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2012 to be year of Linux domination

Previously, I’ve called out years for non-desktop Linux in 2008, Linux in both the low and high-ends of the market in 2009, ‘hidden’ Linux in 2010 and last year, cloud computing in 2011. For 2012, I see continued growth, prevalence, innovation and impact from Linux, thus leading to a 2012 that is dominated by Linux.

I expect to see nothing but continued strength for Linux and …

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Sponsoring OpenSQL Camp 2009

We’re supporting the OpenSQL Camp, which will be held in Portland on November 14. 

One of my objectives for the camp is to make progress on a universal storage engine API, to make it possible to use the same storage engines in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, or any other database.  I’m also looking forward to hearing other people’s great ideas.

After OpenSQLcamp, I’ll be attending Supercomputing’09.  Supercomputing and database hardware technology seems to be converging.  Many of the fastest databases today look like a supercomputer with disks attached.  Will there be other kinds of convergence?  For example, what kind of convergence will we see between multicore computing and cluster computing?  Today we program multicore machines very differently from clusters.  I think in the future that difference will vanish.

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