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The community helping customers restore faster with mysqldump

A big thanks to Xiaobin Lin for taking the time to submit and the related patch for bug #64248. The patch is based on 5.5.20
This should help users to restore their database faster thanks to fast index creation. More information is available via the bugs page. I have heard that this is just one of several patches he has contributed.
Contributions such as this, help MySQL to continue to deliver an always improving product.
So a big “Thank You” from the MySQL team.

Storage Miniconf Deadline Extended!

The organisers have given all miniconfs an additional few weeks to spruik for more proposal submissions, huzzah!

So if you didn’t submit a proposal because you weren’t sure whether you’d be able to attend LCA2010, you now have until October 23 to convince your boss to send you and get your proposal in.

Proprietary, open source systems management get closer

CA and IBM, two of the so-called Big Four in systems management software, announced this week a federated configuration management database (CMDB) system for interoperability of their software. Something like this comoing from two of Big Four (BMC, CA, HP and IBM) wouldn’t normally hold much meaning for open source players such as GroundWork, Hyperic and Zenoss, but it actually does for a couple of reasons.

First, part of the technology that CA and IBM are using to link up their systems management software, which allows it to share information between the two CMDBs, is actually open source software itself from the Eclipse Cosmos Project. CA and IBM said the Eclipse Cosmos software accelerated implementation of the CMDB Federation (CMDBf) specification and the two vendors plan to contribute code …

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