VA Nov. 14-16th (Fri night through Sunday), the new web page for OpenSQL Camp is The content has been ported over to MediaWiki, and a captcha has been put in place that is activated on any page change that adds an external URL.

Whether you are into MySQL, PostgreSQL, Drizzle, or some other open source SQL database, go forth and register for OpenSQL Camp, without having to login! (Disclosure: if you do not create a login, your IP is tracked.)

PHP Vikinger 2008

On June 21 2008 the third edition of PHP Vikinger will be held in Skien, Norway.

PHP Vikinger is an unconference directed towards everyone who wants to learn more about PHP and likes to discuss and meet with new people. Unlike normal conferences, the talks at an unconference are determined by the attendees, and not by a committee.

Just like in 2006 and 2007, …

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Slides for The Age of Literate Machines

I’ve just posted slides and (rather) rough presenter notes and image credits for my Age of Literate Machines presentation.

These are still draft slides. I’ll be working on an improved version in the coming weeks and months.

Many thanks to all who have sat through drafts of the talk (DES, Jen, Hilde, Markus, Monty, Rory, Tony).

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A Fantastic Week Is (Finally) Over

From Monday to Wednesday we at eZ Systems AS had our internal developers conference in Skien, Norway.

Since I joined eZ systems only recently, this was the opportunity for me to get to know all employees that gathered from all over the world. Most of the Tuesday was reserved for a "Crew Day" with some "team-building" which took place in a forest nearby.

On Thursday and Friday the eZ publish conference 2006 took place.

During the conference I met with Sébastien Hordeaux of WaterProof SARL, the …

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PHP Vikinger

The PHP Vikinger is a community-driven PHP event that will be held in Skien, Norway on June 24th an 25th. Like the famous Foo Camp and Bar Camp, PHP Vikinger is driven by its attendees. The people who come choose and present the sessions at the event.

Attendance is by a mix of invitation and registration. 50 invitations have been sent to various PEAR and PHP contributors and 50 spots are open for people who register. Additionally, the invitees have been asked to nominate another 50 people who should be invited to the event.

The event is …

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